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Having gone through a crisis in my life recently, and still going through it, I know first hand the struggles of being stuck in a whole and feeling like you can't get out.

If you are experiencing something similar, I would urge you to really reflect on your life and find out what is it inside yourself that is contributing to your feeling miserable. Knowing is half the battle.

Once you are clear about your suffering, get clear about what you can learn from the situation and how you can grow as a person.

At this point, it should be a matter of replacing destructive habits with self-affirming ones and creating a vision (using all your senses) of yourself having already overcome the suffering and learned the necessary lesson(s). This will be your northern star.

I hope that this was helpful. If you are looking for support and coaching around topics like this and others relating to life, holistic health and natural healing, I am here for you! I would be happy to jump on a mindful clarity call with you free of charge.

Here is to your growth! ✨


Question: Is there anyone out there that feels stuck in life at the moment?

I've noticed, personally, that the more I started to make changes in the way I was spending my time and how I was behaving and interacting with the world, the more the world around me started to shift.

Naturally, we have our habits that make up our daily lives. But it's crazy to think that by doing the same things over and over, new things will appear in our lives.

That's why it's so important to become aware of what your goals are and how you can shift your self into alignment with creating that in your life. Your habits will keep you in your current life.

If you want to achieve your goals, you need to grow into them.


I don't know about you all, but I've been having this realisation over and over again lately. It's been present for a long time and has recently just been making itself known in my life repeatedly!

It's truly remarkable how amazing the experience of life is. I am so grateful! 😊🙏

What are you learning right now through your life?


Happy Birthday Bobby McFerrin !

You said it best.
Don't worry, be happy!

Like alot of you out there, I have had my share of worries that have had me doubting myself and my choices.
For me, personally, I've realized that when we experience these worries, it has less to do with the reality of the present and more to do with your own perception and projection of fears from our past or concerns about how things might turn out in the future.

So the next time you find yourself far away from being happy, follow this simple 3 step process:

1. Take 3 (or more) deep breaths in through your nose and slowly release through your mouth.
2. Bring your senses into full awareness of the present moment. What is happening around and within you right NOW?
3. Release worries about anything that is not present in your present reality and feel the joy and happiness of just being.

Happy day to you my friends! 😁🙏


Want to be an Ambassador of one of the fastest growing Holistic Health and Wellbeing Programs Online?
We are backed by the most scientifically researched nutraceutical product of its kind.

Right now, we are looking for more people who are fed up with their unhealthy lifestyle and mediocre semi healthy habit and are READY to make a sustainable positive change in their life and possibly the life of their families as well.


I made this delicious simple meal last week with a simple recipe from the holistic health and nutrition program I've recently joined called The Healthstyle Emporium.

I love that they're all easy and free of nasty ingredients & everyone in the family approves! Here is the recipe:

4 zucchinis
2garlic clove, roughly chopped
2 cups packed fresh basil leaves
1/3 cup olive oil
2 teaspoon lemon juice
Pinch of red pepper flakes
Salt, to taste
1/4 raw cashews
1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes

To prepare the pesto: In a food processor, combine garlic, basil, olive oil and red pepper flakes.

To prepare the noodles: Spiralize the zucchini with a spiralizer or turn the zucchini into noodles with a julienne peeler, or grate the zucchini the long way on a large box grater. Toss the zucchini with pesto until well coated, and season with salt (I added another ¼ teaspoon).
Transfer the pesto noodles to a large platter and sprinkle with the cherry tomatoes. Tuck the fresh basil in to the corners to garnish. 😋


How can you ever become who you really are and let the world love you for who you are if you never let that you be seen?

This was the major realization I have had recently. I had been so terrified for so long about what others think that I had not allowed myself to really live! It's tragic and such a shame.

But there is still hope.
I know it sounds so obvious, but go back to the basics. Face your fears and repeat those steps that scared the crap put of you, but that you know you need to do to make progress and succeed in your goals! It is possible, but it's not easy. Life isn't meant to be easy! Life gives us challenges to grow into the greatest versions of ourselves!

Stay positive and don't give up. You are worth the risk.


I've recently started a business where the main basis is building authentic relationships with people and really thinking about how they can benefit from this relationship.

So I would ask myself questions, like:

-What situation do they find themselves in that they want to change?
-What pain point, challenge or problem are they looking to overcome?
-What would it be like for them to get to where they want to be?

Instead of thinking of how we can change the other, I started to think about how I could be of service to the other, a resource to go to for support.

It's much nicer to talk to an equal than to hear from a teacher from on high what you need to do and not.


Part 1 - Nutrition

I think, today, greater attention is being put on the immune system and preventative methods of staying healthy instead of yesterday's paradigm of treating the symptoms.

I am just so excited about this shift in perspective because it really brings with it the understanding that the disease itself is not just the sum of the symptoms, but it is in fact coming from a root cause which then leads to the manifestation of these symptoms.

So where does dis-ease come from? This is a huge controversy and honestly, that is perhaps not as important as what individuals can do to prevent dis-ease to manifest in the first place.

