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I’m an online retailer that sells fashion jewelry & accessories and handmade items for all.


Fake page. Please muas pab report. Ua tsuag.


Tomorrow is last day. Comment on the original post. 😊


Guess which flower decor did I use on this ornament: A, B, C, or D. Enter only one letter under this post. ONLY one guess per person. You will be disqualified if you guessed more than once. All correct responses will be entered in the wheel of name drawing for a w1nn3r.


✔️ Must like & follow my page.
✔️ ❤️ or 👍 this post.
✔️ Share this post public on your profile page and tag 2 friends. (Don’t tag in the comment.)
✔️ Must be able to screen shot your like & follow from your profile page and message me upon request.

🏆 Is this ornament.
Only for 🇺🇸 participants.
Fr33🚢 in 🇺🇸 (and those with military address).

❌ Beware of sc8mm3rs.

❌Ends Saturday, 11/18.❌



Guess which flower decor did I use on this ornament: A, B, C, or D. Enter only one letter under this post. ONLY one guess per person. You will be disqualified if you guessed more than once. All correct responses will be entered in the wheel of name drawing for a w1nn3r.


✔️ Must like & follow my page.
✔️ ❤️ or 👍 this post.
✔️ Share this post public on your profile page and tag 2 friends. (Don’t tag in the comment.)
✔️ Must be able to screen shot your like & follow from your profile page and message me upon request.

🏆 Is this ornament.
Only for 🇺🇸 participants.
Fr33🚢 in 🇺🇸 (and those with military address).

❌ Beware of sc8mm3rs.

❌Ends Saturday, 11/18.❌


Made these 2023 charms to go with ornaments. Anyone interested? It could be available at a small additional cost when you purchase your ornaments. I’m loving mines…I’ll just keep them hanging on. 😆

Photos from Lovely KT Shoppe's post 08/11/2023

Christmas Present Box Ornaments 🎄🎁

Handmade ornaments made by me. May not be 💯 percent perfect. Please read my policy and understand before claiming/purchasing. These ornaments are 3”.

💝 FREE gift with purchase.
- Buy up to 2, get a free button magnet
- Buy 3 or more, get a free Scrunchy key fob/key chain

💝 Mimic fabric ornaments Nine Dollars each
💝Vintage fabric ten dollars each

💝Claim by code under each picture post. Please do not delete if you change your mind. Kindly reply under your comment:“Cancel”.

💝 Message me once you claimed and let me know which state I will be shipping to. Please send payment within 24 hours once invoice is sent.

💝 Pay your own shipping. Ship in USA only via USPS.

💝 Sales tax collected for any California orders.


- Prize photo on the first comment.

Yesterday my little one drew this as part of her homework. I thought it would be cute to kick-off my anniversary games. 🥰 Guess what she drew?
✔️Follow all the game rules on my previous post or you NO qualify. (Go read if you haven’t.)
✔️ Must share this post on your profile page in public mode.
✔️Only one guess per person. Do not change your answer coz I can see on my end.
✔️ First person to guess correctly and has followed all the rules wins the game. Must be able to screen shot your “like & follow” from your profile page and message me upon request.


I will be starting my Anniversary games soon!

GAME RULES to follow to be eligible:

1. Must like & follow my page.
2. ❤️ or 👍 the game post.
3. Share the game post on your profile page in public mode (some games may have you tag one or more friends).
4. Follow game post instructions.

❌ Keep in mind of scammers.

💝 My games are not sponsored by anyone but my own business.
💝For USA residents only. US militaries are ok as long as you have a US military address.

Photos from Lovely KT Shoppe's post 07/11/2023

Christmas present box ornaments. 🎄🎁 Will post these later for grabs. All done and ready to go home to it’s owners. I still need to take photos of them. 😂


Congratulations Priscilla Vang-Vue! Automatic winner as she was the only one who purchased my ornaments during my promotion and giveaway period. ❤️💚❤️💚


3” cube present box ornaments are finally done! They’re so pretty! I’ll need to post them up soon!


I can’t believe I made it 3 years! Stay tuned! ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you to my customer who shared her photo with me. Love that it can be display all year round. ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Lovely KT Shoppe's post 30/10/2023

Last call for deals! Tomorrow, Oct 31st is the last day to purchase with deals and entry to win a cubic ornament/present box ornament. If you miss it, then sorry…not so sorry. 😁 But you can still purchase them afterwards.


