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A great big Thank You for everyone who came out to Art Walk, and dropped in to see my artwork at 🥰🖼️🎨🍾
Honored to be the featured artist of the month.


Title: The Depth of the Wind

This painting feels like my back yard. I love walking through the woods, feeling and watching the wind blow through the trees and swirl around the ground, through small plants and flowers. I was sharing this feeling to my Mother and she was so inspired by this painting, she wrote the following poem about it.

By Ethel Perricone

You cannot see it,
You cannot touch it.
Sometimes you can feel it,
even hear it.
When other elements come into play
it gains strength,
and you will know it.

When grey clouds appear
Spring Wind swirls through raindrops;
in winter, snow crystals are blown in your face.

When dark clouds drop down from blustery skies
Wind hides in its spinning cones;
You will hear it, don’t be near it;
Oh, how it moans and groans.

Most often it seems Wind sends soft streams
To cool Sun’s rays on Summer days.
Puffs of fresh air rustle through your hair,
like a kiss of baby’s breath.

As Earth changes color in Autumn
Wind tests its strength once more;
it sends out gusts to tease fallen leaves
and spreads them out on Earth’s floor.

Wind never stops like Rain or Snow,
it moves over Earth
often fast, often slow.

Do Prisms of Color exist in Wind’s Aura?
Just imagine they do.

In the depth of its core Prisms explode,
Wind’s beauty has burst even more!


A Prismatic Existence 22"x28"
Please let me know if any of these titles should be changed! LOL! I wonder what frame of mind I was in when I named some of them ! hahaha
22" x 28"


"Get lost in your art to discover yourself. 🎨


Adjust the paint-to-medium ratio to create a flowing consistency that doesn't break apart. Experimentation is key; you might find unique effects with different consistencies.


Spring Shower
Not sure I like this name, but...
16" x 20"


"Find sophistication in simplicity. ✨


High-quality paints yield vibrant colors but don't fret if you're on a budget—cheaper paints can work well too. Invest in artist-grade acrylic paints for richer colors, but remember, pour art is about experimenting, so don't shy away from trying budget-friendly paints. Find what works best for you.


Plant Life: Up Close and Personal
This was created as a Dutch Pour, then using the Ninja technique (created by Sarah Mack). Then using a skewer, I kept playing and creating additional effects until I was happy with the results.
16" x 20"


"Embrace your inner artist. 🎨


Golden Flowers. This is an acrylic pour and then I used string to pull through the paint to create the flowers.
12" x 12"

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Honored to be featured as the Artist of the Month at the Tulip Tree in Spartanburg. Go give them a visit, and revel in t...