Zuma Snow

Zuma Snow


Tonight's plan is to stream! Warning Expecting Thunderstorms in Area. So if you lose me, I'll try to get back on!
Hey everyone. No stream tonight. Not feeling the best today so just gunna take the night off to get some extra sleep. But don't worry I will be back :) in the meantime be sure to check out our friend Zuma Snow ☺️

Hi, I'm Zuma! I am a guy who enjoys gaming for fun with a slight competitive side. I play CoD but al


After an annoyingly long time. I officially have my PC back up and running. Hoping I can get back to streaming soon. Working on getting OBS back and set up! Here is some fan art from Naraka Bladepoint.

If you didn't already know, they made this game now free-to-play. I definitely recommend working through the tutorials before jumping in to get a hang of the game mechanics!


Enjoy a cute kitty picture as an apology for me being MIA as of late. A lot of working wheels and demands on my time have taken me away from streaming. I hope to get back into it over the next month. Please bare with me right now. I will be back!


I'm sorry for not being around much lately. Last week got thrown into adulting responsibility which is taking up my free time. Looks like the month of MAY will be when I'm back.


Transparency: still catching up after vacation. Some major college assignments due. No planned streams till second week of April!

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Here is two cute kitty Pics to make up for missed stream tonight. I had an appointment at 7pm and the person ran late so it encroached and went over into stream time. Apologies. you may get a pop up stream later this week/weekend.


Evening everyone, Stream will happen Wednesday this week! Taking tonight off from stream to handle some things before my vacation on the 16th. Next week will be super busy and I'm not trying to be that person who doesn't have something they need on vacation.

I'll be in Dallas, TX from the 16th to the 20th this month!


I will be back streaming Wednesday night! Once my schedule changes for Mondays in March I will be back streaming Mondays here on Facebook!


On the purple site tonight streaming! Playing some fortnite! And thought to share one of my favorite deviant art pieces I have saved and used as an icon.


This week there will most likely not be any streams. I'm working late shifts all week. I shall try to stream if I feel up to it in the mornings, but otherwise no streams.


Getting in a short stream before work! Naraka BladePoint w/ Zuma Snow


Tasty Tuesday games w/ Zuma Snow on Fortnite!


Naraka BladePoint w/ Zuma Snow! Thank Geebus it's FRIYAY!


Quick stream before work!


It's just another Manic Monday w/ Zuma Snow!


Facebook you pulled one of my streams for copyright infringement for music from the Worldcup, yet in all the segments where you claim there to be music from the Worldcup, it's me and my fellow gamer chatting......I'm a baby streamer seriously....give me my video back!


So rest of today's stream will be postponed till potentially tomorrow. Currently waiting to hear back from doctor. Experiencing some concerning symptoms from the procedure I had Monday that are on that list of call the doctor or go to the ER. Called the doctor...just waiting to hear back


Thought it would be great to share this with everyone in case you didn’t know these were changes to Fortnite with this new season!



This week has been a crazy busy. It’s finals time and I had the first part of my final procedure done. Stream is possible for this weekend. Over break you will see me stream more!

Twitch 15/11/2022

Go have fun on jackbox with my friend Xan! Streaming on the purple site twitch.tv/xanaxotter

Twitch Twitch is an interactive livestreaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. There’s something for everyone on Twitch.


It’s been a mental health break this week. Brand new vehicle was hit while parked outside my home. And just over all stressful week. Be back next week!


Hey everyone this week is an off week for streams. I will try to get some streams in, but working on putting new desk up!


No stream tonight. Changes to the setup are coming and I need to prep for that.


Games with Friends!~


Got sucked into one of my favorite shows. And if anyone knows. A good show means you binge several episodes!


Stream is TBD for today, but will be streaming Saturday early in the day going forward and every other Friday going forward.


Let's MAKE-up! Streaming today for the missed Monday stream!


Hey guys. Working on an assignment that’s due tomorrow for one of my classes. So no stream tonight. As I stated before I will be looking at my schedule and working out a solution that works best for me and my current situation outside streaming and content creation. Please bare with me.

Cute picture of my brothers dog as consolation for missed stream.


Due to work schedule and demands from school work. I need to reassess my streaming schedule. Stream tonight is TBD.


Will be back to normal stream schedule next week!!!


Stream possible tomorrow night. Ear infection is clearing. Will keep updated


No streams this weekend due to ear infection & vertigo. I attempted early this week but found it hard to focus. We will see what happens next week.

Here's a cute red panda picture as an apology!


Switch Gears! Deaths = shots


Making UP is HARD! So are BOTS on HARD mode!


Monday Streams will now be starting later than usual. Due to new job, stream schedule will be Monday 8:30pm to 10/10:30pm


I've got to unfortunately cancel tonight's stream. I will do my best to make up the stream before the end of the week!


Playing fall guys with my friend Xan

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I loved making this. Apologies for the lack of stream tonight. I am exhausted from errands in the heat for camping. Leaving tomorrow afternoon and won't be back till Sunday!

Zuma Snow updated their website address.


Random stream. Partially making up hours lost from yesterday! Remember no streams from Thursday to Sunday!


Running later than Usual. Tonight's stream will start at 10pm EST time.

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