The Collective

The Collective

A membership based community for beauty pros


Come stop by to celebrate with us and our neighbors 🥂


Dear Creatives and Solopreneurs,

We are searching for you! We have two private rooms totaling about 280 sf available to rent 🥳

The spaces could be shared or privately occupied. We are open to working with you to suit your needs.

This space would be perfect for:

Nail Tech
Med Spa
Lash Tech
Makeup Artist
Salon Suite (3 chairs or less)

Other endeavors:

Tattoo Artist
Photography Studio
Artist Studio
Creative office space
Plant Studio
Small Boutique

Or any other endeavor you’ve got in mind!

If you’re interested in viewing the space and discussing options, please DM us and tag your people who might be interested! We are still in renovation mode. Projected occupancy date will be December. Keep in mind, you will be sharing the entire building with hairstylists and this will be a GREAT opportunity expand your creativity/business through collabs and networking.

DM us!


Out of 8, we only have 3 VIP Memberships available!!! 🥳 Our co-working space is SUCH a vibe already and those who have seen the space totally agree! We hope to have photos ready for you soon. But, if you want to see the space for yourself, fill out an application at link in bio and we will set up a meeting with you! Be on the lookout, we have a special announcement coming in the next post….


Do you have a favorite beauty product line??

A really neat aspect of our VIP Membership is that we can help you in 2 ways with your branding when it comes to a product line:

👉 We can help you discover and carry an existing line that fits your vibe!

👉 We can help you create your own product line that is branded to fit your vibe!

Both options offer potential online sales as well as shelf space! 😱

Start your VIP Membership at link in comments!!


If you desire independence (because honestly, you make more money this way) but you’re a little nervous about transitioning, we offer an incredible entry program for you that’s included in our VIP Membership which offers literally everything you need to make the transition so easy so that you can THRIVE!

Fill out an application at the link in comments and we’ll give you ALL the deets!


It’s never too early to plan your future, where will you work?! Are you just starting school? About to graduate?

We have an incredible entry program for students included in our VIP Membership which offers literally everything you need to get started in your career and THRIVE!

Fill out an application at the link in comments and we’ll give you ALL the deets!


Are you trying to grow your social media presence in order to get more clients?

I KNOW how hard it can be to grow your account online. It can feel saturated, daunting, overwhelming.. esp at the end of a long day (if you’re a hairstylist) behind the chair and you forgot to snap a pic of that stunning color you did 🤦‍♀️

Luckily > there’s one REALLY big shift you can make and start implementing right away (no matter what kind of industry you’re in) that will attract more customers and make social media feel easier because it’s actually working!

If you want the tea ☕️ , it’s on our free discord for the next 24 hours only then it will go into our paid membership channel! Now’s the time to runnnnn! Link in comments.

All types of entrepreneurs/solopreneurs welcome 🥳


Join our growing Discord Community, where support, creativity, and connections flourish!

We’re developing a space where you can share ideas, learn, and grow together. It's free and fabulous – let's empower each other!

✨ Psst- you don’t have to be a beauty pro, we welcome freelancers and entrepreneurs of all sorts ✨

Link in comments to join!!

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Join Our Thriving Community Membership! Connect, Learn, and Grow Together. Discover a world of like-minded individuals who share your passions and interests.

Pssst- you don’t have to be a beauty pro to join us here 🥳 Our growing community is already full of businesses of all sorts ready to welcome and support you!

Swipe to find out how this community can support you! 👉

Photos from The Collective's post 20/09/2023

Be sure to see Part 1! Swipe for more Business Membership benefits!

Visit link in bio and join us TODAY!

Pssst- it doesn’t matter where you work, we support you 🙌🙌🙌🙌

👉Salon owners- get special membership pricing for entire staff! DM for details.

Photos from The Collective's post 20/09/2023

Hey Friend, Unlock Your Beauty Business Potential by joining our Business Membership exclusively designed for beauty pros in all walks of life! Unparalleled support, skyrocket your growth, and connect with a vibrant community that shares your passion! ✂️💄💼

👉 Swipe for ALL the juicy benefits of being a member. Be sure to see part 2! Too many benefits to fit into one post 😂


Let me ask you, are you a perfect fit for The Collective?

* You're a FREEDOM SEEKING beauty pro who is ready to have clients flowing in like magic.
* You're ready to feel excited about building a personal brand so you can build client loyalty to YOU.
* You're ready to set the rules for how you operate your business in a STUNNING downtown location.
* You're ready to finally go ALL in on YOU.

