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The Women's Health Collective

The Womens Health Collective is an education platform that brings together women’s health clinicia Come join us!

The Womens Health Collective (WHC) is a platform that brings together women’s health clinicians from all areas of allied health, midwifery, and medicine. Open to all who want to learn more, #askwhy and work within an interdisciplinary network. Women's health is not just one big talk, but lots of little conversations. We aim to facilitate these discussions about women’s health amongst clinicians an


Reminder! We are talking all things Pregnancy in tomorrow’s tutorial for our Women’s Health 101 course.
We are LOVING seeing our students gain confidence across the women’s health scope - let’s get it!

See you on the screen x Elisha & Esme


This webinar is THE most comprehensive look at exercise through the menopausal transition. Deep dive with the incredible Eva Boland -
At the completion of the menopausal transition webinar you will:
- Understand the physiology of the menstrual transition
- The systemic changes resulting from declining estradiol (E2) and progesterone.
- Know the risk factors for future disease of post menopausal clients.
- Have a deeper comprehension of physical activity and exercise for the management of:
🦴bone health
🫀cardiovascular and metabolic health
💪🏽lean mass and body composition
- Know what progressive resistance training, HIIT and SIT offer women going through menopause

Sign up & watch today in your lunch break, on the bus home, when your patient late cancels, instead of the latest episode of MAFS, - just get your eyes balls on it!

Link 🔗 in bio!


At The Women’s Health Collective, we absolutely LOVE filling your knowledge gaps and supporting you to be an incredible Women’s Health practitioner. In 2024, we have so many learning opportunities available and wanted to share them with you!

Webinars - learn online, anytime, with our expert speakers. Either purchase a singular webinar or become a super learner with our annual subscription! We’ve had 5 new webinars launch this year - including trauma informed practice, pelvic organ prolapse, s*xual health communication, nutrition for endometriosis and weight stigma & size inclusivity! Phew! 😮‍💨

Courses - new research means new course content! Our Pregnancy and Postpartum course for exercise professionals is back with a fresh new face this year. Keep your eyes peeled for dates in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Women’s Health 101  - new graduate? Our 101 program covers the basics of six different WH topics. Watch the webinars in your own time and then join us for a Live Zoom Tutorial where you apply your knowledge to clinical cases.

Mentoring with Esme - if you’re looking to refine your skills as a Women’s Health practitioner, have some guidance in running your own bizniss, or want to deep dive a topic, then this is for you. (Psst - only 2 long term mentoring spots remaining - but lots of opportunity for casual catch ups!)


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition often misunderstood in its pathophysiology and management by patient & practitioner alike.

PCOS is a multi-factorial & faceted chronic condition, that needs a whole package approach - addressing all elements of symptom management, education & lifestyle modification. 

Learn how to provide a whole person support for PCOS clients - with practical exercise prescription, subjective and objective measures, and long term support strategies to take straight to practice - with our absolute QUEEN Eva Boland, with long term clinical experience in the field.

Access the webinars online, anytime on our website, or save big bucks and grab a 12 month subscription to access all of our webinars & every new webinar released this year!


Some of the gorgeous faces from yesterday’s Brisbane MEET UP! Coffee, chats, deep conversations around medical care - it was a resounding success! 🙌

We have the pleasure of engaging with passionate women’s health practitioners in every state (Sydney your meet up is happening SOON!) exchanging practice insights (we chatted about MI, the best practice pathways for endometriosis, postnatal care and total hip replacements) and forging valuable connections for patients and patients practices alike.

It was inspiring to see such dedication to enhancing women’s health practices 🫶🏾☕️
See you at the next one ☝🏽


What are you doing next weekend? I know what , & are doing!


Join us to talk about everyone’s favourite topic (women’s health - duh😜!) over a cuppa, learn more from other passionate practitioners, and widen your networks!

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane - your meet ups are happening soon, keep an eye on our socials, or join our mailing list to stay in the loop!

