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Top 10 MLB Baseball Plays

Nuts. My opinion of the top 10 baseball plays. They are current so don't expect to see any older plays. I don't own any of the clips as they go to their respective...


Chicago Cubs

If you can't get the ball out of your glove....

Baseball is a game of adjustments. #LetsGo


Knuckleballs from the Catcher's Perspective

*Love* this video!


Knuckleball Nation's 2014 Las Vegas Camp Registration: 08/04/2015

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Come follow me!! Will be happy to re-tweet you :) The latest Tweets from Dane Reichers (@HomesByReichers). Knower of #ColoradoSprings #realestate/former first-baseman/family guy/pie lover #coloradohomes. Colorado Springs, Colorado 06/04/2015

A boy with cancer was so determined to meet The Rock, it made the actor cry

Awww :) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shares his touching story of meeting a fan with cancer on Instagram.


Jrock Radio

Unreal!! :)

Japan CM Follow us: Jrock Radio


Another 30/03/2015

Real Estate

The new website will be up soon!! :)

Tease: the background pic: I love my hometown! #ColoradoSprings


Eduardo Sterblitch

I would love to go back to being a kiddo :)

Como castigar essas crianças?

(equipe EBPZ Empreendimentos Artísticos) 28/03/2015

Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?

Interesting stuff here. Dear Lifehacker, Is it possible for someone to actually be addicted to the Internet? I mean, we all love our phones, and maybe I check mine whenever it buzzes, but is that the same as being addicted to alcohol or drugs? I've heard of people being so addicted to video games that they forgot to eat or… 25/03/2015

Private Video Sharing Free for Military | TroopTree

In my job, I get the opportunity to work with a lot of military people. I was really happy to see that this worthy cause started following me on Twitter! Please help me get over the hump to 500 followers!! (@homesbyreichers is my username). Video sharing from any device. Record anytime, anyplace, no internet connection needed. Always Free for Military Members & Family!


Some weird ones on this.

Let's try it! 20/03/2015

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If MLB regulation balls did this, there would be no such thing as Batting Average anymore.

Taking backyard baseball seriously. Throw any MLB pitch for 10 times the curve! 16/03/2015

The Why Colorado Springs is Such a Great Place to Call Home Blog

Read the blog that mentions Reichers Real Estate!! 15/03/2015

Dane Reichers (@HomesByReichers) | Twitter

Come help me get to the 500 followers mark!!! The latest Tweets from Dane Reichers (@HomesByReichers). Knower of #ColoradoSprings #realestate/former first-baseman/family guy/pie lover #coloradohomes. Colorado Springs, Colorado


Not saying 13/03/2015

Social Media Marketing

Things will likely pick up even more this year. With interest rates at historic lows, don't put off buying a home!! Ask us about our first month's mortgage special!!!

#ColoradoSprings August 2014 Colorado Springs Housing Market Statistics #realestate #coloradosprings 10/03/2015

These Little Ones Might Just Find Themselves on the Naughty List

#CutenessOverload !!!! :) Rough and tumble and getting into all sorts of trouble - these puppies and kittens need to be careful or it may not be a happy visit from Santa!


I am so happy to have Peterson AFB following lil ole me on the Twitter-machine!! :) I work with many military families and have a special offer for any active service military! Ask me to find out more!! Also, I'd love to have more followers on Twitter (even if you're not an Air Force Base lol): @HomesByReichers 02/03/2015

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*GOOD* question. Yep.


Thank you all you like-ers!!! Awkward phrasing..but, still THANK YOU!!! :) 21/02/2015

Dane Reichers (@HomesByReichers) | Twitter

Come see why I have nearly **400** followers on Twitter now!! :) If you are a biz owner, or are looking for local news, local deals, etc. as an individual, I can be a resource for you!! The latest Tweets from Dane Reichers (@HomesByReichers). Knower of #ColoradoSprings #realestate/former first-baseman/family guy/pie lover #coloradohomes. Colorado Springs, Colorado 18/02/2015

14 Twitter Feeds All Real Estate Agents Should Follow

You can also use the list of whom I follow on my Twitter account (and I have a lot more than 14!!!). It's not always easy to figure out who you should be following on Twitter. Here are the top Twitter feeds all real estate agents should follow.


Happy Valentine's everybody!! :)


I won't pollute this experiment by saying what word came first to mind....


Guys Read Each Other’s Texts To Their Girlfriends | Elite Daily

LOL!! Would you do this??

Unless the laws of nature don't apply to you, there's a pretty good chance you have a different approach for texting someone who's seen you naked compared to...



Awwwwwww!!!! :)

Distribuie daca ti-a placut!!! (Y)


Dünyadan Haberler ve Makaleler

Awwww :)

(People who deserve respect) 06/02/2015

Colorado History

Come check me out on Pinterest!!! Bikes at Soda Spring ~ Manitou Springs Colo ~ 1880


Skiing anyone? lol (Ski Broodmoor, circa 1950's?).



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