If it’s a HELL YES, fill out application at link in bio! We can’t wait to meet you and celebrate this BIG step with you! 🥳


👉 You got into the beauty industry because you are creative and you want to make an impact in people’s lives?

Successful beauty pros are influencers of style! We keep up with trends and make sure that our clients aren’t getting left behind on current styles..

We encourage our clients to change things up when it’s necessary..

We teach them how to do it at home!

Do you know the number one ingredient to be a successful beauty pro?


Creativity cannot thrive if you are being dictated by anyone or anything else.

Being an independent beauty pro gives you the space to influence your clients without borders!

The Collective exists so you can fully thrive as a an independent beauty pro in a stunning space without major investments!

If you’re interested in:

💪 Learning more about becoming independent
💪 Starting your new career independently
💪 Or are just curious about your options..

Click the link in our bio to fill out an application and get ALL the deets!


Really want to be independent but a little nervous? WE GOT YOU.

Insurance? WE GOT YOU.
Licensing? WE GOT YOU.
Personal Branding? WE GOT YOU.
Taxes? WE GOT YOU.

📦 We’ve got 17 years of success in the beauty industry all packaged up to support you!

You don’t have to become independent alone. There’s a community here to cheer you on 🥂

Photos from The Collective's post 20/09/2023

Just sayin’ 🎤✨


📣 Don't settle for getting lost in someone else’s idea of a salon when you can join the extraordinary ambiance of co-working YOUR WAY. Our cutting-edge co-working space is your canvas for shaping the future of your business!

Claim your spot now and be part of Tupelo’s newest beauty gem! 💎

Opening November 2023.


As a creative (because hello, you’re a beauty pro 💁‍♀️) there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if The Collective VIP Membership is for you..

And, just so there’s clarity, the VIP Membership is the one where you get to utilize our fully functioning salon space.

If you work somewhere:

👉 Do you genuinely enjoy the vibe?
👉 Do you like the pay structure?
👉 Does the brand represent your creativity and style?
👉 Are you supported in actual growth?
👉 Do the working hours suit you?

Other questions:

👉 Do you crave creative freedom?
👉 Do you prefer to be accountable for yourself?
👉 Do you want more independence as a stylist but you’re a little afraid of doing it alone?
👉 Do you dream of opening a salon one day?

Our VIP membership can:

⭐️ Help you develop independence through business support without risking major investments to open a salon
⭐️ You make 100% commission!
⭐️ You get to use whatever products you prefer (even sell them)!
⭐️ This is a great option for a 1-3 year stepping stone to opening your own salon
⭐️Also a great long term option for those who don’t want to own a salon but want freedom as a stylist!
⭐️ Be surrounded by a likeminded community so you don’t lose those “busy salon vibes”

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, visit our link in bio!


PSA- You don’t have to utilize our space (or even live locally!) to be apart of the greatness at The Collective!

If you currently work at a beloved salon, we want you to be apart of our growing community! The goal is to thrive together, independently…

That means: wherever you are on your journey!

How? We offer:

+ Retail options for product junkies and extra income
+ Business Membership for major growth & support
+ Community Membership for BFFL’s and DIYers
+ Free Discord Membership for connection 💕

Click the link in bio to join!


No more:

- Boss bullies
- Toxic co-workers
- Drama
- Anyone controlling you

👉🏻 Perks of working at The Collective:

+ 24 Hour Keyless Entry�+ WiFi�+ YOUR Personal Brand�+ Welcome Kit�+ Feature on Website & Database�+ Fully Functioning Salon Space�+ Business Growth�+ Retail Options
+ Social Media Strategy
+ Online/Offline Marketing

If that sounds like your jam, click the link in bio to apply!


Look around. Go search a random salon, they probably have a “Now Hiring Stylists” post on their fb and ig pages…

Here’s what you have to realize right now as a stylist:

YOU HAVE THE POWER HERE. THEY NEED YOU to fill their chairs..

Let me ask you the real question at hand:

With this power, WHY would you choose to get lost in someone else’s brand?! Why not build YOURSELF as a thriving stylist in this industry?

Do we have your attention yet??

Great.. Because, this is where The Collective can help you!

We help you build your DREAM career as a solopreneur without risk and with community support through different tiered memberships!

YES this even includes a place to operate your business if you want!


Those memberships are limited and we only have 3 spots open right now. So, if you’re interested in a stepping stone to independence or owning your OWN salon one day, click the link in bio and join us at The Collective where you’re supported in your independent business as a stylist!

👋🏻 See you there!


Well, we’re kind of like Indigo and Relic’s but for beauty pros and beauty products 🥳