Hotel Soul Suzhou 蘇哥利酒店

Hotel Soul Suzhou 蘇哥利酒店

Suzhou’s First Contemporary Boutique Hotel

Nestled in the epicentre of Suzhou, Hotel Soul brings contemporary chic to the city centre alongside the canals and gardens of the ancient Chinese city. Built to inspire guests with its thematic yet stylish décor, guaranteed comfort, good food, and amiable service, this experience-driven boutique hotel and its 220 guest rooms is the place to encounter little miracles whether visiting for business or leisure.

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Spring is here and it is the perfect time to explore the scenic attractions around Suzhou. Let's get going and try the newly launched "Taste of Spring" menu at Bar Soul. Be rejuvenated and embrace the radiance of spring through refreshing gourmet!

春日来信,邀您一同寻觅苏城春光。即刻出发,於Bar Soul品嘗轻盈「春•飨」美饌,焕发生机活力,不负春日好“食”光!

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🌍✨ Hey there! Do you have any plans tomorrow night? 🌙 At 8:30pm, it's the annual 'Earth Hour'. Let's switch off inessential lights for an hour and head to Hotel Soul for a relaxing dinner. Enjoy good food and good company while making our planet greener! 🍽️💚

🌍✨ Hi! 明晚有约吗? 🌙 晚上八点半是一年一度的「地球一小时」活动。 让我们一齐关掉不必要的灯,为地球贡献一个小时,然后一起到苏哥利酒店享受轻松的晚餐。 在品尝美食和欢欣时光的同时,让我们共同守护地球吧! 🍽️💚

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🏮 Celebrate Lunar New Year at Hotel Soul Suzhou! Immerse yourself in the charm of ancient Suzhou, surrounded by canals and gardens. Wishing you a joyful Year of the Dragon filled with prosperity and cherished moments. Experience our boutique hospitality and create unforgettable memories. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🧧

🏮 在苏哥利酒店庆祝农历新年!在此恭祝各位龙年吉祥、龙舞春风、龙瑞盈门!沉浸在素有「人间天堂」美誉的古城魅力中,体验我们的精品酒店待客之道,创造难忘的回忆。恭喜发财! 🧧

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Welcome the Year of the Dragon with friends and a get-together at Hotel Soul Suzhou for a hotpot gathering, where each person gets their own pot. Let's bid farewell to the past and welcome the new year with a heartwarming reunion.


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We're thrilled to receive the Traveller Review Award 2023 from! A big thank you to all our wonderful guests for your support. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable hotel experiences. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you back for more memorable stays!

我们非常荣幸获得 颁发2023年旅行者点评奖!衷心感谢所有客人的支持。我们致力于提供卓越服务,创造难忘的酒店体验。您的满意是我们的首要任务,期待再次欢迎您的光临,共度更多令人难忘的时光!

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Happy New Year! As the New Year begins, let's plan a trip to Suzhou to seek inspiration for our exciting annual plans! May the blending of Suzhou's ancient charm and modern creativity bring us endless inspiration and surprises. In this beautiful city, let's explore the marvellous fusion of gardens, art, and culture, infusing our annual plans with boundless creativity and passion. Wishing you a new year full of exploration and accomplishments. May this journey to Suzhou mark a stunning beginning for your spectacular annual plans! 🎉✨

新年快乐!在新的一年来临之际,让我们计划一次苏州之行,为我们精彩的年度计划寻找灵感吧!愿苏州的古韵与现代创意相融合,给我们带来无尽的启发和惊喜。在这个美丽的城市中,探索园林、艺术和文化的奇妙交融,为我们的年度计划注入无限的创意和激情。祝你的新年充满探索和实现,愿这趟苏州旅行为你的精彩年度计划开启一个令人惊艳的开端! 🎉✨

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Merry Christmas! May you and your family be filled with warmth and joy this festive season. Wishing you and your loved ones a GR8 and memorable Christmas! 🎄🎅🎁

圣诞快乐! 愿你和你的家人在这个特别节日充满温馨和喜悦。 祝福你和挚爱有个难忘的圣诞节! 🎄🎅🎁

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After the National Day long holiday, it's the perfect time to travel off-peak. Why not visit Suzhou and experience the elegance and beauty of the Jiangnan area? BAR SOUL at Hotel Soul Suzhou has launched National Day special combos, allowing guests to enjoy themselves with friends in a retro and industrial-chic ambience.

国庆小长假后,错峰出游正当时。何不到访苏州,品味雅韵江南?苏哥利酒店的酒吧BAR SOUL现正推出国庆假期限定套餐,让宾客在复古及工业设计风格的环境下与朋友同乐。

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Embrace the bountiful season of autumn at Hotel Soul! Experience comfort and inspiration with our cozy accommodations, conference facilities, and special perks. Let's set the stage for a new symphony of fall.

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Let’s support together! We’ll be participating in Earth Hour on coming Saturday night at 8:30pm and turning off all unnecessary lights. Connect to Earth and treasure our planet!

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🎯Challenge you friends in this weekend at our edgy resident watering hole, #BarSoul! #hotelsoul #suzhou #darts #barinchi...
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