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Makers of fine bourbon barrel goods. Handcrafted in Savannah, GA. We hope you enjoy them.

We are Matt & Chrissy Rippetoe, owners of Smoke & Spirits, proud Kentucky residents and lovers of all things bourbon! After making our own bourbon barrel groomsman gifts for our wedding, we fell in love with the process of working with that sweetly bourbon-scented wood. Our goal is to bring you extremely high quality products and preserve the rustic charm of the wood. Hours of workmanship go into


“Why would anyone want a barrel piece with all that STUFF on it?” A passerby shook her head and walked away from our booth, full of handpainted whiskey barrels heads. It was our first show. Feedback like that might discourage a young maker.…or it might light a fire. I’ve given many silent thanks to that passerby thru the years for sparking the match. After nine years in business, a few hundred markets and many thousands of customers….THANK YOU for buying our bourbon barrel pieces with all that “stuff” on it 😉🥃✨


We found Santa! 🎅✨ Come shop the Mistletoe Market right off the St. Simons Island pier, give Santa your wish list, buy some gifts and get them wrapped for free! Shop today (Saturday) until 5 and Sunday 10-4! 🎄🛍️✨
Glynn Visual Arts
Glynn Visual Arts


Two great days and two great markets! Thanks , , and for putting on some holiday fun! If you missed seeing us…no you didn’t! Come out to November 18th in downtown Brunswick, or Mistletoe Market Dec 2-3 in St. Simon’s 🎅🎄🎁


Makers…Just a little something to remember going into the Christmas season 🎄✨

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A brand new item coming to our market this weekend! It’s the perfect addition to your home bar, and it will make the PERFECT gift! Can you guess what it’ll be from the second photo? Check us out at Markets for Makers at Toon Town in downtown Jax, November 4-5!💃🏻✨🍾


Catch me serving up Art Deco vibes all day 💁🏻‍♀️💎✨ then come grab yours at


Hey there, friends! It's been a minute since we caught up here at Smoke & Spirits. I'm Chrissy, and this cutie beside me is my husband, Matt 😍 I'm a Florida girl who moved to Kentucky, completely falling for the craft and skill surrounding the incredible world of bourbon, and Matt is a Kentucky native through and through.

Our Smoke & Spirits journey kicked off in 2015 when we were on the hunt for special gifts for our wedding party. We couldn't find anything quite right, so we got creative and made our own from recycled bourbon barrels. People loved what we created, and requests started pouring in…so we decided to take the plunge and expand. Since then, we’ve moved to Savannah and couldn’t leave our love of bourbon behind. Turns out y’all love it here, too! I share a great studio in the Starland District with and , called .outpost!

There's something magical about giving old barrels a new lease on life. Uncovering the unique stories, celebrating the diversity in each piece of wood, and finding creative ways to share the beauty. Thanks for sticking with us as we share our passion with all of you…and maybe a toast or two 😉🥃 Cheers!



Hey, trendsetters! Elevate your style game with our modern earrings, hand crafted from recycled bourbon barrel beads, modern brass, and mesmerizing deep blue acrylic. Message for your pair now ✨


She sells sea shells by the sea shore 🌊

I know I’m huggie obsessed, ok? 😝 It’s easy to style these little laser cut art deco style sea shells, handmade from recycled bourbon barrel wood and 14k gold hoops.


Want to get into the season for Halloween, but you’re also scared of the spooky stuff? (I’m the problem, it’s me) That’s why I drew up these adooooorable jumping spiders to add to my huggie line. I just want to snuggle their cute little faces!! 😍 Come snag a pair at Starland First Friday, October 6th from 5-9pm. Made from recycled bourbon barrels with 14k gold huggie hoops.


Stay fashionably spooky with these Halloween Huggies! The rad skellies and ghosts are spooktacularly fun, and I really can’t pick a favorite 💀👻 Handmade from 14k gold and sturdy bourbon barrel wood. Available at Alchemy Outpost in the Starland District, or on the website! Happy Haunting!

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Fall layering…it’s not just for clothes. Three color ways, all perfect for fall OOTDs in these layered bourbon barrel earrings. DM to snag a pair ✨


The allure of these pavé crystal evil eye earrings shines bright, made with acrylic and bourbon barrel wood. The evil eye is a symbol of protection, adding mystique and meaning to your style! DM to claim ✨


Hello .outpost! This has been in the works for a while, and I’m excited to now be sharing a makerspace/studio/retail shop in the middle of Starland. Come see us on our next on September 1st from 5-9pm! 104 East 40th Street ✌️😄


Make a splash this summer with our bourbon barrel earrings! 🏄‍♀️🌞🌴

These beauties are the perfect accessory for all your summer shenanigans – whether you're hitting up a or sipping cocktails at a seaside soirée.