My first booth at my kids’ school trunk-or-treat this past Friday night. Last minute impromptu so didn’t get to prep much. But this was a great experience for my Christmas craft fair coming up in December; in which, I will be prepping for. My little Lady bug helper in the back just chillin’. 😝


Another set going to home to it’s owner. Thanks so much! ❤️❤️❤️ Time to make cube ornaments! 😂
Oh, if I haven’t mentioned, free magnet and hair Scrunchy with your order. 🥰


Just finished these as I’m wondering what ornament to gift for my prize for those who preordered my round fabric ornaments. Well, here it is. Customers who preorder ornaments from me by October 31st will get drawn for a chance to win one of these. Winner can pick green or pink. Just 2 more weeks until my deal ends. See link for my post listing.


Halloween is right around the corner. I have some Halloween earrings in my Etsy shop:


Ornaments are up in my Etsy shop. (5% discount starting Oct 1-31 on my Etsy only.) You can visit at the link below to make your purchase. You will still be able to entered for a chance to win one of my ornaments rather you make your purchase with me on facebook or Etsy.


Preorder your Christmas ornaments now. Promotion deal and enter drawing to win one of my exclusive handmade ornament. See link to take you to my preorder post with the info.

LovelyKTShoppe - Etsy 15/09/2023

Will be posting halloween earrings soon. Check them out here!

LovelyKTShoppe - Etsy Shop Jewelry & accessories for kids and adults. by LovelyKTShoppe located in California, United States.


Ornaments for your Christmas tree or decor for your home.

Photos from Lovely KT Shoppe's post 14/09/2023

🎄2023 Christmas Ornament Preorder🎄

🎄Start your Christmas Ornaments shopping early! 😉
🎄All ornaments are posted below.
🎄🏷️ Twenty-5 💲each

🎄Promotion Discount for early Preorder:
🎁Buy up to 4 ornaments get $1 off each ornament
🎁Buy 5 or more ornaments get $2 off each ornament
🚢 Free ship with $100+ purchase, otherwise PYOS
🚢 Ship within the USA 🇺🇸 only

🎄END DATE for the promotion: Oct 31, 2023

🎁Every purchase gets a free gift per customer & a name entry to win one of my “exclusive” fabric ornaments. Drawing will be held after Oct 31st.
🎁 Message me with code(s) to preorder and/or if you have any questions.

🎄These ornaments are handmade by me at time of purchase and can take 1-3 weeks depending on my orders to make.
🎄 Keep in mind these ornaments are handmade so may not be 💯% perfect.
🎄 Some ornaments are made with mimic floral li loos fabrics. But they are still beautiful.

🎄Sales tax are collected for all California orders. Please read my policy if you aren’t familiar with my policy yet.

💝 Please share to any of your family or friends who you think may want any Hmong inspired ornaments. Big thanks! 🥰


Not the greatest photo but this will do for now. 🎃 Preparing for Halloween as well. 😜


Today is Patriot Day at my kids’ school and this girl of mine went all out. She even made these earrings to go with her outfit she picked out. At first, I made them into clip-ons for her because I didn’t want to take her huggie hoops out and was just going to clip them on the side. But I was afraid she would lose them and cry over it. So, stud posts they are! 🥰 And she requested ”space buns” hairdo. 😂
Maybe, I’ll make some if these and put them in my Etsy shop. 😆

Photos from Lovely KT Shoppe's post 06/09/2023

OMG! These are taking so long…😫😂 Almost done with these ornaments. Waiting for more ribbons to deliver, hopefully, tomorrow. Are you lovelies excited about my 2023 ornaments!?😜


I’m barely finishing up my Christmas ornaments and here I am starting on a new 2023 Halloween earrings. 😂 Itchy fingers want in on new things. 😝 More Halloween earrings to showcase later, along with prices.


Thank you to all the Lovelies who participated in my G1veaw8y. Winner has claimed. My 3 year Shoppe anniversary is coming up so I’m planning to do more Fr33-bies/g1v3away. Stay tuned!❤️


Working on ornaments. Yes! It’s that time if the year already! 😂 Watch out for my 2023 Christmas ornaments! 🎄🎁


Hi Lovelies! Sorry, took me awhile to do my summer giveaway drawing. Video is posted. Winner, please message me w/in 48 hrs & provide a screenshot of showing the liked/followed button as indicated when you click onto my page. I couldn’t locate you from my end and I know some people have their profile set as private. (See photo as an example.) But I did see that you shared and tagged onto your profile. Thanks for sharing and participating! 🥰


