VSTech is specialized on Telecommunication and Engineering services

Relocation of 2 Units of Television 02/11/2019

Transfer/Relocation of 2 units of Television from 5th Floor going to 11th floor. Work includes dismantling of Existing Television, installation of roughing inns, cabling, power tapping, and testing. Also includes installation of 1 unit of access point.

Relocation of 1 Unit Television 02/11/2019

Relocation of 1 Unit of Television. Work includes dismantling of existing television from 5th floor and installation at 11th floor room. Includes also installation of roughing inns, wiring, and testing. Project is for Transcosmos Information System Inc.

Breaker Replacement Project 02/11/2019

Replacement of 2x50A Breaker by 2x70A breaker. Includes replacement of power cable, power tapping and testing. Replacement was done because of the upgrade of the existing UPS. Project client was Transcosmos Information System Inc.


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