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"The We-Vibe Bloom offers a sleek and fun way to get in your daily Kegel exercises. The 10 vibration patterns can be changed with the touch of a button OR with the We-Vibe app for a unique hands free experience that lets you ride the waves of pleasure with the swipe of a finger!" - Kiki


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Needed to change the batteries in my flashlight, turned out to be something else...


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Maybe Le Wand Petit is the toy you've been looking for!

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The Best S*x Toy According to Your Star Sign - Well Defined 2023 19/06/2023

The Best S*x Toy According to Your Star Sign - Well Defined 2023 Boost your s*xual wellness with s*x toys to match your zodiac sign


"Considering I recently purchased a Satisfyer for my daughter, I was blown away at how incredible the Satisfyer Pro 3 + was compared to the original. Although the packaging left a bit to be desired, the toy itself was pretty amazing. The material was silky smooth, the shape was unique and the black and rose gold accents made it look as s*xy as it operated! As far as overall function goes, wowza! I couldn’t walk right for an hour post-O."
- Edwina
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"I would say there are multiple special features about this magic wand vi****or. First of all, the unique weighted motor passes the test for me. I enjoyed the feel of it and the gentle rumbles it provided on the lower settings. Second, the flexible spring in the neck makes it really easy and comfortable to place the head of the wand to your liking. Flexibility is always a plus in my book!"
- Cassie
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Some toys just disappoint:
"To be totally honest, when I used the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Massage Wand Vi****or for the first time solo, I wasn’t very impressed. I feel like it got the job done, but there wasn’t anything special about it. The vibration is a high-intensity buzz, as opposed to a rumbling vibration, which I tend to prefer."
- Ella Dorval Hall
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"Even after better understanding (but never mastering) how the navigation buttons work, I didn’t find this vi****or pleasurable on my c**toris or v***a when utilizing the tongues."
The Fun Factory Volta Received 3.5 stars out of 5 by Erica Caparelli.
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"The first time I put the Fun Factory Tiger G5 to use, I was sold after 10 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, here he is. The true king of the jungle. The Tiger G5 has an incredible range of stimulation. From providing small and gentle rumbles like a purring kitty to a viscious beast sending mindblowingly powerful vibrations throughout your body. I started without any vibrations to focus on the sensation of the textured shaft."
- Cassie
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"I’ve tried out a few c**toral suction stimulators in my time, including the original Satisfyer Pro 2 and the We-Vibe Melt, but I’ve never really understood the hype. For me, they’re often overwhelming and way too direct. However, with all the new things that this new generation of the Pro 2 offers, I actually got excited! Would this be the c**t sucker that finally made me love c**t suckers?? "


"Honestly, my first impression of the toy itself was, “(👀) She is THICK”. The Big Boss had a little more girth than I anticipated and made me a little nervous at first. However, I was put at ease when I first handled it and realized how flexible and comfortable the toy was."
⭐Review by Jess
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"To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that a male vi****or could bring so much fun to our bedroom! When I first opened the box, the Gush looked like a simple sleeve ma*******or, but clearly, I was wrong. This toy is so versatile that even after a while of using it, I still feel like there are more ways that we can explore it. We first used it for hand stroking, which was fun and exciting!"
- Kasia
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"I was intrigued by its design and had high hopes that it would provide me with a sensation I had never experienced before. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I quickly found that the tail didn’t work with my body and felt uncomfortable. The Wavemotion technology wasn’t as strong as I would like, and the shape and fit of the tail was awkward."
- An honest 4.2 star review by Robin of the LELO Ida Wave
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"The Doxy Die Cast is the ultimate bedroom power tool. Here to send you to another realm with it's insanely intense but incredibly pleasurable vibrations! This corded vi****or has a a sleek aluminium-titanium alloy body and smooth silicone head with added weights for the rumbliest vibrations. This weighty wand is corded and can reach up to 9000 rpm on the highest setting."
- Isabelle on the Doxy Die Cast Magic Wand Vi****or
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"This is a beautiful, versatile, luxury g-**ot vi****or. However, I felt that it was just too expensive for the experience I had. I have high expectations of Lelo products and the brand! Had the Mona 2 lived up to these expectations, I think this price would fit and I'd tell everyone I know to get this product immediately. "
- Katie Elizabeth Sharing her honest 3-star rated LELO Mona 2 Review
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"Lelo's brand spanking new c**toral stimulator does away with traditional vibrations and replaces them with the Dot. This sleek, sultry stimulator has a soft flexible tip that traces around your c**toris in an elliptical pattern for oh so pleasurable pinpoint stimulation without the numbness. This is meant to make it easier to achieve those magical multiple or***ms! It has 8 settings to play with and it's fully waterproof for some fun in the tub!"
- Isabelle
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"The MysteryVibe Crescendo vi****or is a fully bendable silicone toy made to mimic the curves and bends of the fingers, and features two raised wings for c**toral stimulation. With 6 motors and 16 different vibration combination AND an app that allows you to customize your own patterns, the Crescendo is truly one of the most personalized vi*****rs on the market."
- Mariah
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Happy searching!


"On first impression, the Soraya 2 looks completely gorgeous. The teal, the gold, the sleek black packaging – I knew I was in for a treat. I knew beforehand that I really love g-**ot stimulation and can or**sm from it alone (sometimes), but combining g-**ot vibrations with c**toral vibrations really took it to a whole new level. After giving it a whirl or two, my worries about whether it would fit my body were proved unfounded."
- Rachel
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"Let's shine some light on a shortie! Fun Factory's Miss Bi is a vi****or that shows you size doesn't always matter. This toy has girth where it counts and gives an all-new experience to the classic rabbit-style vibe. Miss Bi is easy to use with a beautiful, sleek look, and is an all-around great toy to add to your collection."
- Vern
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Not all products reviews on get good reviews:
"As much I wanted to love the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, I have to admit that I never got it to work for me. No matter how much I tried to use it in different ways and in different positions and angles, this vi****or just couldn’t provide me with enough stimulation to bring me to or**sm (or even remotely close!).
- Cassie


"was surprised by both the power and rumbliness of the Lovense Exomoon. On the lowest settings (accessible in the app) the Exomoon provides a gentle rumble that would suit even the most sensitive c**ts and on the highest, it can easily please the power kings and queens out there — a real crowd pleaser! Even on the higher levels, it doesn’t become buzzy."
- Isabelle
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Do you also want to increase your libido?I promise you you're not the only one. Listen here to get the best ways.
Are you also in need of a new therapist... I mean clit sucker? Check out our round up review "11 Best Clit Suction toys ...
Needed to change the batteries in my flashlight, turned out to be something else...
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