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Skål Garden Route member Tineke Gwedoline Rothman from Finesse Travel is celebrating her birthday today. Happy happy birthday Gwen! Hope it's an awesome and exciting day full of spoils and a blessed year ahead! Skål!
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Personal & Private Overseas and Domestic Travel arrangements to suit your taste. We welcome you to FINESSE TRAVEL itc Club Travel! At Finesse Travel we attend to your visas, air tickets, travel insurance and everything else related to travel.

We are passionate about travel and have more than 44 years experience in the travel industry.

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Ireland's Call


Planning a Bushtrip to the Serengetti. Call me and I will be able to assist! 0871505400


Are you planing a Ski trip, a visit to family members or even a cruise. Give me a call on 087 1505400 or e-mail me at [email protected] and I can make your dream come true! Whatever you want to do, I can assist with all your travel arrangements! Contact me at any time!


Fantastic 8 day Golf Cruises on the Rhine, Danube or the Seine Rivers! Golf at 4 different Golf Clubs!
For more info contact Finesse Travel on 087 1505400 or e-mail [email protected]


I have been assisiting stranded Passengers that needed to go home because of immergencies. The flights are horific and very pricy and I managed to assist with cheaper fares for them. To all of those I am very happy I could assist and am grateful for the business!


Call me on 087 150 5400 or mobile 082 5769254 and I will assist you in all your travel requirements!


Finesse Travel will assist in any travel related services. Please contact Sonja or Gwen for information


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