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My girl loves mental arithmetic 💗 it helps her not only in mathematics, but most importantly, training her up in perseverance, ability to focus and responsibility. They are not allowed to use eraser, as they need to learn to accept mistakes. The teachers in Shenmo Education are patient and loving.

She can know calculates faster than me! 😜


Mid Autumn Festival was on 21st September 2021. Made this in conjunction with a small online celebration organized by my psychology teacher. I named this as "lotus pond under the moonlight". How I wish I can spend this festival with my family members. Pray that Pandemic will be under control soon and everyone can meet their families.


Has been a fan of Chinese tea since my 20's. Not only enjoying the aroma and taste of the tea, I enjoy more on the process of making a cup of tea, from setting up the table, cleaning the utensils and cups, rinsing the tea leaves to the final cup of tea. It is a calming and cleansing process too, to the mind and soul.


This was one of the weekend activities, my girl drew this, and colour it. Mummy redo the colouring as her background has covered the other features she drew.... Then my sister touched up the whale, the pink fish, added the coral and star fish. Masterpiece by 3 ladies.


Mummy and daughter did this together. It is fun, and a good opportunity to teach her how to recycle, and be creative when doing crafts. So in this, you will see baking paper, wires, beads and balloon sticks!

Photos from How do I Live's post 19/11/2020

I got this 30 days healthy porridge package from Ren Yi Tang in Pelangi Plaza. It has really save my time for cooking lunch and I don't have to crack my head to figure out what to cook. It it healthy and delicious. It is vegetarian but you can add some meat to make it even more flavourful. Highly recommended.

Photos from How do I Live's post 15/11/2020

My green pea and basil seeds sprouted!


Has been working on my little green corner fpr the last 3 weeks. Seeing this makes me happy and contented. This is the corner that I can rest my mind to enjoy a little bit of nature.


Always like greens and wish to have a little garden of my own. Looking up online to see what else I can have. This is how the balcony looks now. Will give it a new look in a few weeks time.


New dish learned during CMCO. Easy but time consuming.


A mini project for the girl. This is the second water bottle sling bag made of crochet. I am not an expert in crochet and this is made from combination of very basic stitch. Next project iin progress.


This is one way to make sure the plants won't wither even if you forgot to water!


Ever since MCO started, I believe everyone's lives changed. It takes time to adapt to the new norm and new living style and routine. During this time, I explored quite a number of new things (thanks to online shopping) and tried a few new recipes. I will try to start posting again slowly, just for fun and something for myself.

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In kindergartens, we often see kids with many different behaviours, some are very dominant, some are a little violent, some are too timid. This might be due to the development was interrupted during their growing process. Find out about how rhythmic play can help the kids, even adults to develop was is lacking.


As working mums, sometimes we are just in a rush of time for almost everything, and most of the time, we are giving up the chance to cook ourselves and eat out. So whenever I face this situation, I will resort to the baked potatoes. This is the easiest and yet nutritious recipe I have. Preparation time is about 15 minutes and it will be ready in 30 minutes after baking. Simply cut the ingredients, add salt, mixed herbs and olive oil to mix. Place them on baking tray and send it into oven, bake at 180 degrees C for 25 to 30 minutes. To add on to the nutrition, microgreens will be a good choice! My girl loves it.

Flat feet: Symptoms, exercises, diagnosis, and treatment 04/10/2019

My mom has been complaining about knee pain, lower back pain and shoulder pain since many years back. I brought her for a check and x-ray, found that she has scoliosis, which is the S-shaped backbone. Further check indicates that the flat foot is contributing to these. To relief this, an insole will be needed to help giving the arch to the feet. You can read more about flat feet in the below article.

If you have children, watch out for them when they turn 5 or 6. It is normal for kids below 4 to have flat feet, once they are above the age of 5 and still have flat feet, means they are having flat feet.

Flat feet: Symptoms, exercises, diagnosis, and treatment People with flat feet or fallen arches either have no arch or a very low arch under their foot. Flat feet tend to cause people to walk awkwardly, which can cause pain in the foot and other parts of the body. This article explores the causes, treatments, and complications with the help of a moving 3D...


I was diagnosed with dengue fever few months back, in May this year. I have heard many sharing about the sequel after recovering from dengue, but only experienced it myself for real this time. I was feeling so tired and not able to do the usual chores that I used to do everyday, even sweeping and getting up staircase, I was struggling to catch my breathe. The doctor recommended me to CoQ10, and encouraged me to take this continuously life long. I got this supplement in the pic (snapped from website) from the pharmacy. After taking it daily for a week, I can feel the difference in the energy level. I am sharing the link about the benefits of CoQ10 below.