It’s our first QLD meet up of 2024 on the Gold Coast on 11th May 💕


Language, privilege and how we can do better - learn today from the AMAZINGLY PASSIONATE Meredith Woosley on Weight Stigma & Size Inclusivity. We deep dive weight stigma, bias and privilege in healthcare and the importance of size inclusivity in your clinical practice. Meredith does such a GREAT job in an interactive presentation to help find your personal biases and privileges that may influence clinical practice, fostering greater self-awareness and accountability among healthcare professionals.

We loved it, we learnt, we laughed, we cried, we swore, and we came away from the presentation with actionable tasks to start improving every clients experience. 

Watch online now - link in bio!

*NEW* Weight Stigma & Size Inclusivity Webinar 01/05/2024

Deep diving on weight stigma, bias and privilege in healthcare and the importance of size inclusivity with the legendary Meredith Woosley

*NEW* Weight Stigma & Size Inclusivity Webinar SUPER excited for this one - HAES, or health at every size, has been a hot topic for a long time, but it’s time to deep dive on weight stigma, bias and privilege in healthcare and the importance of size inclusivity. No matter what are of healthcare you work in — this webinar is so important for ...


*NEW* Webinar - Nutrition for Endometriosis - now online!


Have you ever heard of “endo-belly”? For people living with endometriosis, this can be debilitating by causing significant impacts on productivity, ability to work and socialise. Understand how nutrition plays a key role in the management of symptoms to improve your clients’ quality of life.

Meet the speaker 👉🏽👉🏽
Meredith is making waves in the space of endometriosis support - with both patient resources and practitioner resources. Meredith is an Accredited Practising Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine. She is passionate about using evidence-based nutrition practices with a whole foods approach, combined with lifestyle strategies that are tailored to the individual.


We are ringing the school bell 🔔 for our first tutorial today for Women’s Health 101!

So excited for our class (can’t believe we sold out again in our spaces!) to deep dive today into The Menstrual Cycle & RED-S

If you have FOMO - our Semester 2 enrolment will open 🔜


Still time to join us for Women's Health 101!
Preview Text: 1 day to go til semester starts, ready to become a women's health superstar? 👩‍🎓

Women's Health 101 Starts NEXT WEEK! 💕 26/03/2024

Women's Health 101 Starts NEXT WEEK! 💕 -

Women's Health 101 Starts NEXT WEEK! 💕 We wanted to remind you that enrolment for Semester 1 - Women’s Health 101 is closing NEXT WEEK. This is your last call to join before the doors are officially shut!


Esme & Elisha are your tutors for our Women’s Health 101 6 month course💗🧠👩‍💻👩‍🏫

These gals have a pretty impressive track record, with 15 years between them of working in Women’s Health, as well as tutoring with ACU, QUT, UQ and Sports Med Australia.
We asked our tutors why they do what they do with The WHC!
Esme: As a new graduate I found it difficult to find professional development in women’s health that I could attend as an EP, or that took a multi-disciplinary approach. So, being a lonely solo practitioner, I met up with some other allied health professionals (osteos, physios, podiatrists, nutritionists, midwives and GP’s) in my local area who shared my love for learning, and we began to teach each other! After seeing what a fantastic response we had from networking with others - the learning and improved patient outcomes - I took the WHC online to expand our collective & help educate other passionate practitioners!

Elisha: My first role as an AEP was in a musculoskeletal clinic where the majority of my clientele were female. I found some of my long term clients disclosing symptoms that I hadn’t learnt how to manage before. Worse, some of these symptoms I had never even heard of before! Fast forward to taking a course on SUI, I discovered my passion in advocating for the health of all women and people assumed female at birth. Being a young, inexperienced practitioner, I decided to reach out to Esme to see what she was doing at her clinic. She introduced me to the Women’s Health Collective where I have found a new passion facilitating education to other practitioners so that they don’t feel as lost as I ever did.

Our Semester 1 2024 enrolment is open now, starting APRIL 5th (So sooooon!) We have only a few places left in class - wanna learn more? Enrol online at the link in our bio


Our new tête á tête mentoring with has been going like gang busters! We’ve been supporting some superstars across Aus in starting new clinics, setting up Women’s Health arms, deep diving complex clinical case studies and becoming absolute EXPERTS in pelvic health.

