Mom's Kitchen

Mom's Kitchen

Mom's Kitchen formed in the winter of 2010. We have been playing to live audiences since March of 2 A Tribute To Widespread Panic

Photos from Mom's Kitchen's post 15/12/2023

This town is nuts, my kinda place! My friends over at 4 Hands Brewing Company and 1220 Spirits have whooped us up an ass kickin' pre time....They will be releasing a Postcard Indian Pale Ale and a Withered Oak Surprise Valley 7 year rye on Thursday, January 18th at their La Salle Park brewery location just 1.3 miles from the Stifel Theater. "Just come and get it!"


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Disco -> Driving Song -> Pilgrims -> Driving Song, Holden Oversoul, Diner, Surprise Valley -> Bear’s Gone Fishin’ -> Surprise Valley, Ain’t Life Grand

Set II: Little Kin, AllTime Low, Dyin’ Man, Wonderin’, Greta -> Drums -> Cease Fire, Sleeping Man, Proving Ground -> Bust It Big -> Proving Ground, Fishwater

Encore: Band On The Run, Travelin’ Man -> Waker

Thanks to all who have supported us over the years, we couldn’t do any of it without YOU! Have a great holiday season and we’ll see you in 2024🥂


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Papa Johnny Road -> Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Walkin’, One Arm Steve, Makes Sense To Me, C. Brown, 1 x 1, Airplane -> Pusherman -> You Should Be Glad

Set II: Machine -> Barstools And Dreamers, Big Wooly Mammoth, Jack, Me And The Devil, Tall Boy -> Arleen -> Drums -> Rock, Blight -> Bowlegged Woman, Wonderin’ -> Blackout Blues

Encore: Space Wrangler -> Porch Song -> Space Wrangler

Thank for all the love last night y’all. Pleasure was all ours. See you in a month!


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Ophelia -> The Shape I’m In, Down, Can’t Get High, Little Kin, Cotton Was King, Jaded Tourist, The Last Straw, Greta -> Conrad The Caterpillar

Set II: From The Cradle, Send Your Mind, Use Me*, Goin’ Out West, Driving Song -> I’m Not Alone -> Tie Your Shoes -> Drums -> Arleen -> Diner, Life During Wartime

Encore: Vacation -> Driving Song, Runnin’ Down A Dream

* Hillary Fitz on Vocals

Thank you to everyone who came down and sweat out there worries with us last night. We had a blast! Thanks to Hillary Fitz for elevating the music and owning the stage. See ya next month y’all. Be good to each other.


Happy Birthday to the one and only, Sunny Ortiz!!

Help us wish Sunny a very Happy Birthday! 🎂


New Terrain Brewing Co.

Set I: Heroes, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Papa Johnny Road, Surprise Valley -> Fixin To Die -> Surprise Valley, Down, C. Brown, Stop Go, Bowlegged Woman, Tall Boy, Conrad The Caterpillar

Set II: From The Cradle -> Henry Parsons Died, Holden Oversoul, Junior -> Drums* -> Machine* -> Barstools and Dreamers*^, Papa’s Home -> Rock -> Papa’s Home, Vacation, Blackout Blues #

Encore: May Your Glass Be Filled, You Should Be Glad, Postcard

* Birddog (Jeff Lane) on percussion
^ Thank You Rap
# Ethan Ise on vocals

No words for the amount of love we received this weekend. From Séan Regan and Sarah Morang up in Steamboat to Moontime Crepes, Sokare and the folks at New Terrain Brewing Co. Smiles were had, laughs were shared and love was shown. Counting down the days till next year already. You have our hearts Colorado. Thanks for coming out and celebrating bunny’s with us today. Ridin’ that Rocky Mountain High all the way home!


Old Town Pub

Set I: Disco -> Diner, Blue Indian, Ho**ey Red -> Shut Up And Drive, Sharon, Rebirtha -> Sleeping Man, The Last Straw -> Pigeons

Set II: Help Me Somebody, Driving Song -> Joe’s Garage* -> Wild Thing* -> Joe’s Garage ->Driving Song, Impossible -> Drums -> Arleen^ -> Ride Me High^ -> Hatfield, Chilly Water, Flat Foot Flewzy

Encore: Dear Prudence, No Sugar Tonight -> Space Wrangler -> New Mother Nature

^ Eric Delaney on Guitar

Thank you Steamboat. Our home away from home is nothing short of Fantastic. From the staff to the patrons….you really show the love. Looking forward to next year already. Be good to each other and yourselves. 364 days until we meet again. Oh, and Séan Regan, LGB!!!


Old Town Pub

Set I: Waitin’ On The Bus -> Jesus Just Left Chicago -> Wonderin’, Bear’s Gone Fishin’ -> Blight -> Life During Wartime, Pilgrims, Big Wooly Mammoth, Jack, Climb To Safety, Porch Song

Set II: Band On The Run*, All Time Low, Smoking Factory, Ribs And Whiskey, I’m Not Alone -> Tie Your Shoes -> Drums -> Cease Fire, Ain’t Life Grand, Greta -> Fishwater

Encore: New Blue, Pleas -> Mr. Soul


Hell of a first night Steamboat. We have plenty left in the tank. Our 20th show at the OTP awaits tonight. Come help us do it right. Cheers to you!!


