UTSC Ethnography Hub

UTSC Ethnography Hub

A group of anthropology students looking to provide the services wanted and needed for all of UTSC's anthropology majors.

The UTSC Ethnography Hub is a student run group that looks to provide various services for anthropology students and those in similar fields that deal with ethnography. Services include regular study space, film screenings, writing workshops/essay help and more!

Photos from UTSC Anthropology Department Student Association - ADSA's post 13/04/2020

The Anthropology Department Student Association is looking for new individuals to be a part of our Executive team for the 2020-2021 school year! If you're interested, or know of any Anthropology students who'd be interested in getting involved with the department, making a difference, and creating a better experience for Anthropology students at UTSC, APPLY NOW!! All position details can be found in the link below!

[APPLICATION LINK]: https://docs.google.com/…/1yqdwDG9X-Hx8H-g7ya0kLkDPac…/edit…



Visit the Centre TODAY from 12-2pm for UTSC Anthropology Department Student Association - ADSA Mix and Mingle! Meet other Anthropology students, faculty and enjoy some PIZZA!!

Join us TODAY from 12-2pm at the UTSC Ethnography Hub (HL 348) to mix and mingle!!! Meet other Anthropology students, faculty, and enjoy some PIZZA!! See you later!

HOME Art Exhibition 2019 09/12/2019

Here are some photos from the HOME exhibition hosted last week at the Centre for Ethnography! Check out the artwork created by UTSC's own Anthropology students.


The CE proudly presents HOME, a student exhibition featuring the work of utsc anthropology students! Show your support and marvel at their creative work of art! See you on December 2nd, 11am-2pm! Pizza will be served!


The Centre for Ethnography's got you covered for those times when you need a quiet study space! Follow us on instagram to get updated on days/times we are hosting study sessions! Open to all students!

Photos from UTSC Ethnography Hub's post 30/10/2019


The Anthropology Department Student Association is hiring a new Executive team for the 2019-2020 school year! If you're interested, or know of any Anthropology students who'd be interested in getting involved with the department, making a difference, and creating a better experience for Anthropology students at UTSC, APPLY NOW!! All position details can be found in the link!



Not sure what you want to do with your anthropology degree? Come out to this networking event on Thursday March 28 and find out what opportunities are available to you!


Opportunity alert! Upper-year anthropology students are invited to attend a focus group on March 14 to discuss the UTSC student experience. Participants will receive a $10 Tims gift card! Register here: https://resourceproject.typeform.com/to/xveDJ0


Student Research Assistants
Anthropology Resource Guide
February – December 2019

Professors Lena Mortensen and Maggie Cummings are leading a project to develop an “Anthropology Resource Guide” specifically for students in socio-cultural anthropology. We are seeking two Undergraduate Research Assistants for the remaining Winter term, Summer, and Fall term of 2019 to contribute to the development of this guide. The guide is intended to be
developed as an online set of modules, adaptable to meet specific course needs, providing relevant supports for both students and instructors in basic research, reading, thinking and writing skills. Student Research
Assistants would play in integral role in the project, including helping lead focus groups to assess current students’ needs and experiences with existing resources, research additional resources, consult on learning styles and needs of students, and assist in the development of new online modules comprising the guide.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please send us a brief statement of interest, a current resume or cv, and highlight/note any previous research, work or other relevant experience you have. Please
email Lena Mortensen ([email protected]) and Maggie Cummings ([email protected]) with this information by Monday, Feb 25, 5:00

We look forward to your interest!


Due to the weather, study space in the Centre for Ethnography will not be available today. Stay safe and happy studying!


The Anthropology Department Student Association (ADSA) is creating a syllabus repository!

Add your past syllabi and find out more about new classes here! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_if2k4IsgE3H3RSAOf3aewxaVDysXZoN?fbclid=IwAR0MRadcaQUAI4MYLJEooEzPxffIwsJnny2p-IqELdc880Ty2vFh2WBjjqs


Please join us for Dr. Victoria Bernal's New Frontiers Seminar Series talk, “Surveillance and the Contradictions of Digital Power: From Isaias Afewerki to Edward Snowden” on February 7 from 12-1 in AA160.

In addition, Dr. Bernal will be giving a workshop on February 7th from 3:00-5:00pm titled “Grant writing for graduate students”. Please sign up at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/09u4ClCtjIy8NUZu2


Looking for somewhere quiet to study? Study space will be available on Wednesdays this semester, from 1-3PM, starting Wednesday January 30! See you there!


SCSU is looking for a Director of Anthropology! The deadline to apply is Friday January 25.

America’s love-hate relationship with Marie Kondo and our clutter 14/01/2019

Have you tried Marie Kondo's "tidying up" method? Professor Kilroy-Marac spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the good and the bad of the KonMari method.

America’s love-hate relationship with Marie Kondo and our clutter "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" is a certified streaming sensation. It speaks to Americans' complicated relationship with our stuff – and with ourselves.

Join the Ethnography Lab! A call for Student Convener Applications 09/01/2019

The University of Toronto is launching a new initiative with the Anthropology department and is looking for volunteer student conveners! Click the link below for more information. Applications close January 30th at 5pm.

Join the Ethnography Lab! A call for Student Convener Applications The Ethnography Lab would like to announce the opening of several volunteer convener positions to provide unique opportunities for ethnography-focused collaborations, mentorship, research, projects…


The Centre for Ethnography is officially closed for the winter break! Thanks to everyone who came out during the semester, we’ll see you in 2019! 📚👍🏻


Reminder: the Centre for Ethnography is open tomorrow from 9AM-12PM for quiet study!


Heads up: the Centre for Ethnography in Highland Hall will be available as quiet study space for socio-cultural anthropology students from 9AM-12PM on December 10, 12, and 14th.


The Society for the Anthropology of Religion is looking for submissions for their annual conference! The theme is Politics of Religious Knowledge and Ignorance and the deadline to submit work is January 21, 2019.


Party time! Celebrate the end of exams with your professors and fellow anthropology students! Come out to the Centre for Ethnography on December 20th for a good time! 🎉


Our second Centre for Ethnography Fellowship talk is this Wednesday! Come out to hear a great talk by Johanna Pokorny and mingle with your professors! Plus, snacks! 😍📚


The HOME student exhibition opens this week in the OLD Centre for Ethnography space (MW296). Come check out the work of your fellow socio-cultural anthropology students!


Need essay help? Pop into Highland Hall 348 tomorrow from 1-3 for peer editing! 📚🤓


Come and join us at the opening of HOME, a student exhibition in the old Centre for Ethnography space (MW296). The exhibit officially opens Thursday November 29 at 11AM.

This exhibition, featuring the work of UTSC anthropology students, reflects on the often unacknowledged and unspoken aspects of the concept
“Home”. Asking questions such as “What is home?” and “Where is it located?” these art pieces engage with several overlapping themes such as nationalism, memory and identity.


Don't be scared by the construction crew, we are open! The new Centre for Ethnography is officially open in Highland Hall! Come and join us for Miranda Dahlin's CE Fellowship talk TODAY from 10-12 or drop in during our study hours tomorrow from 10-12. You can find us on the third floor of Highland Hall.


Due to complications with the upcoming move to Highland Hall, there will be no study sessions in the Centre for Ethnography this week. Happy studying!