Christopher Peña

Christopher Peña

“What you meet in another being is the projection of your own level of evolution.”
― Ram Dass I balance being a teacher by continuing to be a student.

My name is Chris and I have been studying yoga and meditation since the end of 2015. After an injury to the lower back, Yoga helped me to hold space for chronic pain and re-create my lifestyle. The way yoga shows up in my continued recovery inspires me to focus my practice on functional strength and movement. Now, I am inspired to share these experiential teachings by facilitating yoga classes. I


Excited to be a part of this retreat!

Sh*ts getting real....


During our dreams we do not know we are dreaming.
We may even dream of interpreting a dream.
Only on waking do we know it was a dream.
Only after the Great Awakening will we realize that this is the great dream...
I who say you are a dream am also a dream. Such is my tale.
It will probably be called preposterous,
but after ten thousand generations there may be a Great Sage who will be able to explain it, a trivial interval equivalent to the passage from morning to night...
Forget the years, forget distinctions.
Leap into the boundless and make it your home!
The wise man looks into space and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too big, for he knows that, there is no limit to dimensions...
Words are for meaning:
when you've got the meaning,
you can forget the words...
Where can I find someone who's forgotten words, so I can have a word with him…?




⚡️Start your year off with clear intentions, physical practice and some good ol’ live music.

✨Check the description on Wellness Living, link in bio.

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Wellness Wednesday is back!!!

We are celebrating tonight with a launch party at our Creative HQ..

Join the Shamanism For The People community tonight for this special live stream. We are going to be debuting our Twitch Channel & blast it through our newly revamped website :)

- Wednesday, November 16th
- 6:30-8:30 pm: Ceremony & introduction to The Artist’s Way, streaming live from SFTP’s Twitch debut:

- 8:30-10:00pm: DJ set with Dustin Rosata streaming live from

Anyone unfamiliar with Twitch can tune in through our website:

If you are joining for ceremony, we’ll be welcoming in KAKAO drinking chocolate. (If you’d like to order some for future ceremony, use coupon code COMMUNITY108 at check out or use the following link ) And if you don’t have ceremonial cacao available at this time, feel free to prepare a tea you connect with or a glass of water to activate. Any preferred ceremonial beverage.

After ceremony, we will flow into an introduction to the Artist’s Way and a Q&A. Like an Artist’s Way orientation before we officially get started.

And starting at 8:30pm, we will celebrate our commitment & devotion to the healthy thriving artists within by surrendering to Dusty's DJ set.




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Check out the cool happenings we have been creating at Mati Yoga 💚🌕

Such a blessing to be a part of such a magical community 🔮

Tonight (Sunday October 9) at 530 pm at


🌝This class is designed to work through emotional blocks in your body and your mind🌝

We will harness the moons fullness to go inward. We’ll meditate, move our bodies in a very laid back yoga practice and have a fire ceremony 🔥

No experience necessary. Drop in or sign up online! Hope to see you there! 🌙


⚡️Strength&Mobility tonight and every Wednesday at 6PM⚡️
🧿Fit in your strength training, endurance and mobility while learning to safely and effectively use a kettlebell all at the same time..🧿
🌿This class is carefully designed to be effective and accessible to everyone.. Hope to see you there🙏🏽

☀️And don’t forget there are 6.30AM classes on Tuesday/Thursday for you early birds!🐦


It’s almost time for the second annual September Wellness Fair curated by Shamanism for the People] and hosted at

It’s a full day of activities going from 10-8pm!

A wealth of co-creators you’ll recognize such as , , , , , , and including activities such as
Open Mic 🎤
Qi Gong 🙆🏼‍♂️
Cacao 🍫
Ecstatic Dance 🎶
Hop between indoors and outdoors and explore the murals & works of infamous artists such as
There’s so much to do, you won’t want to miss this wellness fair!

Head on over to Shamanism for the People]’s profile for the event link or find it on our website :)

Blessings to you all!


⚡️We’ll be adding early moring classes, more Mellow Flow w/ mild heat, and Mati’s new Strength & Mobility Kettlebell classes..⚡️
🧿You can always see the schedule on the website at or up to date changes on🙏🏽


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[Insert philosophical thoughts about July]


⚡️We’re excited for what’s on the horizon at Mati..🧿
⚡️In early September we will add more yoga classes as well as the new Mati Strength Training classes utilizing kettlebells to combine the principles of strength training, yoga, mobility and hiit in less than an hour💪🏾
🧿Keep you’re Matis peeled for more details..😬


with .repost
Root to Rise Festival presented by kicks off at 6:30am on July 16th with Mellow Flow Yoga taught by . Chris will also be guiding us through Mindfulness Meditation at 8:00am.

