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Timeline photos 19/02/2021

After months of online classes at Duke Integrative Medicine + months of coaching one-on-one clients + months of studying, I finally sat for my NBC-HWC (National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach) certifying exam today, almost exactly one year after the journey began!

It's been a long time since I've been a student, but it has been such an incredible learning experience! Plus, with everything 2020 brought, having this to focus on was a very positive highlight (and one of the few things that didn't get cancelled since it was done online).

I'm so grateful to my husband for putting up with all of my "fun fact" moments when I overshared what I was learning (I mean he should be used to the oversharing by now, right?), to my family and dear friends for their encouragement and support, and to the clients I worked with who opened their hearts and minds and were vulnerable and open to change. My village is hands down the best village!

I won't know for about 8 weeks if I passed or not, but I am still celebrating getting to this point either way!

Timeline photos 18/11/2020

I was so excited about the new Air-X blend (available today only) that I decided to attempt to make it myself with all the oils found in the blend. I have no idea if I got the ratios right, but if I'm anywhere close it's going to be amazing! I've been diffusing it in my office all day long... 🌬️
β˜‘οΈ Tangerine
β˜‘οΈ Grapefruit
β˜‘οΈ Litsea
β˜‘οΈ Frankincense
β˜‘οΈ Cardamom
This blend is designed to cleanse and purify the air + it smells so incredible. With all that citrus and Frank, you know it's going to be both uplifting and centering! πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
This blend is F/R/E/E when you grab Copaiba today. How do you use Copaiba? It's so versatile, I love hearing how everyone incorporates it!

Timeline photos 06/10/2020

"Can you smell what is diffusing?!?!"

I'm sorry y'all, I couldn't resist. My husband found this old Dwayne Johnson wrestling figurine and told me to put it on my desk (because he knows I love him).

Now DJ reminds me daily to put in the work, and I just imagine him saying cheesy crap like this and have to laugh at myself. 🀣πŸ’ͺ

Timeline photos 05/10/2020

Never underestimate the renewing power of (upside) down time! Hope everyone had a great weekend and took some time to rest and recalibrate. πŸ€—

Timeline photos 18/09/2020

I just completed my first week of integrative health coaching sessions. Can I just say that my clients are amazing?! What a gift to bear witness to their stories, struggles, and triumphs.
This is your gentle reminder that you don't have to change your life all at once. One small turn of the needle, a 1% adjustment even, can make all the difference over time. Think of it like compounding interest!
What are you going to do this weekend to nudge that needle in the right direction?

Timeline photos 05/09/2020

I will never stop being a student of life. My Coaching Psychology Manual just arrived so I can begin prepping for the certification exam in February!

I'll be starting virtual health coaching sessions with my first clients next week, and I'm so excited to help them move the needle in their health!

If you want free integrative health coaching, send me a private message. I'm offering free coaching for the next couple of months only. This is about you and your goals, no judgement and no preaching at you. Instead, lots of guidance, partnership, grace, and accountability!


It's Monday again. Maybe you're starting something new today - new way of eating, new workout plan, new meditation app... Or maybe you're starting over for what feels like the 100th time. You know, the "I'll start over on Monday" syndrome? Man, do I feel that! I think all of us have been there at some point.

You may remember back in February I posted about health coaching. I'm excited to share I've completed my foundation course at Duke Integrative Medicine to become an Integrative Health Coach! I'm so excited to begin my coaching journey and am now actively seeking people who would like to work with me.

I'm looking for the people who keep starting again on Monday and can't figure out why it won't stick. The people who WANT to change but need help figuring out how to get there one step at a time.

Health coaching is a partnership where we work together to help you identify and accomplish your personal health goals. We will look at the whole health picture, not just one area like diet or exercise. We will look at mind, body, and spirit. Coaching does not mean I preach at you or tell you what to do. In fact, you may already have advice from your own doctor and just need help putting it into practice. It is judgement free, private, and my goal is to help you take charge of your own health in a way that's personal and specific to you.

I'm currently preparing for the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches' Certification exam. This certification requires me to complete a number of coaching sessions over the next 3 months. To meet that goal, I am offering 10 single sessions and 10 four-session packages*. Each session will be 20-30 minutes. They will be "pay what you can" (or free, if necessary). This will be the only time I'm able to offer free coaching, so if you're ready for a change, LET'S DO THIS!

Complete the linked form and we'll make sure we're a good fit and get the ball rolling!

*Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to coach close family or close friends, so if we're close and you're interested in coaching, I will have to refer you to someone else!

Timeline photos 08/08/2020

Spa day! Yes, she was as terrified as she looks. She h-a-t-e-s baths. Like claws her way out like a feral cat level of hate. But she smells so much better thanks to my Citrus Bloom body wash! πŸ₯°πŸŒΊπŸŠ

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

First day back in 5 months! We were READY! Hoping for a safe and amazing school year for all! πŸ€“β™₯οΈπŸŽ‰

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 05/08/2020

Shout out to all the cuties going back to school this week smelling like alllllll the oils!
We are focused on prevention around here and have been doing OnGuard beadlets 2x a day for the last week, probiotics and multivitamins daily, Stronger on the spine, and OnGuard Sanitizing Mist packed in the lunch boxes!
What's on your prevention checklist? @ Effingham County, Georgia

Five Takeaways about the Gut Microbiome - DHW Blog 04/08/2020

Just reading up on the gut microbiome (wild Monday night over here) and learned this fun fact:

"It can take up to three years for the gut to recover from a single round of antibiotics (Jernberg et al., 2007; O’Mahony et al., 2015)."