Hi! Here are the names of the Lovely ladies who participated with my glass cup g1veaw8y. If I miss anyone, please comment below and I will check. I will do the drawing by the end of this week. Once I draw your name, I will check if you did all the requirements and ask for screen shot of the your like/follow button, as I know some are private and does not show up when I go into check on my end.
Judee Thoj
Sheng Yang
ÅíNíƴ Şíabdawbhųv
May Lee
Lee K Ashley
Der Xiong
Paj Tshiab Yaj
Stephy Stephy
Jenney Vue
Samantha Khang Lee
Crystal Xiong
Kelly Mai Lee
Dej Nag
Kia Xiong
Stacey Xiong
Adnilem Ahc
KaoChue NkaujRwm Lo
Shua Yang
Go XiaZoo
Tha Vue
Boon Thoj Yaj
Txiab Xyooj
Paj Ntaub Lai Lee
May Tooj
Kao Nou Thao
Pahoua Lor
Kristie Xiong
Ia Kee

Photos from Lovely KT Shoppe's post 03/08/2023

Hmong Princess Color Changeable Glass Cups —READY TO BE CLAIMED 🌈 Twenty-1 D0ll8rs each

🌈Color changeable vinyl glass cups are so pretty. Design changes color with cold liquids. Rainbow and black vinyl designs will not change colors. Cup size 16 oz, comes with a glass straw. Claim by code. Can take preorder as well.
🌈Comment “take + code” below each photo post and message me right away your claim(s). If you decide to cancel, please reply to your comment “cancel”, this way I can keep track.
🌈Personalize each cup with your name or a phrase. One name per cup included. Additional charge for more than one word. Turn around time is 2-5 days before I ship.
🌈See example photo where your name will go.
🌈Checkout video posted below to see the colors changing on these cups.

🌈These are handmade; so will not be 💯 perfect. If you’re picky, please don’t claim. Pr1ce: Twenty-1 doulas

🌈Shipping in US ONLY starting at 6 D0ll8rs, ship USPS Ground Advantage or Priority if more than 1 lb.

🌈Sales tax apply to all California orders.

🌈Policy pinned on my page applies.


Hmong Princess color changeable glass cups done! Only a few finished, but not quite completely done until you personalize your name onto it. I’ll post up for grabs tomorrow or Friday. Just finished making them and it’s getting late already so lighting is bad for photos. Stay tuned if you want your hands on them. 🥰
(Don’t mind my messy work table. 😂)


Hi Lovelies! Here’s a few new designs for my color changeable glass cups. I’ll post up a video soon…tomorrow, if I remember. 😂 Personalized your name or whatever phrase you like. Limited quantities so grab yours when I post them up!
💕Also, if you haven’t yet, enter my give8w8y below. ⬇️👇



Summer is coming to an end, and I would love for someone to w1n one of my cups. Dr8wing for Fr33 color changing vinyl glass cup with straw, plus a few of my (original) floral li loos fabric button magnets. One w1nn3r. Must do ALL the followings to be entered for n8me dr8w1ng.

1. Like/heart this post.
2. Share this post on public and tag a friend (or more) on your profile.
3. Follow and like my page.
4. Enter your Facebook name under this post.

☀️End date to enter is Aug 18 at 11:59pm PST.
🥤☀️Must be 18+ years old and reside in the US.
☀️Will announce on a post when I’ll do the dr8wing.

❌ I will check for all the above once w1nn3r is announced. ❌

❌ Please be alert for scammers during g1v3aways. I will never ask for you to sign up on any websites nor ask for personal information.


Ok, Lovelies. I was supposed to do a g1v3away as I mentioned not long ago…OK, maybe a few weeks ago. 🤣 Let me think what to type first and I promised to post up tomorrow. Stay tuned! HAPPY MONDAY!!


Guess what these are? No prize for guessing correct but I can’t wait to use them. Product to be shown soon. I know, I’m up late. But my mind wants to create. 😜😝


Hey lovelies! Still working on your glass cups. The wilderness had thrown me off, plus crazy kid’s events this weekend that involved parenting. First thing today before jumping into my craft work, I needed to shred some documents. Dang! This paper shredder is antique! I think I got this when I was in college. Y’all don’t want to know how long ago that was. Let’s just say…too many moons ago. 😂 Anyways, happy Monday! Getting back to my craft work. Thanks to those who messaged me. Still have plenty glass cups to make. Message me if you’re interested. 🥰


Hello lovelies! Made it out of the wilderness but made a stop to rest. Finally, got internet service. 😂


Hi lovelies. Thanks to those who purchased my color changeable glass cups. Heading to the wilderness, will be back in a few days. May not have service to reply. 🥰

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