A toast to sustainability, these earrings not only showcase your unique style but also reflect our brand's commitment to eco-friendly fashion. 🌳🌍♻️


Any upcoming shows we should add to our schedule? Let us know! Thanks Bluffton and the for a wonderful Mayfest on Saturday! We had a great time meeting new customers and catching up with old ones 🥃


Don’t forget boutiques and shops can purchase our products at wholesale prices 🤑🙌🥃 Visit my Faire website to browse the selections! 🔗 🔗


Catch all the light with these beautiful Zodiac Earrings 🤩 Made from recycled bourbon barrels and iridescent acrylic, with more colors coming soon. If you’re not a Ta**us, don’t worry, I have your sign! They’re up on our website, blink is in the blio…if you get my drift 😜

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Did I say yesterday was my last drop for St. Patrick’s Day? 🤭🍀 Well…surprise! We’ve got one more. Take it up a notch with my new collection. Our “Top Shelf” line features 14 karat gold filled findings, 18 karat gold plated charms, cubic zirconias, and of course bourbon barrel beads. The snakes and fan earrings feature green cubic zirconias. $32 per pair and free shipping…DM me to purchase!⚡️🥃 🙌

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The final drop for St. Patrick’s Day is here! We have the gorgeous green fabric inlay acrylic, along with silver and pink (in case you need some fun contrasting colors to your outfit on Saint Paddy’s Day) and another addition I’m in love with…black holographic material 😍😍😍 Obsessed is putting it mildly. Each pair is $20 with free shipping. DM me to purchase!

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Get your green on! Drop A of St. Patrick’s Day earrings are here! Drop B will be coming tomorrow morning. DM to purchase! $20 each with free shipping 😍🍀🍻


There’s a drop coming tomorrow! Check my page tomorrow morning and get your green on for St. Pat’s! 🍀🍻💚


Our sale is live! Head over to our stories to shop and DM to purchase. Happy shopping!


Whiskey versus bourbon…what’s the difference? Not all whiskeys can be classified as a bourbon, but every bourbon is a whiskey. Many people believe that bourbon must be distilled in Kentucky, but that’s not the case. Great bourbons are distilled all over the USA. To be classified as a bourbon, the whiskey must be at least 51% corn, distilled in the United States, and aged in brand new American white oak barrels with a charred interior. Bourbon must also be bottled while at least 80 proof and may also not be infused with any other flavors or additives. Whiskeys can break a few of those rules and be fine. The true flavor variations of bourbon comes from experimenting with char levels, temperatures while aging, variations of grain recipes, and more. One bourbon even sends their bottles to sea as they age! Making bourbon itself is a true form of art. Cheers! 🥃✨


✨ANNOUNCEMENT✨ Our sale is starting Wednesday at noon! Head over to our Insta or FB stories for your last chance for pre-inflation pricing on new babies along with free shipping! See you there! 💃🏻✨🎉🍾


Looking forward to that weekend like ✨😍✨


It’s time for another fun fact about bourbon! Just as the angels get their share of bourbon, the devil demands his cut too. There’s something in the distilling industry that we call Devil’s Cut. What does it mean, and why do we call it that? Let’s explain. Once the bourbon has been aging for a few years in the rickhouse and reaches its maturation point, the white oak barrels are emptied. A small portion of bourbon remains behind, trapped inside the wood grains of the porous oak barrel. This is called the Devil’s Cut. That liquid can be extracted from the barrel using water and heat, and it’s left with a deep, rich flavor created by its interaction with the American white oak. Sounds like a winner to us! 🥃


What’s that? One of my favorite markets is coming up, with over 40 artisans offering handmade goods for Christmas gifts (and let’s be honest, gifts for ourselves) in one of America’s prettiest places? I’ll clink to that! 🥃


To the men & women who’ve had our back for so many years…thank you 🇺🇸


We talk a whole lot about bourbon here at Smoke & Spirits, but we honestly haven’t given a whole lot of insight into the trade for those of you unfamiliar with it. So we’re going to occasionally share some fun facts that will deepen your understanding of the bourbon industry. Our first fact is about the Angel’s Share. The bourbon is aged in porous wooden barrels, and over time, a small percentage (anywhere from 2-5% a year) evaporates. The term dates back to the Middle Ages, and medieval Scotch and Irish distillers believed that the evaporating liquor was heading to the heavens as an offering to the angels, and that’s how it became known as the “angel’s share.” The evaporation process is a necessary part of aging, removing impurities, and it leaves us with a much smoother final product. 🥃

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