We know exercise isn’t a one size fits all - and neither is mentoring when there is so much room to grow! To start with, we can have a chat to understand your unique circumstances, goals and practice.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to share the knowledge with other passionate practitioners. With 9 (!!) years of experience of business ownership - I’m well-equipped to provide you with valuable insights, practical advice, and strategies to overcome biz-ness obstacles as they arise.

💕Schedule our sessions over coffee, we can fit seamlessly into your diary for a once a month review. Want to know more? Send us a DM x


Here is what we cover in our 6 month new graduate program Women’s Health 101

- Pregnancy 101
Antenatal health considerations, GDM, safe exercise prescription for every trimester
�- Endometriosis
Complex chronic disease management, pain management and how to help support the 1 in 9
- �Pelvic Floor 101
Pelvic floor biomechanics, Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and working alongside other healthcare practitioners like Pelvic Health Physiotherapists & Gynaecologists
�- The Menstrual Cycle 101
RED-S, Adolescence Athletes and Hypothalamic Amenorhea
�- Menopause
Heart Health, Bone Health and early onset menopause considerations
IR- PCOS and considerations for managing blood sugars and fertility considerations

Taking enrolments for Sem 1 - starting NEXT MONTH! 5th April - join us to become confident in all things Women’s Health Exercise Physiology


March 8th was International Women’s Day, and you better believe EVERYDAY is IWD here at WHC.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme of “Inspiring Inclusion” resonates deeply with me - especially with the ethos and values we hold at WHC - we are not just about providing exceptional women’s health care -

💓 Creating a community of support and empowerment in women’s health
💓 Celebrating women’s achievement in research, health, advocacy, sporting and performance
💓Raising awareness about discrimination, and identifying ways to change the narrative and amplify voices of those marginalised and minority groups
💓 Take action to drive gender equality in healthcare
IWD belongs to everyone, everywhere. Let’s gooooo!

ALSO - late post sorry - but we welcomed the safe arrival of Elisha’s bebe girl - born last week! Mum & Bub both recovering well - massive congratulations Elisha x 🥰🤱👶

Our latest webinar is now live - Sexual Health Communication 🚀💕 22/02/2024

Our latest webinar is now live - Sexual Health Communication 🚀💕 -*xual-health-communication
Health professionals must communicate comfortably about s*xual health, which can be awkssss at first.

Learn practical tips from one of the best in the biz, Dr Hayley McMahon, including
- the 5 P's for s*xual health assessment (plus a bonus extra 3)
- the significance of rapport and empathy
- support systems for both patients & practitioner in managing disclosure of DV & s*xual violence.


Our latest webinar is now live - Sexual Health Communication 🚀💕 The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. If you’ve been feeling a little put out about how to speak to your patients about s*x, or had patients throwing you curveball questions that made you *blush* “oops, how was I supposed to answer that?” — this webinar is for you!


If you’ve been feeling a little put out about how to speak to your patients about s*x, or had patients throwing you curveball questions that made you *blush* “oops, how was I supposed to answer that?”  — this webinar is for you!

We are thrilled to announce Sexual Health Communication is now live and accessible to everyone online, anywhere, anytime for just $38.50.

A small price to pay for instant answers to all your squirmy, tongue-tied moments in the clinic, and, ultimately better patient outcomes, (and better s*xual health!).

We’ve got one of the BEST in the BIZ on must-have knowledge in patient comms into this one quick webinar - Dr Hayley McMahon. Our webinars aren’t just here to help you tick a box — they’ll equip you with practical tools, invaluable insights, and expert knowledge to make a real difference in the health outcomes of women in your community.



DYK - we have a webinar subscription plan?
12 months- FULL webinar access - early access to new webinars learning content released monthly (pssst that’s over 20 + courses and $900 worth of content!) 

