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Limited to 1500 copies! Beautifully rendered Peach Momoko Virgin Variant for X of Swords Creation by Hickman and Howard


X of Swords Creation by the incomparable Jonathan Hickman. Peach Momoko Variant
Limited to 3000 copies.



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Outstanding first issue from Gerard Way and gang. The tour might be postponed but this will hold all you crash queens and motor babies over!

Photos from The Comic Book Vault's post 17/10/2020

Vampirella courtesy of Peach Momoko


X of Swords is finally here! Variants available at



It looks like Disney Plus is going to have a hit on their hands with this series.

Timeline photos 11/06/2020

What a great design and layout. A haunting story in more ways than one. Ice Cream Man 19 = instant classic


"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none — none more black.”

Timeline photos 23/05/2020

.percy is quietly becoming one of my favorite comic book writers. Great character development focusing on a non-insular group of zombie survivors. Excellent read. Great ex*****on.

Timeline photos 20/05/2020

Limited quantities of this new Jonathan Hickman book are available!! Interior art by Mike Huddleston. Decorum #1 wrap cover by Alan Quah. As beautiful as it is fascinating. Limited edition.

Timeline photos 07/05/2020

But can they stop covid?

Timeline photos 12/09/2019

Visit for Batman-approved comic books. I'm Batman!


The best comic books of tomorrow... today!

Photos from The Comic Book Vault's post 09/08/2018

They look even better when you can see their faces!


They look even better when you can see their faces!


America's First Family is back!!! No, I'm not referring to the Trumps. Gorgeous covers by Artgerm.

Tony Stark Iron Man 07/08/2018

Hey Gang!

We have extremely limited quantities of these first print variant covers remaining. This is the relaunch of Iron Man by Dan Slott, known for his decade-long run on Amazing Spider-Man. He is joined by superstar Italian artist Valerio Schiti, whose artwork bears no resemblance to the pronunciation of his last name!

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