Rosewood Massage Intuitive Touch

Rosewood Massage Intuitive Touch

The wonderful healthy benefits of massage. Oh, how there are so many. No longer a luxury, but rather a knead! A natural approach to healing, energy, and vitality.

Once thought of as just a luxury has now been proven over and over again in Scientific journals and studies to be a dramatic game changer in the bodies healing performance.


I LOVE that massage can help us feel human again. I often love to use pressure point holds and pin and stretches. Our bodies can get a little hung up sometimes.

Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDxBismarck 12/07/2019

Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDxBismarck Power Foods for the Brain Dr. Barnard has led numerous research studies investigating the effects of diet on diabetes, body weight, and chronic pain, includi...


The best time to get a massage is when you have no time and your stressed out. Not kidding! The best time to use essential oils with massage to lift mood, ease tension, and booster immunity? EVERYTIME! Takes 22 sec for each and every cell to be saturated with life giving essential oils.


Mobile Massage openings this week. I come to you.
Save money, time, and receive Therapy in the comfort of your own home!
Message me ๐Ÿ˜Š

9 Silent Signs Stress is Making You Sick 07/06/2019

Stress a silent killer

9 Silent Signs Stress is Making You Sick Every single day I encounter patients who are suffering from some form of stress-related illness. They have typically been feeling this way for an extended period and have realized that it is not normal to feel tired, lethargic, moody, anxious and unmotivated. It is my role as a practitioner to find...


I apologise for such a long pause....
I said I'll do what I do, but it's more on the side.

I encourage you to see me at the website I list
You will see me there most often.

Check out what have to offer. You will be amazed it is completely different than what I could ever offer on the side and even on the side it's good. But on the side of what we have to offer here it at Vancouver massage there is a whole new component to what we have to offer its not going into a little massage parlor you're going into a treatment center where were looking out for your best interest all the way around we have sauna.
We have a amethyst biomat, we also have fasciablasting and cupping, and whole body vibration AND essential oils๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Check us out. You are getting WAY MORE than you pay for.

Treat your body kind and life will be much more abundant.


What a wonderful day for massage.
When we feel better we do better.


Come see me, or let me come to you. It's about time, isn't it?


Had a wonderful morning working on some amazing people with chair massage at Results Fitness Training! Owner and Founder Scott Binder.
It was fun meeting new people and learning what they do there.

If you wanna get your work out on?
I'd highly recommend checking them out!

They are located at
19206 SE 1st St. Suite 112 CAMAS, WA. 98607


I LOVE Massage!


I have an opening this Wednesday and Thursday!
Let's do early before it gets hot!
Get recharged ๐Ÿ˜Š


When we come to the realization that Massage was always part of healthcare. And only about 80-100 years ago had been thought of differently.

Then we can care for ourselves through Massage Therapy without the thought that it is a luxery only for the well off.

Of course it "feels" like pampering. Because our bodies respond with feel good endorphines. Something we ALL need!

And after a massage we just feel better!

Our culture has gotten away from the truth that taking the time to care for ourselves is really basic healthcare.

But we can change that. You can change that.

Let's be more proactive with our health and do good for ourselves.

Photos from Rosewood Massage Intuitive Touch's post 26/05/2018

I am doing free Aromatherapy Consultations!
Either in person, via text or over the phone.
This will allow me to make a blend specific for your scent pallet and health and wellness needs.

I will make you either a foot soak/bath soak with sea salts, Ebsom and baking soda combined with essential oils.

Or a 10ml roller bottle, that fits nicely in your bag, purse, car or pocket for on the go!

The 10ml bottle after free consultation is only $35 no tax no shipping or handling.

The soak is only $28 no tax no shipping or handling.

This will help me in my studies as well as help you discover how essential oils can benefit you in your daily life.

This is a partnership for our natural well being and holistic approach to wellness.

I'd LOVE to help you.

Message me, and let's get you started!

Treena Hansen
LMP and Aromatherapy

Dr. Mercola states in one of his articles at a glance.

"-Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils or other aromatic plant compounds for healing and wellness

-Ancient Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures used essential oils in cosmetics, perfumes and drugs for purposes ranging from spiritual to therapeutic

-Accumulating research backs up aromatherapyโ€™s many potential uses and benefits for pain relief, depression, dementia, improved sleep and more."