Wow! I knew antibiotics were tough on our digestive tracts, but I didn't realize just how long the effects lasted.

Another great reason to eat fermented foods regularly and take a quality probiotic supplement daily!

Check out this short article for more fascinating gut facts (seriously I love learning about the gut)!

Five Takeaways about the Gut Microbiome - DHW Blog By: Duke Health & Well-Being Nutrition Team We have all heard the clichΓ© that β€œyou are what you eat.” But what if it’s not that simple? Perhaps instead we should say that β€œyou are what your gut bacteria eat.” Each of us is home to trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that peacefully ...

Timeline photos 26/07/2020

Are garden fresh nachos a thing? Because I grew those tomatoes and that jalapeno! And they were so fresh and delicious. πŸ…πŸŒΆοΈπŸ§€

Timeline photos 20/07/2020

I officially grew the cutest little cherry tomatoes that ever did grow. All that staring at them and talking to them during quarantine really did help! πŸ…

Timeline photos 20/07/2020

I'm hosting a trunk show this week with my beautiful friend .binford and I'd love to invite anyone who wants to learn more!

If you haven't heard of Noonday, they are a company that works to employ artisans all over the world to make beautiful fair trade jewelry and other fashion items. I don't host things like this often, but this company has a similar mission to dōTERRA and I just love to support them - they help provide meaningful work for women all over the globe!

I've purchased some of their jewelry as gifts and some for myself and I've loved every piece (like these earrings)! They are unique and wonderful quality.

Bridgette and I have a goal to support one artisan and her family for a month through this show! I'm excited to see the difference we can make.

Drop a comment or send me a DM to join us if you're curious about Noonday and want to learn more!

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 16/07/2020

I've been struggling with the mask debate, and I couldn't put my finger on it until today when Walmart and Kroger both announced they'd require masks or face coverings for shoppers starting soon.

It's not that I question whether or not SOME masks can be effective at reducing the spread of viruses. We know there is science that shows that SOME masks are effective when used properly. And we know there is science that shows that SOME masks are ineffective. I'm not here to debate that point. I'm really not here to debate at all. I'm posting this out of confusion and curiosity.

My core issue is there is no definition of "mask", nor are there any requirements or standards for "face coverings". These businesses are requiring someone to take an action with literally zero guidelines to determine if the action will be effective.

While I do not work in the medical field, I've spent most of my career working in highly regulated industries as a technical communicator. My job title is Process Analyst. I literally write, edit, and analyze processes for work. I help people understand why, what, and how to do things. (Side note, this post is my opinion only and not the opinion of my previous or current employers.)

At a previous job, I helped write abatement actions for OSHA violations involving cadmium, chromium-6, and lead exposures in sanding operations. We created extremely detailed procedures for safely donning and doffing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). There were specific requirements for the PPE the employees had to wear - respirators that could filter to certain levels, respirator fit tests, shaving standards, sanding booth cleaning procedures, PPE disposal procedures, etc. We collected data pre- and post-implementation to show the reduction in contamination. For the most part, we knew what success and failure looked like.

But I could literally go to Walmart tomorrow with a pair of panty hose over my head and call it a face covering. I could wear my kid's Halloween costume mask and meet the current standard. I get that these are extreme and unlikely examples, but I'm using them to make my point. I'm meeting the requirement for the mask, but not the INTENT because there are literally NO boundaries.

I do not write this to make light of anyone currently suffering as a direct or indirect result of this pandemic. I understand the gravity and the weight so many are feeling right now. I want everyone to be and stay healthy and well, hence my desire to become an Integrative Health Coach and to help people make healthier choices in their daily lives during and after this pandemic. I promise I care more about your health than Walmart does!

I write this because I am baffled and trying to understand this! It's a false sense of security. Am I alone in my confusion?

Timeline photos 15/07/2020

Still babying my aching back. These babies are key for reducing the inflammation right now.
These dual chamber capsules combine the benefits of the essential oil AND the botanical. Most Turmeric supplements only provide the botanical. With these I'm getting a double punch of curcuminoids and tumerones. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Timeline photos 13/07/2020

Just when I settle in for a nice, quiet Sunday night bath, I realize I have company. 🐾
I suffer from 2 herniated discs + degenerative disc disease. Luckily, it doesn't flair up often. But when it does, it is πŸ”₯. I have to baby it for a bit with heat, ice, and lots of oils.
Best bath recipe for back pain - hot, hot water + 1-2 cups Epsom salts + 10 drops Deep Blue soothing blend + 10 drops AromaTouch massage blend. Soak at least 20 minutes. Drink lots of water to rehydrate because πŸ₯΅.
This bath is amazing for relaxing the spasming muscles in the body! πŸ›€

