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Wine Origins Alliance

The Wine Origins Alliance represents 31 organizations from around the world that work to eliminate t


Merry Christmas from the Wine Origins Alliance!🎄 If you’re leaving cookies out for Santa tonight, consider leaving him a bottle of wine from your favorite region too - and make sure to check out this Country Living guide for pairing wine and Christmas cookies!


Our member region AVQ - Cluster Vitivinícola de Querétaro is Mexico's primary sparkling wine-producing region due to its climate and terroir characteristics! Querétaro's terroir is comprised of clay soils layered over tepetate, a calcareous hardpan commonly found in volcanic regions of North America.


Planning to gift wines or wine accessories this year? 🎁 Learn why the proper glasses are so important to get the proper taste, scent and full experience of your favorite wine with this handy guide:


Happy Hanukkah! Did you know that latkes pair perfectly with certain wines such as Riesling and Champagne🥂? Try a glass from your favorite region as you celebrate the festival of lights!


Celebrate National Cabernet Franc Day with us🍷! This parent grape of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon was first developed in France, but is now grown in several of our member regions across the world.


Tis the season... to share a bottle from your favorite region! As you gather with your friends and family, check out our website to discover fun facts about where the wine you enjoy comes from:


The holiday season is around the corner, and there's no better gift than sharing your favorite region with a friend! From a weekend getaway to the region to bottles of its wine, you can’t go wrong when ! 🍾🍷


Happy Thanksgiving from the Wine Origins Alliance! 🦃 We want to take a moment to thank our 33 members from around the world for their passion and commitment for the importance of location in winemaking. More info on our site:

The Science of Flor Yeast | SevenFifty Daily 20/11/2023

Have you ever heard of "flor yeast"? It's found in wines produced across Spain, Italy, France, and Hungary, including in some of our member regions. Flor helps give their wines a unique flavor profile - another reason ! Learn more here:

The Science of Flor Yeast | SevenFifty Daily Best known for its role in sherry and vin jaune, flor imparts unique structure and flavor to wine. What conditions create a veil of flor—and how, exactly, does it impact wine style?


Celebrating Friendsgiving and want to impress your friends? Try bringing a wine from your favorite region that pairs perfectly with a Thanksgiving staple, like Pinot Noir and cranberry sauce or Port with pumpkin pie! If you're looking for more suggestions, check out this guide:


For our member spotlight, we're showcasing Wines of Provence , one of the oldest regions in France. Dating to ancient Greco-Roman times, Provence now welcomes 1.5 million wine tourists every year. For more information, check out their member page!


Happy ! Today, we celebrate all things Champagne and our member . It's the perfect reason to pop open a bottle with friends - and don't forget to share your photos with ! Cheers!🥂


Fun Fact: Did you know you smell more than you taste when it comes to wine? Pour yourself a glass, and test this out by comparing different wines from different regions so you can see just how !


Spooky Season is upon us! While you're enjoying a scary movie on your couch this month, enjoy a nice glass of dark red wine from your favorite region to set the mood🎃🍷


This month we are showcasing our member ! This gorgeous Californian valley is home to over 50 wineries and produces wines including Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. Learn more about them at their website:


Happy National Orange Wine Day! A handful of our member regions produce this floral and citrusy wine, fitting for both the Halloween season and year-round! Want to know more about the rising popularity of orange wine? Check out this article!


Fall baking on your mind? No matter what you're making, we recommend pairing it with a bottle from your favorite region! For example, consider opening a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with chocolate treats to bring out the best flavor in both!


Let's top off with a visit to .wines and its 150+ wineries. The region's airy climate leads to light, effervescent and mineral-rich wines - the perfect pairing with a Friday afternoon!


40+ wineries and over 1,100 hectares of growing area help make an extraordinary addition to . Before September comes to a close, check out their member page on our website to learn more about this great region and its wines!


You can never have enough wine, so why not try a large-format bottle of wine from your favorite region? Check out this article from for some recommendations for great wines to share with loved ones:


Happy National Red Wine Day! From Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon, join us in celebrating the timeless elegance of red wines from our member regions today.


Happy National Pinot Noir Day! Several Wine Origins Alliance members produce wines from this beloved varietal, known for its delicate aromas and complex notes. Today we recognize all of the winemakers, vineyards, and member regions who make Pinot Noir special.


What's better than exploring new regions, cultures, and sips from different corners of the world? 🌎 This summer, try letting your palate wander and discover a glass of wine from a region that's new to you!


On National Women's Day, we raise our glasses to all the phenomenal women who add richness to our lives - just like a fine wine. Thank you to women winemakers, producers, and educators for all your work in the industry today and every day!


Did you know August is ? This Wine Origins Alliance member produces over 17 million cases of wine each year! Consider opening a bottle from Washington to celebrate this month.🍷


Sommeliers and wine producers alike strive to make wine education more inclusive and highlight diversity in the industry. Learn more about how Vincent Morrow, one of only four Black master sommeliers in the world, is reshaping the future of wine education:


Happy Bastille Day! Looking to celebrate with a glass of French wine?
Try a glass of Bordeaux or a glass of Champagne with your steak frites! 🍷🥩🍟


Happy 4th of July! We're celebrating the red, white, and blue today with our favorite bottles of red and white wine from our American member regions - we hope you'll join us in raising a glass! ❤️🤍💙🍷


Sherry wines are typically made from three grape varietals - Palomino, Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez - but recently our member region allowed new grape varietals to be used in production.


Have you ever heard of hybrid grapes? They blend two different species of grapes and are used in wine production to make dynamic and unique wines. Learn more about the 16 different hybrid wine grapes here:


Happy Father's Day to all the wine-loving dads out there! And if you need a last-minute gift idea for yours, pick up a bottle of wine from his favorite region! 🍷👔


Our member region covers over 250,000 hectares in Northeast Portugal. It was also the first region in the world to be demarcated and regulated.


Happy Rosé Day! We hope you will join us in opening a bottle of Rosé from your favorite region, like some of our Rosé-producing members or - cheers!


Happy National Cheese Day - whether it be Rosé and havarti or Malbec and gouda, wine and cheese is a perfect match. Let us know how you're pairing your favorite cheese and a bottle from your favorite region to celebrate! 🧀🍷


Happy Pride Month! 🌈 Interested in supporting LGBT+ wine professionals 🏳️‍🌈? Check out this article to learn about efforts in the wine industry to be more inclusive!


Planning on firing up the grill for Memorial Day? Check out this pairing guide to see which wines go best with your cookout favorites. We love a full-bodied red wine with burgers 🍔 or crisp white wine with a hot dog🌭!


It's one of our favorite days of the year - National Wine Day! We hope you will join us in pouring a glass from your favorite region in celebration of all winemakers and producers around the world.


There's still plenty of time to celebrate ! Check out events here and, if you aren't local, consider trying a wine from an area of the state you haven't explored yet!


With summer quickly approaching, what better way to stay cool than with a refreshing glass of wine? A great trick to keep your bottle cool is placing a damp towel in the freezer, then wrapping it around the bottle to keep your wine chilled. 🍷😎


Happy Mother’s Day! 💐 Are you celebrating a Mom in your life today over brunch? Try pairing a bottle of Rosé or Chardonnay from her favorite region with your meal.