Message me ๐Ÿ˜


Massage is such a wonderful way to get out of your head and back into your body. And with the enhanced benefits of the purest essential oils from Young Living in conjunction with massage the experience it beyond blessed.
Do something for yourself that will promote wellness today.๐Ÿค—
Message to book


Just a heads up!
My Prices For Theraputic Massage Therapy
Different modalities

Come to me:
60 min Relaxation Massage $65
60 min Deep Tissue/Sports Massage $80
60 min Trigger Point w/ Sweedish $80
60 min Raindrop $90 ($35-40 worth of essential oils used for this service)
60 min Aromatherapy Massage $75
60 min lymphatic Massage $65

Mobile Massage Traveling To Your Home
0-15 miles away Add $20
15-25 miles away Add $30
25-35 miles away Add $40

Weekend and Nights Additional $20

Additional Time
90 min Add $30
120 min Add $60

I only use organic carrier oils like coconut, grapeseed, almond, olive, V-6 vegetable blend from Young Living.

And ONLY Young Living Essential Oils. No fragrances or products that jeprodize optimal health. Because I care ๐Ÿ˜˜


Gonna go rock hunting to get my hot stones! Come see me soon!

Timeline photos 11/05/2017

Treat your employees to a nice chair massage you know they deserve it! They worked hard for you, and now they need a little give back.

Message me for details and rates for in office chair massage. Make their day!

Timeline photos 11/05/2017

I still have gift certificates for sale. Prices listed

1 one hour massage $65
1 and a half $85 (savings of $12.50)

Buy 2 and the second massage gets 15 minutes added time FREE! (That's a savings of $15-$25)

Buy 3 and receive a free aromatherapy session. Which consists of Theraputic Essential Oils carefully choosen after consultation blended into a lotion or oil. Applied during one of or all three of the sessions. Clients will then take the lotion/oil home to use as desired.


Book with me this coming week! I am being hosted in down town Washougal in my own building! I have soothing essential oils diffusing to enhance the Theraputic experience. It's LOVELY!

Come for an hour 65/ or an hour and a half 85.
Add Theraputic essential oils personally hand picked for your preference needs, only 10 more!

Hours of operation:
For more information, and to book a massage!

Timeline photos 05/05/2017

I am located and hosted in down town Washougal this next week. Mother's Day Week!

Come see me, treat yourself, you are so worth it!
Or treat a Mama in your life.
They won't be disappointed!
Send a message for more details.

Timeline photos 01/05/2017

Mother's Day is coming! It's right around the corner. Don't fret. Give the gift of relaxation for mind, body and soul. You know she's worth it! Stay tuned for my gift certificate specials.

Timeline photos 29/04/2017

I LOVE massage. And I LOVE aromatherapy. Such a blessed way to healing.

Timeline photos 26/04/2017

Your mobile Liscenced Massage Practitioner at your service!Yep, I come to you!

My clients have verbally expressed the appreciation of having an in home massage. They love that they don't have to drive afterwards. In fact, if they just wanna take a nap afterwards they can! High quality professional massage at an affordable price ๐Ÿค—

As long as you have enough space for a table or chair ( massage equipment) then I can help you!

Serving Washougal/Camas and some Vancouver/ Battle Ground. (mileage fees may apply)

$65 Total relaxation massage ( some trigger point if needed)

$75 Deep Tissue

$65 Theraputic Reflex and Massage Feet/Calves

$65 Basic Chair head, neck shoulders, hands, back.

Just to name a few of my services. I also offer lymphatic, Trigger Point, Raindrop, Focused Work, and Aromatherapy. Add $10 to any service for Aromatherapy.

Massage customized for your person needs and Theraputic benefit.


Call or Text 360-787-6449
( Sometimes a text first ensures I get the message, being out in an area that sometimes doesn't receive optimal reception)

Email: [email protected]


Try an Aromatherapy Massage with Pure essential oil's blended in good carrier like coconut oil, almond oil, olive and the like. Fantastic relaxation for the whole being!

Get those oils into your lungs like White Pine, Eucalyptus, Douglas Fir, Lemon, Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary and the like. Very uplifting, energizing, and get's things moving!

Do something preventive and productive for your health today