Elevate your career
Whether you want to boost your skills within the practice you are working - or grow at your own business in women’s health, this is the way. 

Expert instructors
Our educators are some of the BEST practitioners in the BIZ - sharing real experience and translating the latest research for you to take into your clinical practice.

Value for money
Studying with us will help you to grow your knowledge, with over $900 worth of CPD available for a billy bargain.

Material you’ll love
No clunky metaphors, just cheeky & inclusive education from experienced practitioners. Videos, ebooks, self-assessment, certificates and much more.

Set and achieve goals
Keep up that CPD with 1 new webinar per month, receive certificates for your logbook. Our collectives success is our best asset in showing the quality of our education!

Flexible payment options
Lots of payment options! Pay yearly, pay as you go, pay for a once off. (Psssst - payment gateways usually charge fees, so check out the pricing of the payment gateway of your choice).

Hello there 2024 💕 07/02/2024

Hello there 2024 💕 -

Hello there 2024 💕 At The Women’s Health Collective, we absolutely LOVE filling your knowledge gaps and supporting you to be an incredible Women’s Health practitioner. In 2024, we have so many learning opportunities available and wanted to share them with you!


Gain comprehensive insights into the menopausal transition, exploring the hormonal changes and physiological adaptations that accompany this crucial phase in a woman's life. Taught by the BRILLIANT Eva Boland (could listen to her share her infinite knowledge all day!)
If you work with women over the age of 35 you HAVE to get your eyes and ears over this!


The end of the year (and beginning of the next) always brings a great time for reflection and goal planning! Ready to take your next steps into Women’s Health? Yeah you are! We’d love to support you - Esme now offers one on one mentoring, to get you feeling tip top in your confidence and working towards advancing your scope as a practitioner!

Here are some of the top tips from ESSA in finding your right mentee/mentor fit.

* Find a mentor who has expertise in an area that interests you.
* Make sure you yourself are open minded and willing to learn.
* Find a mentor that knows when you need a push in the right direction while also encouraging you along your career.
* Continue to develop your reflective learning to be self-sufficient.
* Your desired mentor has achieved a position or status that you aspire to.
* You have a strong desire to overcome barriers and achieve your career goals.
* Find a mentor who has time and energy to commit to supporting you.
* Ensure you are able to commit to the expectations set and agreed upon by yourself and your mentor.

Want to learn more about working with us for tête a tête Women's Health mentoring? Send us an email - [email protected] - we would LOVE to hear more about what's happening in your world. Or jump on our website and book in a time to chat - we have casual mentoring rates, or plans for 12 months or quarterly chats!


***SATURDAY 10.30am RADELAIDE! Your meet up with the brilliant Kiara is happening this weekend too!

Listen to the incredible Marcelle Houtman, a Naturopath from The Body Institute speaking on all things Women’s Health. They are also shouting coffee, what legends, the way to all allied health’s heart & CPD log books.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! More deets to join the event in our bio!

Photos from The Women's Health Collective's post 23/11/2023

MELBOURNE! Hosted by our friends - Join us in hearing from our guest speaker, Rora, who identifies as a transgender female. When Rora first asked an EP to be a part of her care team as she prepared to transition, the EP had limited knowledge or experience in this patient journey. There was no lived experience, nor had they worked with anyone Trans before, but they was very keen to learn and support Rora in any way they could.

Most allied health practitioners report the same lack of knowledge, so let's change that. Rora is excited to come along to our next Women's Health Collective meetup and share her story with us. Enlightening us all with ways we as allied health can be allies and support Trans people.

All the details at the link in our bio 💗


SO excited to launch our latest webinar with Eva Boland on The Menopausal Transition.

A deep dive into the how, when, what & why with menopause, and the importance of the right kind of exercise, and the right intensity dose, to illicit the anabolic response to drive healthy adaptations!

WATCH THIS SPACE - launching for our subscribers soon, or available for download (1.5CPD points!)


We are catching up this weekend in your cities cuties!

Link in the bio to find out more. There’s learning, real life clinical experiences, networking and COFFEE all up for grabs.

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