A little closer to loving what you do every day! We are here to create a world in which everyone ha


Do you feel stressed or passionate?

What brings you joy? When do you get into flow?

Find that, work hard, and enjoy the feeling of passion.


Learn to control your energy.

What raises your energy and what depletes it?

Push from the inside and let the outside be.


Curiosity up, eyes wide open.

There's more that unites everything than what separates it.

Cross the lines, create your own reality.


Make sure you set a clear goal.

Focus all your attention on what you really want.

These 2 things will make sure you're halfway there.


Keep an eye on the prize.

With focused determination, you'll reach your goal.

The rest is just noise.


Experiment, play, explore, learn.

Take chances, be bold.

Live life with no regrets.


Time to worry less and get into action!

Your attitude and what you do create a certain vibe.
They are part of the things you got control over: your thoughts, your behavior, your feelings.

Make sure all of them reflect the life you want to live.


Stop consuming other people's drama.

There is no value in negativity and hysteria.

Start concentrating on yourself, stay calm, and build.

One brick a day, one step at a time.


There will always be problems along the way.

Take them as a chance to learn.

Try different things, try harder, try many more times.



No matter what year, what day, what time of the day...
Always remember: you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!

Have a fantastic start into 2022!


Let's not complain, let's change!

Start with yourself.

Build your own path one brick at a time.


Ignore the naysayers.

Believe in your ability to do it.

Go for it!


Remember how you came to this world: incapable of walking, you couldn't even feed yourself.

Try everything you want to try, do the things you think you cannot do.

Fail, until you succeed!


Practice and stretch your capacity to tolerate delay, problems, or suffering.

This can be your key advantage.

Stay calm and in control to win.


Break your old shell.

You have grown beyond your own limits.

Feel the breeze under your new wings, and fly.


Look at yourself!

Who are you, what do you want from life?

Go for it! Immediately!


Zoom out to zoom in.

Put things into perspective but don't lose focus.

Concentrate on what's good in life and more good things will come.


Every step counts.

Either you go in the right direction, or you learn.

A number of small things can lead to huge success.

Try your best and do, do, do every day!


Dream big.

Create every little detail in your head.

Everything you can imagine is real!


Listen to your inner voice.

Is it supportive, or hindering?

Choose to become your own cheerleader.

Everything else is pointless.


Remember, every setback, every failure, every betrayal carries a lesson for you.

Life happens for you, so you can learn, grow, and get stronger.

Integrate the lesson and move on.


What's in a challenge?

Do you feel: Insecurity? Fear? Anger?

Why not: Excitement, Learning and Growth?

Challenges are here to push you for better solutions, to become a more advanced version of yourself!


Frustration can be an overwhelming emotion.

Don't let it get the better of you!

Push a little more.

Reap your well-deserved success!


You create your reality.

It is all in your head.

Use this knowledge to your advantage.

You create your reality.