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Every day, think, feel and do something to express more of your unlimited potential. http://EverythingIsWithin.com

Every day, think, feel and do something to express more of your unlimited potential - that's the only reason why you are here. -- http://EverythingIsWithin.com

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"Positive Self Talk" is a simple tool that allows you to keep moving in the right direction - the direction you want to go.
Simply repeat one or several statements throughout the day either aloud or in your mind. The statements need to be positive, specific and present tense - say it, as if it is already your reality.

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First, choose what you want to BE. Then, move into the corresponding state of BEINGNESS - think about it, feel it, visualize it… feel as if it is already real. Out of that, the desire to take action will be born - take inspired ACTION to have your state of beingness reflected or manifest in physical reality.

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Self Discipline Is One Of The Keys that Allows You To Make Your Dreams Come True!
People often think, self discipline is all about sheer will power, pushing and forcing. But no, it's not! What actually prevents you from taking action are your conscious and subconscious fears (we all have them) - fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of mediocrity…
Self discipline is all about becoming aware of your fears and dissolving them. Once that's done, relatively little will power will be required to take action on your desired goals.

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I know, there are certain things you absolutely want to do in your life…
But, don't wait too long. Don't always say, I'll do it once this or that is accomplished, once I'm retired… One day it might be too late!
Life is meant to be lived fully and that's why you should act on your passions and do what you love most - at list get started moving into that direction NOW!

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Enjoy the simple things in life!
You can just look at the blue sky or at a beautiful flower, enjoy a soft breeze or the sun rays… for a few minutes and completely immerse yourself in it. Stop the train of your thoughts, switch off your mind for a moment… and gently “glide” into the state of simple enjoying and appreciating the very moment, without judging or analyzing anything.

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Life has no inbuilt purpose or meaning it is up to you to define the meaning of YOUR life and to give it purpose.

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Action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. - William James

Joy and happiness comes from taking action on what you truly love and what you are passionate about.

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Your fears are your friends! I know, this sounds crazy, but they are like a car dashboard warning light. All your fear is trying to tell you is: "Hey, careful you are holding on to thoughts and beliefs that don't serve you, because they are not in alignment with what you really want…"

Once you look at those thoughts and beliefs and analyze them you probably quickly realize that they don't make much sense and you can let go of them… and your fear will leave you as well saying: "Bye, bye, thanks for looking at this, my job is done and you won't see me around here anymore…"

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You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try. - Beverly Sills

Most people try half-heartedly and give up if they don't succeed immediately. Succeeding in whatever project could be compared to running a marathon - you simply take one step after another, you keep on moving forward, you hang in there and you don't give up… and ultimately you will cross the finishing line.

When doing a marathon, you don't just stop after 15 steps and say: "I still don't see the finishing line, so I guess I must have failed, unfortunately this didn't work for me…"

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Above all, be yourself. Some people will like it, others won't and that's fine. Try to please everyone and you will lose your Self and get hurt…

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Whatever someone else may think about you has absolutely nothing to do with you. The only thing that counts and shapes your life and destiny is what YOU think about yourself!

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How To Find YOUR Way, Have A Lot Of Fun And Drastically Increase Your Chances Of Success At The Same Time

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Change isn't as difficult as it may look like and it has much less to do with DOING rather than with BEING.

Simply move into the state of BEING you prefer, stay there and your thoughts, feelings, actions… and ultimately your circumstances will reflect that new state of BEING.

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In life, certain key events and experiences are scheduled and mapped out already before you come here. And, actually, it is You, your higher self who chooses those event and experiences in order to learn and to grow.

Of course, you can control various parts of your life, but many key events are pre-determined and if you want or not, you will have to face them. You can’t always control WHAT you will encounter in life, but you can always control HOW you choose to respond to those experiences and events.

In other words, you can choose to respond to those events with anger, fear, doubt, worry, hatred… or with love, understanding, trust, confidence… and this makes all the difference – it determines if you will experience life mostly as bliss or misery.

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Don't necessarily do what everyone else is doing. Listen to your higher self and do what YOU really want to do. Yes, take the "risk" to try out completely new things and start shining your own, unique light into the world - that's why you came here.

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All pain you may experience is the result of the resistance to your natural Self!

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All you want is that inner peace, joy and freedom that can only be found in deep silence and stillness. All other things, everything else you think you may want are only distractions. Ultimately, they are dead ends and they can never give you what you really want.

So, all you really want is already within you and it is revealed effortlessly in a state of inner calm, silence and centeredness.

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You can never get what you want as long as your wanting is coming from a feeling of lack. You can only get what you want if your wanting is paired with absolute confidence that you'll get what you want. But, that confidence cannot be forced, you can't "think" yourself into confidence, it is not a product of your mind - it typically happens when you let go of the fear of not having, getting, achieving…

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You don't really need to search and find your passion, you only need to "uncover" and express your true Self. If you do that, passion will be there automatically, because it is part of the nature of your true Self.

