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Sozo Fit

Helping Entrepreneurs with Selfcare and Nutrition for energy and vitality.


Healthy salad idea. Just warming up to my new audience so we will dive deep in tackling any issue stopping you from achieving your fitness goals.


How to wreck your Fitness and Nutrition Plan?

If you want a plan to get healthy and fit without burning yourself out it is to ask yourself what you can do consistently and what do you love to do to move your body.

Always inspired by Precision Nutrition.

Are you a biz owner or entreprenuer struggling with your mental health, like the anxiety, stress having a grip on you, you struggle with boundaries, running the biz is now compromising your values, relationships or you are in a transition DM now let's work together to support your goals.

Your Health Matters.

Your Body Goals Matter.

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Truth is you need someone to hold you accountable to your fitness and nutrition goals. That is why we are here to hang together share nice stuff and tips about food, nutrition, healthy habits, mindset, anxiety tips and more.

Bring someone here.