What I have found to be true for myself and through my studies of health and wholefoods is that proper NUTRITION is one of the main pillars of sustainable long term health.

Basically, a wide variety (7-13 per day) of clean, fresh fruits and veggies will support your body's optimal functioning. Think about eating the rainbow.

The more complete your food spectrum is, the more completely it is going to support your body in the processes of cleansing, repairing, energizing and balancing to bring you in the direction of perfect health.

Of course, this is not the only contributing factor to health, but it is a fundamental part of the puzzle.

Try it yourself:
Challenge yourself to add as many colors as you can into your diet.
Your body will thank you!


I have some great news! Right now, we are offering free wholefood nutrition to a child (4-18) for up to 4 years!

This incredible opportunity is ongoing and is part of one of the world's largest population studies, made possible by a wellness initiative to inspire health living at home.

Recent analysis of the results show that:
🌱60% are missing fewer days of school
🌱56% are taking less over-the-counter prescription drugs
🌱66% are visiting the doctor less
🌱61% are eating more fruits & veggies
🌱71% are drinking more water

You can gift the wholefood nutrition to any child that occupies a special place in your heart! 💕💖

Let me know in the comments if you would like more information, and also tag health conscious moms and dads who might want to take a look at this too!




Are you guilty of blaming yourself for the problems in your life?
Or are you more into finding others to blame for your 'Bad luck'?

Either way, I have a VERY IMPORTANT message for you!

Ultimately, there is only one thing creating the situations in your life and that is YOU!

Every time you feed into your thoughts and feelings of LACK, UNWORTHINESS, NEGATIVITY (just to name a few), you are sending out these frequencies into the universe and what you send out, you get back!

By the same principle, if you focus everyday on what you are grateful for in your life and make sure to enjoy the little things and do what really excites you and lights your fire 🔥, you will, by YOUR OWN POWER, manifest that into your experience!

I CHALLENGE YOU today to take a minute (or 5) to come back into your experience, from wherever you may have been in your thoughts or emotions, and be mindful of the thoughts that are passing your inner river of experience.

For brownie points, try to feel the emotions connected to those thoughts. This may sound simple, but don't be fooled. This mindfulness practice will bring you self-awareness that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE if it hasn't already!


When you think about how your mind works, it's not too hard to realize that we create so much in our lives by the mental patterns we rehearse every day through our thoughts.

Thought experiment:
1. If you could change one thing in your life right NOW, what would you choose?

2. What impact would that have on your life
-in one day
-in one month
-in one year

I'll give you some ideas of what I mean-
What if you could make the decision to never again let fears run your life! You wake up one morning and you all of a sudden just have this amazing ability to be completely confident in your gut feelings! You follow your passions and desires in an altruistic way because you know that by helping others, you really are helping yourself! This universe rewards the ones who give value freely and have resolute goals and desires that they work towards!

Other examples:
-the empathy of understanding others' perspective
-the confidence to stand steadfast in your convictions and goals and not let yourself be swayed
-the self awareness to be able to say to yourself, "hey, wait a minute, this doesn't resonate with me. I need to do something else."

So I CHALLENGE you to pick one quality to complete the above thought experiment and imagine the incredible change you could make for yourself in a day, a month and a year!

Let me know in the comments what you chose and what amazing changes you made in your life in just one year!

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Are you:
️⃣ Someone who wants to increase and boost their energy? 🤸‍♂️
️⃣ Someone who’d like to achieve a healthy weight through exercise, a healthy diet and nutrition? 🥦
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️⃣ Someone that wants to take control of the food that they put on their families table 🍽
️⃣ Someone that wants to teach their kids about gardening and food produce 🌱
️⃣ Someone who doesn't have a green thumb but would love to grow their own produce 🍀

If you would love to take charge of your health & give our holistic health program a try - Please comment the number that you related to & I’ll be in touch shortly about how I'm able to offer you our program for free to you this month! The only thing you need to purchase is your own wholefood nutrition.


Personal Mentoring Program

I'm starting a Personal Mentoring Program next month, and I am looking for a few specific people to personally mentor and guide for the next 7 weeks.

So, if you:
1. Are an ambitious entrepreneur or business owner
2. Have goals and dreams, but are not clear how to achieve them
3. Feel confused and unfocused in your current business situation
4. Need to make changes, but you don’t know where
5. Are coachable and willing to follow the process
6. Willing to invest 2-3 hours a week in implementing the strategies
7. Ready to make a permanent change in your life :)

Comment 'INTERESTED' in the original post or DM me and I'll send you all the details :)



Hey Everyone,

I want to let you know about a life-changing opportunity that I am creating just for you!

I'm really excited to share with you all about the power of flow science in the context of optimizing productivity and creating the life you want.

Click on the original post to learn more.

To your best life,


Hey Everyone,

I’ve been doing alot of soul searching and contemplating lately and I have come to realize that time is a valuable resource and we can all benefit from optimizing our big time-consuming activities such as learning new skills, working on a business project, etc.

Over the past years, I have been diving deep into different disciplines and sciences of mind, body and wellness. I have learned alot about how the mind works, how your emotional states influence your neuro-physical communication and how you can use different methods to regulate your mental states, emotions and ability to perform under stress.