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Send Your Mind, You Got Yours, Walk On, Weight Of The World, Me And The Devil, Driving Song -> Disco -> Driving Song, Pigeons, Aunt Avis, Don’t Wanna Lose You, North

Set II: From The Cradle -> Henry Parsons Died, Chainsaw City, Dyin’ Man, Rock -> Papa’s Home -> Drums -> Cease Fire, Genesis, Chilly Water, Porch Song

Encore: Goin’ Out West, Ain’t Life Grand

To our brotha Raph, there’re aren’t really words to describe how we all felt yesterday nor are there any to describe what our lives will be like without you around. We’ll all hug each other a little bit tighter now, a little bit longer. I think we can all say we were glad you were a part of this realm, a part of our lives. There’s no one really like you, you were truly one of a kind. Until we meet again….”May the four winds blow you safely home.” NFA


“Help us remember how to be good, how to continue when we feel we really shouldn’t”….Forever our friend, NFA


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Heroes, Space Wrangler, Tall Boy, Junior, Stop Go, Big Wooly Mammoth, The Last Straw -> Greta -> Fishwater

Set II: Slippin’ Into Darkness, Worry*, Waitin’ On The Bus -> Jesus Just Left Chicago, Airplane -> Take Off Jam -> Pusherman -> Drums -> Ride Me High -> Hatfield, Protein Drink -> Sewing Machine

Encore: None Of Us Are Free, Postcard -> The Waker


Y’all the best, every last one of ya. Be good to each other. See ya real soon…

Photo by: Lark


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Glory, Pigeons, Genesis, Chainsaw City, Aunt Avis, Radio Child, C. Brown -> Vacation, Dyin’ Man, Use Me

Set II: You Should Be Glad, Blue Indian, Disco -> Driving Song -> Ain’t Life Grand -> Henry Parsons Died -> Driving Song, Rebirtha -> Drumz -> Good People -> Dark Bar -> Good People, Sleeping Man, Climb To Safety

Encore: Papa Legba, Flat Foot Flewzy

Thank you St. Louis for turning out and turning up. Here’s to hoping everyone has an amazing holiday season and if you have the means and just can’t find it in yourself to stop we’ll see y’all on the 25th to close it down for the year at BB’s Jazz, Soups and Blues. Cheers!


RIP John A.
Been gone 11 years, and we're still missing ya!


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Holden Oversoul, Space Wrangler, Rock, Stop Go, Junior, Airplane -> Take Off Jam -> Big Wooly Mammoth, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Hatfield, North

Set II: From The Cradle, Machine -> Barstools, Low Spark Of High Heeled Boy -> Ride Me High -> Low Spark Of High Heeled Boy, Mercy, Greta -> Fishwater* -> Drumz* -> Cease Fire -> Travelin’ Light -> Fishwater

Encore: End Of The Show, Pleas -> Mr. Soul

*w/ Ryan Wilhite on percussion

Thanks to all you lovely people!


Stacked line-up of great local talent this week. Come start the weekend early!!


Broadway Oyster Bar

R ock
I ’m not alone
P ilgrims

C an’t get high
H eaven
R ebirtha ->
I t ain’t no use ->
S pace wrangler
T ravelin’ light
O ne kind favor ->
P apa’s home ->
H enry parsons died
E xpiration day
R ide me high ->

B ust it biggs ->
I mitation leather shoes
G ood people* ->
G oin out west
S urprise valley^

N ew speedway boogie
F eelin alright
A ll time low

Rest easy friend…


Aw yeah, Cubs in town, Labor Day Weekend, and a celebration of our friend Chris Biggs. Let’s burn it all down!

The first Friday in Sepetmber rocks with Mom's Kitchen at 10pm 🎸
Gerard Erker gets the weekend started at 4:30pm 🎶

🍴Kitchen till 10pm
🍹Bar till 3am
⚾️BOB baseball ticket giveaway day!
🍺🍺Our BEER GARDEN will be open tonight with a limited menu (weather permitting)


2 years gone but not forgotten. NFA


Broadway Oyster Bar
Set I: Heroes, Papa Johnny Road, Wonderin', Driving Song -> Disco*-> Genesis -> Driving Song, Stop Go^ -> Chilly Water -> Henry Parson's Died

Set II: Lawyers, Guns & Money, Dyin' Man, Ophelia -> The Shape I'm In, Ho**ey Red -> Shut Up And Drive -> Drumz -> Drumz & Bass -> Havin' A Ball -> I'm Not Alone -> Tie Your Shoes -> Let It Rock -> Porch Song

Encore: Trouble, You Should Be Glad, I'm So Glad

* Power outage it was so damn hot!
^ Fire On The Mountain Tease

Thank you to all who came down and sweat it out with us last night. And thanks to the staff who held it down for y'all as usual. We had a blast and look forward to seeing everyone in the fall. Till then, stay safe, have fun and take care of each other. MK out...🍻


Broadway Oyster Bar

Set I: Glory*, Bears Gone Fishin’ -> Bust It Big -> Good People -> Dark Bar -> Good People, Blue Indian, Christmas Katie -> Radio Child, Vacation -> Little Lilly, Love Tractor

Set II: Papa Legba, Goin’ Out West -> Traveling Light, Worry*-> Vampire Blues -> Drums -> One Kind Favor -> You Got Yours ->Chainsaw City, Mercy, Protein Drink -> Sewing Machine

Encore: Expiration Day, All Time Low, Life During Wartime


Thanks to All that came out on a beautiful Friday night. See ya on Thursday, June 9th.

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