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Ask yourself, "Am I now ready to make some changes." - Jack Canfield

Things don't just change out of the blue - they change if you make the change happen. Unfortunately, most people think and believe that they can't change their situation, that they are powerless, that there is nothing they can do…

Nothing could be further from the truth: You are creator and you have the power to model and change your life in any direction you want.

But, of course you first need to develop and exercise your creational powers and tools - your thoughts, emotions, mental images, core beliefs, focus, concentration…

Your creational powers are real, but unless you develop and exercise them, they will only exist as potential. So, make the decision to be the powerful creator of your life - all you need is out there and it is easily available.

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Change is a constant and it cannot be avoided – use it as a gift to deepen, empower, enrich… your life!

Life is ever changing – that’s a certainty and that’s the way it is meant to be. However, our society is programmed and conditioned to avoid change by all means and to stick to what we already know and what we can “control”.

Change is god, it leads to growth and expansion and it makes us feel more alive, it adds spice, adventure and excitement…

Sometimes, changes are experienced as painful events. BUT, the experience always depends on our point of view, on our mindset and on how we judge and label certain experiences.

By looking for the positive, for the great, for the potential (which always exists)… we create a framework that allows us to grow the most and even to find joy, excitement, adventure… in an event of change that would otherwise be experienced as painful.

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Circumstances don’t Matter, only your state of being Matters!

Your circumstances and the daily events in your life are like reflections in a mirror – they don’t really have the “substance” they seem to have and they are not as real as they seem to be. They are only a shadow of your past thoughts, beliefs and feelings – a reflection of your past state of being and therefore they aren’t really as important as we give them credit for.

Your CURRENT state of being is the only thing that really MATTERS – the only thing that Materializes into events and circumstances you experience on a daily basis.

If you allow your circumstances to DICTATE your state of being, you will keep on experiencing the same kind of situations over and over again. This is fine as long as you like those events and circumstances, but not so great if you don’t like them.

If, on the other hand you decide to consciously CHOOSE a certain state of being (a desirable one) – INDEPENDENT and UNAFFECTED of your current circumstances, you begin to break out of your “old reality” and you start creating a new one.

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Simple rules for a happy life: laugh a lot, be grateful for what you have, find joy & happiness in simple things, make others happy, spend more time in nature, enjoy life in the here and now, spend time with people you love, think positive & uplifting thoughts, don’t watch or read the news every day, meditate a few minutes every day, be at ease with yourself and enjoy yourself, eat healthy & drink enough water, exercise your body a few times a week…

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Being your Self is not easy, but once you are your Self, everything becomes very easy.

Take it step by step – every day, worry a bit less what others may think or say about you, every day, make your ego a little bit smaller and allow your higher self to shine a bit brighter, every day, express a bit more of your love and joy…

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By Joyful – every day, because there is nothing more important than feeling good. And, I’m not talking about making your ego feel good, but about connecting with your Self, your true nature and allowing the joy to bubble up from within… and to fully experience and enjoy it.

Close your eyes and in your mind, say a few times the word joy – joy – joy… feel how you open up from your heart center, how you become larger and wider – like a balloon. Let go, enjoy and allow your expansion. Bathe in this magnificent energy, in this state of joy and stay there as long as possible.

Do this every day and as often as you can and your life will be filled with more and more joy. Share this energy with others, don’t hold anything back and encourage them to do the same.

That way you can create a wave of joy and happiness that keeps on growing and that may go around the entire world and touch millions of people…

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Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings. Avoid those negative thoughts & you 'll improve the way you feel

Whenever you feel a negative emotion, stop and reflect on what you were just thinking and become aware of those thoughts that caused your negative emotion. From now on, avoid thinking those thoughts again.

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Trying to control everything and everyone in your life leads to anger and frustration, because you simply can't control everything. Don't try to "control" your life, simply go with the flow and live your life.

You can't control the immediate events and circumstances in your life, but you can control your thoughts, beliefs and mental images and that's all you need to willingly shape your destiny in the long run.

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The past is gone, it no longer exists. The future didn't happen yet, it is as "unreal" as the past. All you have is this very moment, the NOW. Your Now is eternal and it is the only thing you will ever have - the past and the future are only illusions.

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Don't focus on what you don't like about other people, focus on what you like about them, what you appreciate about them… - there is always something positive you can focus on. The more you focus on the qualities of others, the more of those qualities you will find in yourself.

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Destiny is not a matter of chance; it's a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved. - Jeremy Kitson

You are the creator of your destiny and you create it every day - little by little, with all your thoughts, emotions and actions.