To help you on your path to productivity, I'm putting together a LIVE Training on improving your productivity and transforming yourself into who you need to be to smash your goals.

I really want to make this training valuable for you, so if this is something that sounds interesting for you, I want to ask you for a small favor.

Please fill out this short, 2 min survey so I can be sure to cover everything you want and need in this training? This will help me understand how to deliver you the value in the training.

Comment below ‘Interested’ and I will personally share the survey link with you.

This Live training will be priced at 20€, but if you fill the survey, you will get access to this LIVE training for FREE as a token of my appreciation.

Comment ‘Interested’ below and I will share the survey link :)

Also, if you know of anyone that would be interested or would benefit from this, tag them in the comments.

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I need your opinion on something:
Recently, I am experimenting, researching, and contemplating a lot about the so-called "flow state". It is when I connect to my true happy and peaceful self, where everything goes smoothly and I am totally at ease. Difficult tasks I perform with lightness and I am joyfully absorbed and content with what I am doing. It is when I can connect to this safe serene place that everyone has inside.

I tried out different tools to access this blissful state, where I am totally zen. The main essence is that there are many methods that work for me and I like to let my creativity flow freely when I am exploring different approaches and techniques. It is not that one is better than the other, but more appropriate depending on my situation. They all have in common that they calm the mind, take out the disturbances, and connect to the body and the true authentic self.

What are your experiences with this?
What does being in the flow mean to you?
And when are you having trouble getting there?

All comments and ideas much appreciated.
Thanks for reading and interacting.

Namaste !🙏


Two days after the terror attack Vienna is gifted with a beautiful sunny day and I want to share with you my favourite outdoor relax practice to gift YOU a piece of calmness and inner peace ✌️
#1 Practice to Switch your Body to Relax Mode
The science behind:
1) being in sun, preferably in nature, releases relaxing hormones into the bloodstream - hormonal system switched to relax response
2) full deep inhalation and exhalation sends a strong message to the nervous system to relax and unwind
3) combination of sound - here sighing - increases relax effect on the whole body (parasympathetic nervous system)
4) conscious relaxation of every muscle while exhaling boosts relax effect of breathing, sound and surrounding
Unlock your super powers 💪
Find balance and harmony
For increased power and resilience
Happy practice!
Your Zen & Zest
Let's share what helps us to feel good! Comments are highly appreciated 😊

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The inner being within us all needs space to express itself. When we bow forward or do any forward bending asana, we give humble reverence to our higher wisdom residing inside.
Release control and let life and the experiences in it to flow to you freely and without extra resistance.

Main Benefits*:
+Brings suppleness to your spine
+Intra-abdominal compression, provides circulation and massages your abdomen + pelvic area
+Stimulates the urogenital, digestive, nervous + endocrine systems
+Brings a sense of humility + gratitude

*-for more benefits, contraindications and variations, visit

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Prioritize your self-care practice. It will benefit you in so many ways. Follow me and my Zen & Zest project where I share short and to-the-point information to help you improve the health of your body and mind.

Every Wednesday we will post a new tip* for you to try out. If you like it, I encourage you to integrate it into your self-care practice. And if you don't, then tune in next wednesday when we share our next tip.
*-these tips are selected and explained with the thought in mind to help you on your individual journey to total health and wellness.
Please enjoy. 🙏🕉💞🌍🌎🌏💞🕉🙏

Your spine is the energy superhighway of your body. Here is where your consciousness manifests from the subtle to the dense physical reality. To make sure that all the information and energy is getting to where it is going, create space and stretch your spinal column.
+influences health of entire body
+improves digestion, vital capacity of lungs and increases blood circulation
+cultivates mental and physical poise
+increases concentration, optimism and self-confidence

Your spine is the energy superhighway of your body. Here is where your consciousness manifests from the subtle to the dense physical reality. To make sure that all the information and energy is getting to where it is going, create space and stretch your spinal column.
+influences health of entire body
+improves digestion, vital capacity of lungs and increases blood circulation
+cultivates mental and physical poise
+increases concentration, optimism and self-confidence

Why Do They Call It Alternative Medicine 28/02/2020

Lets make 'Alternative Medicine' the main way to go! 💪🙏

Why Do They Call It Alternative Medicine "Why do they call it 'ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE' when it is the original medicine that humans have been using for thousand of years? Chemical medications were discovered about 100 years ago!"


Special Offer until 12th April 2020
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Hello, I am Anton from Massage & More:

Working as a senior massage practitioner, creating special massage experiences customized to your needs

Graduated from Stensund´s College in Trosa, Sweden

Specialized in Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Prenatal and Hot Stone Therapy

Primary focus on de-stress, relaxation, and rejuvenation

Book me for your private events or your home!

Wellness wisdom for all!


Thanks for visiting.
This is my business page outlining my services.
I will also be updating this page with special offers, projects and anything else that I find relevant and want to share with you to guide you in the right direction towards YOUR perfect health.


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I have some great news! Right now, we are offering free wholefood nutrition to a child (4-18) for up to 4 years!This inc...