TMJ Exercise | Chin Tucks 23/09/2019

Computers, laptops, handphones, all kinds of electronic devices are not something uncommon nowadays. Many spend majority of their time on these gadgets, for work and leisure. Prolonged sitting in a same position is causing pain in many body parts, one of them is our neck. I work with laptop, and when I am working I tend to move my head forward nearer to the monitor, and it causes my spine to lost the natural curve at the neck area, and have been suffering from neck pain and headache. The chiropractor taught me a simple neck exercise which can be done anywhere and anytime, which is called the chin tuck. I searched for a short YouTube video to share in the below. Let's exercise!

TMJ Exercise | Chin Tucks A simple jaw exercise you can perform at home to stretch, strengthen and relax your jaw muscles. In this exercise, you stand tall against a wall. Pull your c...


This particular tray of microgreens is over grown. You can see the leaves has grown into relatively large size and each stem is having more than 3 leaves. The best time to harvest microgreens will be between 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks plus. However, this tray can still be eaten, just have to removed those dried and yellow leaves.


A shot on an hazy evening.


It has been just a few days, the microgreens grows fast! They can be harvested now as they already have their true leaves, but usually I will wait for another few days to harvest them 😊 it is easy, right? 😉


The microgreens grow fast and well 🙂 usually I will wait for them to grown a little taller before harvesting them. In order to make sure they grow straight and tall, I came out with a way to water them. I am figuring out on how to shoot a video 😜 hopefully I can share soon!


I am sure you will be amazed by their vitality! Look how tall and how fast they have grown overnight! This is a picture of the microgreens after 3.5 days and they are ready for the sun. Love the green!


Another 24 hours. See the beautiful furry thing around the seeds? This is root hair.
Remember to water to keep the soil moist.


After 24 hours 😉 can see the germination started. Continue to keep the soil moist and keep it covered. Amazing things await.

Photos from How do I Live's post 10/09/2019

As promised, sharing the steps to grow microgreens. What you need will be a tray (can even be a plastic container or milk carton cut into half), kitchen towel (optional), soil, seeds, and water sprayer.
I am using a microgreen tray, therefore firstly I will line the tray with drain holes with kitchen towel. This is to prevent the soil from dropping into the bottom tray. Then I fill the soil into the tray until about 1.5 to 2cm deep. Spread the soil out smoothly, removing the hard lumps, and slightly pressed to compact it.
Once done, sprinkle the seeds on the soil. Take note to have some space between seeds. We do not need to cover the seeds with soil.
Spray water to moisten the soil, just moist, not wet. Then cover the tray to allow germination, but take note to allow some ventilation to avoid the seeds from becoming mouldy.
And that's it! Let's wait for tomorrow and see how it goes!


A thought to explain the profile picture suddenly crossed my mind. Then I remembered this story. I don't know who created it, but it changed the way I think and make me who I am today.

The story is about a professor asking the students to fill up and empty jar. The professor first filled the jar with the rocks. He then pour some stones and shake the jar, the stones filled up the gaps in between the big rocks. Again he pour some sand into the jar and shake it. And now even the smaller gaps are filled. Lastly the professor poured some water into the jar. Now the jar is really full.

The jar represents our life, and the rocks represent those things that matter most in our life. The stones and sand and water are those secondary. If we fill the jar first with stones and sand, there will be not enough space for the rocks.

If you zoom in and have a look, I have 4 different pictures for food, work, family and self indulgence. Everyone has their own priority in life, to me, physical and mental health is a prerequisite for me to be able to work and take care of my family. With good health only we can enjoy and lead happy life.

What are you rocks?

Going to start with the microgreens tonight. Will be sharing the steps and pictures.


Good morning from the little balcony in the middle of the city. I cannot see much sky and views, I don't have a big piece of land to plant my own vegetables. But growing microgreens has fulfilled my dreams to have a little green garden, and I can have my own vegetables for consumption, beside giving me a peaceful feeling, where I feel my soul and mind is cleansed.

This is easy, everyone can do it, it needs just a little time from your tight schedule everyday. Follow me if you are interested in microgreens.

Read more about microgreens in

Microgreens: Health Benefits, Nutrition and How to Grow Them


An ordinary woman who has a full time job and a kid, is always lack of time and living in a rush every day. She smiles every day, dedicated all the time to work and family. She might be seen as a capable lady who manages everything well, but deep inside her, she might have lost herself, feeling frustrated and unhappy. She is looking for ways to make herself feels energetic again. So she is going to pick up what she used to love but have neglected for very long time, she will now start writing again.