Going Beyond

Going Beyond

Empowers individuals requiring change in their lives through Access Consciousness & Yuen Energetics.


Friends I will be closing down this page. Please check out Access Consciousness iftou require a facilitator. It’s been a slice. WEIP?


So what’s it going to take to let the past rest and move forward the way the ancestors predicted? Is now the time? We have knowledge so what’s it going to take to utilize it to achieve all we desire?

Just a little food for thought.


Sorry people haven’t been in the loop for awhile. I’m back. HDIGABTT? Looking at many new possibilities? WEIP?


What's it going to take to get this off the ground and support me?


I wonder what it's going to take to change our First Nation perspectives? Is now the time?


So now that I'm here what truly is possible?


Cindy Halcrow, Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. Are you willing to go beyond and have all your dreams come true?

Timeline photos 26/01/2017