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 11/07/2020

If 2020 was a plant, if would be my squash and cucumbers (pic #1). 🀣🀣🀣
For real though, I have some cute little cherry tomatoes and one solid jalapeno coming in. The tall leafy one is sweet potato, but I have no idea what's going on underneath all that dirt. Anyone know when a sweet potato is ready? And my herbs are doing great! @ Guyton, Georgia

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 07/07/2020

Do you love a good book as much as I do? I love them in all forms - fiction, non-fiction, paperback, hardback, e-book, or audiobook. I buy them all, and I start them all! Unfortunately, I don't always finish them all.😬
My challenge for July is actually not that tough for me - I usually get some reading in each day, either on my commute or before bed. I love filling my mind with encouragement, knowledge, or a good story line. But even good habits can be honed and improved, right?
For the month of July, I'm challenging myself to read (or listen to) a book for at least 15 minutes per day. (I've got to finish a few before I go out and buy more!)
Do you want to join me? Comment below and tell me what's on your reading list this month! πŸ“–

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 01/07/2020

Wrapping up my June supplementing challenge! I've been taking these supplements for years now, but it's always good to reinforce the consistency of taking them every single day to boost my nutrition, energy levels, immune system, brain function, and more.
I love prepping them ahead of time in these daily containers so all I have to do is grab and go! πŸ‘‰
This is truly the key to behavior changes that improve your health - make it easy on yourself to be successful! Plan ahead and make it hard to fail.
I want to know - what health hacks do you use to make health simpler for yourself? πŸ‘‡

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 19/06/2020

I never thought these would make it this far in my care (no green thumb here), but I have the beginnings of some cherry tomatoes and some jalapenos!!! I cannot wait to taste them when (if?) they grow bigger than the size of a tic tac. πŸ˜‚

@ Guyton, Georgia

Timeline photos 17/06/2020

Let's bring this level of excitement and intensity to this day! πŸ€ͺ

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 06/06/2020

June's monthly challenge is all about supplementing. Until about four years ago, I never really considered supplements. I would occasionally take a multivitamin, but that's about it. Once I started learning how they could augment my nutrition, add to my energy levels, and balance out bacterial overgrowth in my body, I decided to jump in.
Now, it's hard to imagine not taking them when I look at just how much they've moved the needle in the way I feel and the way my body operates.
Even so, sometimes I miss a dose or even a whole day. Sometimes I forget or just get busy and don't feel like taking the time to grab them. My challenge this month is to ensure I'm taking them every day in June!
My base daily supplement lineup looks like this:
- Livelong Vitality (a system for foundational health)
- PB Assist Probiotics (in PM)
- Mito2Max Energy & Stamina Complex (in AM)
- TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes (with meals)
Drop a comment below and tell me what your lineup looks like. What changes have you noticed since you started?

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

My Citrus Bloom Collection arrived today! These items are available now, but not for long. This blend always sells out!
Non-toxic personal care is my jam! And the smell is heaven!
Have you gotten yours?! Which is your favorite?

Timeline photos 28/05/2020

I've been digging in to "101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think" by a little at a time over the last two weeks.
Have you ever read a book where you felt the need to highlight every sentence? That's this book for me. So many incredible insights and nuggets. So many self reflections. And her writing is just gorgeous.
This particular quote is something I've been thinking about for years now. How we tend to follow this invisible checklist for how a good life should be lived. The things you're "supposed" to do and the acceptable order in which to do them...
But following this checklist guarantees nothing. So many of us do it and end up still feeling something is missing. Maybe a big piece of our authentic selves?
Maybe it's time to remove something expected from the checklist and replace it with something unexpected that breathes new life into us.
Anybody feel me on this? Comment below something unexpected and authentically you that is going on your list!

Timeline photos 25/05/2020

New obsession thanks to my brilliant friend . I've combined oils with sparkling water before, but this combo is addictive! How am I going to settle for normal water now? πŸ˜‚

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 20/05/2020

I'm excited to be a Guest Contributor over today! I shared some quick insights on their Instagram page about forming new habits (swipe right for those) and more details in a blog post on their site (link in comments).
Do you have trouble implementing new habits? What seems to trip you up in the process?

Timeline photos 10/05/2020

Happy Mother's Day from my crazy crew of kiddos and doggos! πŸ§’πŸΌπŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ•πŸΆ

Photos from Runs On Oil's post 09/05/2020

I have run hundreds of miles in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods in the last few years. My worst fear during those runs was being hit by a distracted driver or being chased by a loose dog. Never once did I fear being attacked or shot.
For those who don't know me well, I grew up in Glynn county, the place where Ahmaud Arbery was killed on 2/23/20. I didn't even know his story until this week, but it has wrecked me ever since I heard.
Today would be his 26th birthday, so people all over the country are running 2.23 miles in his honor. I wanted to participate to show my support.
I don't know how to put into words how heartbroken I am for his family, for our community, for all those who knew and loved him... I can only pray that the truth prevails and justice is served. @ Effingham County, Georgia

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