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Happy #nationaldogday ! Here’s Charlie (aka Teddy, adopted December 2015) with his little brother Henry. $1.00 I.D. Tags for Animal Rescue Groups $3.00 Personalize Tags for Pet Owners
[email protected] We also have collars with brass plate tags riveted to the collar

Thank you for being an Animal Lover!!!

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Happy 4th Gotcha Day to Toby!
Adopted 04/18/2015
Best dog ever, but he can be an ass at times and that’s okay!
Maggie Mae, adopted just a few weeks ago, she is getting long and lanky. This is for her fosters, Dani and family, thank you! Thank you for giving her such a great start in life. We have decided to keep the name you gave her. It suits her to a "T".
NOAH GOT LOST ON 2/26/18 WAS LAST SEEN IN THE PARKIN LOT OF JIFFY L**E AND CHECKCASHIER LOUNDRY MAT AT ROUTE 1 BELTSVILLE MD.If someone, anyone has seen Noah, Or if you have him please find it in your heart to let him come home. I will pick him up anytime, anywhere no questions asked. There is a reward for it.

New Love Animal Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that is an all-volunteer/foster home based animal rescue organization. New Love Animal Rescue is located in Herndon, VA.

Please note due to volunteers/resources we currently are only able to place dogs in homes within a 65 miles radius of Herndon, VA.


For real😳

For real😳





What can we say🥰

What can we say🥰


Hmmm… I’m at a 0 🤷‍♀️

Hmmm… I’m at a 0 🤷‍♀️


Where does YOUR dog lie on this sociability scale?

Where does YOUR dog lie on this sociability scale?


This little thing is my friend so I only play with him, I don’t eat him - I just play with him and give him a heart attack…
Aww, cicada kisses😘

This little thing is my friend so I only play with him, I don’t eat him - I just play with him and give him a heart attack…
Aww, cicada kisses😘


"Don't worry, I got this."



Pup Parents Run In Different Directions From Their Dog To See Who He Follows






New Love alum Veronica's most favorite thing in the world is having a warm lap to snuggle in. Nothing beats the pandemic blues more than having these puppy dog eyes looking at you as she falls asleep. Listen for yourself!


It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day today! Share your pics 👇

▶️ Please remember to keep your pets safe and comfortable in the pet clothing and costumes that you choose.


The Pet Collective


Dolphin and doggo buddies






#NewLoveRescue wishes you and your family a wonderful #Thanksgiving full of happiness and gratitude.


Happy #Halloween to you and your furry family members from all of us at #NewLoveRescue! We hope everyone stays safe and has an enjoyable holiday. Got "Howl-O-Ween" plans to spend time with your pooch? Let us know below how you'll be celebrating!


Today is #NationalPitBullAwarenessDay! Share your favorite stories to tell us what you ❤️ about bully breeds, and help to change the perceptions about these dogs! Spread the #bullylove by sharing this post, too!


Can you believe it's almost #Halloween?! Here at #NewLoveRescue, we know that while Halloween is lots of fun for humans, it can be stressful for pets. Before including your furbabies in your Halloween celebrations, check out these tips for making sure they stay safe and stress-free this holiday:!


Stevie the Wonder Dog


Here he goes....again 🤦‍♀️🤣🐶

#puddledancer #puddledancing
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Today, on #WorldRabiesDay, #NewLoveRescue reminds you to visit your vet regularly and keep your furbabies vaccinated! Follow these links to learn more about rabies prevention and control: and !


The dog days of summer are ending, but #NationalDogWeek is just beginning! Join #NewLoveRescue in celebrating the joy and unconditional love dogs bring to our lives. Let us know how you and your #furbaby will mark the occasion!


Today is #ResponsibleDogOwnership Day! It's a day where we're reminded of the responsibilities we have to our furry family members. Check out these guidelines to help you make sure that your #dog is healthy, happy, and safe: !


Today is #RainbowBridgeRemembranceDay, to remember the pets who have graced our lives with their love and friendship. We invite you to comment and share favorite stories of your #rainbowbridgedogs


Here's something to smile about: today is #NationalDogDay! Join #NewLoveRescue in commemorating the dogs who make every day wonderful. Dogs enrich our lives with their unconditional love and joyful spirits. Share a comment to tell us how you celebrate the dogs in your life


Familiar with this artist? 😂


#herodog and the importance of rabies shot!

Anyone can be a hero! In this particular case, the hero had four paws, a wagging tail and the sweetest puppy-dog eyes around! Late last week a family's dog came to the rescue when their child was attacked by a fox. Humane Law Enforcement Officers Breslin and Stacks responded to the call and discovered that the dog had heroically intervened during the attack, preventing severe injury and allowing the child to get to safety.

Officers were able to locate the fox in the wooded area behind the family’s home, humanely dispatched the animal and transported it for rabies testing. The child was treated at a local hospital and released and the dog was unharmed. Officers were able to verify the dog’s current rabies vaccination through her current Loudoun County license, eliminating the requirement for quarantine. Test results confirmed that the fox was positive for rabies.

This incident serves as a reminder to everyone that rabies occurs naturally among wildlife in our region. Loudoun County Animal Services encourages residents to ensure their dogs and cats are current on their rabies vaccination and to call LCAS (703-777-0406) for any contact or potential exposure incidents.

Rabies is a fatal, but vaccine-preventable, viral, zoonotic disease, usually transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. Animals with rabies may show a variety of signs, including fearlessness, aggression, excessive drooling, staggering, paralysis, self-mutilation and seizures. Aggressive behavior is common, but rabid animals may also be uncharacteristically affectionate. While exposures are rare in Loudoun, with only 23 confirmed positive exposures to humans and/or companion animals in 2019, any contact with a wild mammal should be reported to LCAS and the Loudoun County Health Department.


The Dodo

🐱 #catlife

Pittie jumps on the counters just like the cats ... and on top of the fridge!



Some much needed ❤️

Cutest thing you've seen all day? Probably.

(🎥: Bondy Stenzler)


Sometimes when you're a shelter or rescue dog you've lost your birth date on your journey to your forever home. The North Shore Animal League has declared August 1st as Dogust 1st, the universal birthday for all shelter dogs! Although most families use adoption dates to celebrate their dogs' birthday, today we celebrate all shelter and rescue dogs that have either found their lives of New Love or are still patiently waiting in shelters or foster homes. Send us pictures or tell us how YOU plan to celebrate your pet's special day!


The dog days of summer are officially here! With it comes the difficulty of exercising your dog outside on 80+ degree days. Little Girl (fka Caitlin) has the right idea when it's time to cool off on a hot day. What do your dogs like to do to stay active while beating the heat?


Woof Woof

Oh yeah... right there with you little one!
Please tell me - Is it Friday yet?? 🤣

Me trying to make it through the week like...


Hair bands.... LOTS of hair bands 😂😂

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