Link to purchase tickets is in our bio! 🎟 Go all-in with a Full Day pass, or mix and match by purchasing tickets for the individual workshops. 🧘‍♀️

We are so excited to root together, build strength, unlock modalities of wellness, and celebrate with music & dance with like-hearted community.

See you there!

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My motivation to create a new earth is for generations to come. 

The moment my nephew was born back in 2016 something inside of me shifted. He reminded of that shift this week when we spent time together. 

You asked, "Uncle Chris, how is your back doing?" I was in awe because very few people in my life ask questions about my livelihood.

There is a connection between you and I that defies space & time. 

You are my guardian angel (thank you for reminding me)

As you grow, I will continue to lay the groundwork for your feet to walk on and your spirit to play.


Eternally grateful for the universe and all that she provides.

After breaking my back in 2015 I had no idea how I was going to return to living a life that I perceived as normal. The universe and all her glory had grand plans for me when I was willing to slow down and listen.  

Fast forward 7 years

The new normal is much more in alignment with the life I dreamt of since a child. I move mindfully, listen to the body, nourish it with farm fresh foods, and create each moment I exist in.

I dove into my own shadow to learn how to Love, be Compassionate, and understand joy for myself

Shortly after I began to understand how to share these concepts with others. 

Now I am spacious in every experience 

The last 5 months have shown me who I am, and I am rising into my brilliance. No longer imprisoned by judgement of self or others. 

Welcoming in the cosmic giggle and showing others that they can uncover their own liberation.

Summertime has arrived and I am ready to let go of the grind and create in Kairos time

Big big love to all of you who have shown up for yourselves over the last 5 months at my Yoga, Mindfulness, and Coaching sessions. 

As Maharaji expressed to Ram Dass on countless occasions "Love Everyone, Serve Everyone, Feed People, & Tell the Truth"

If you are ever feeling called to go deeper, reach out and we can set something up.
I am accepting clients heading into the fall 🪅


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It is hard to believe that we are days away from the official start of Summer. Last year a group of beautiful beings got together on Zoom and shared in this special ceremony.

Teaching, Leading, & Practicing this sequence together created quite the experience for everyone involved.

Join on the Summer Solstice to honor the change in season. As a community we will move through 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A). It will begin with our traditional integration to warm up the body and then move into the Sequence of 108 Surya Namaskar A.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of Sunlight for the year. Past civilizations noticed that as summer progressed, the sun would stop moving northward in the sky, for a few days, before beginning to track southward, again, as Summer turned to fall.

Honoring season changes can help us to understand our own rhythms and patterns. It can lead us towards living life with more peace, wisdom, and vitality.

Let us celebrate the seasonal shift together on Tuesday June 21st from 6:30 a.m.- 8:30 a.m.

Drop in for $25

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"It is possible the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We root to rise with strength, stability, and ease

As a community we are growing

As individuals we are evolving

Together we are becoming one

Join me on Mondays and Fridays at for a heated flow class from 6-7:15 p.m.

There are two more sessions left of the Art of Mindfulness being hosted by on June 5th and 12th from 3-5 p.m.

The time is now to free ourselves from the bondages of the past and create a path forward with wisdom, clarity, and inner guidance


🧿STICKERS ARE IN!!! And they’re free!!! But ya gotta promise to put them somewhere good!!!🧿😜

🌙Thanks to those that came to the Full Moon Ceremony today.🙏🏽

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Feeling Spring's blossom with my favorite Queen Bee 🐝
A lot of exciting things to look forward to over the next few months. I am most looking forward to witnessing open up Saturday's with her loving awareness and guiding us through our own hearts with the Sacred Chuncho Bean


New store & wall hours for spring! Please double check these hours on IG or Google before visiting the store… we get a lot of traffic showing up at the wrong times for whatever reason. With mural season in full effect we are typically out of the office during the weekdays. ✌️


Friday Night Vibrations at

6 p.m. - 7:15 p.m heated flow

Creating a firm foundation is extremely important for safe and accessible movements.

Above ⬆️ you can see how I am aligning my Wrists under the Shoulders by turning my hands in, connecting the middle fingers, and then turning the fingers out on the ball the thumbs. 👐

Subtle shifts with our feet and hands can go a long way when we deepen our practice. Let’s rise firmly rooted. 🌱

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Friday Night Vibrations at 🧿@matiyogastudio 6 p.m. - 7:15 p.m heated flowCreating a firm foundation is extremely importa...
Friday Night Vibrations at 🧿@matiyogastudio  6 p.m. - 7:15 p.m heated flowCreating a firm foundation is extremely import...
Thursday Guided Meditation
Thursday Guided Meditation
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Dharma Talk
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Sharing a Mindfulness of Breath Practice
Tuesday Dharma Talk
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Dharma Talk w/ Meditation
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