Cherished Journey with Doula Molly

Cherished Journey with Doula Molly

I am a certified birth doula, lactation consultant and trained childbirth educator that has been practicing for several years.

I would love to answer any questions you may have. I became a birth doula after the birth of my last child (2013). This was not always on my radar but became a clear path once it came into light. I have training/certifications from 2 different organizations: Birth Arts International and Stillbirthday. I am also a Birth Arts International trained Childbirth Educator and Certified Lactation Consulta


Today is also International Midwife day! I have loved all the midwives I have worked with. Thank you for everything you do for the birth world.

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International Bereaved Mothers Day
--Always the Sunday before Mothers Day

This specially designated time is not to say that we who have babies we can only see with our hearts are somehow disqualified from the more general Mothers Day.

Instead, this is a way to better understand that not all of our motherhood experiences fit nice and tidy within one day.

If you hadn't yet heard of this holiday, consider mentioning it to your loved ones and make a plan to engage in the day in a meaningful way.

Bereaved Mothers Day was a concept given widely to the healing community by CarlyMarie. She also brought us some of the loveliest Australian beach images.

copied from stillbirthday. I felt it was so well written there was no need to change


Doulas and Partners

By no means does what I do replace the loving support of your other half. I am here to support and educate the two of you. That’s the beauty of it. With me involved, you’ll find that your partner is more capable to support you. Typically Dad doesn’t know what to expect or hasn’t seen birth before. He does not know what is normal. That’s where I come in. My calming presence will keep that worrisome look off your partners face.


Check out these stats!

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👀Have you ever wondered how your doula sets their fee? Or why different doulas charge different fees?

Take a peek at this graphic!

There is SO much more to doula work than most people think.

✅ lots of back & forth email, text and phone communication with clients outside of appointments, in their due window, and during early labor (plus postpartum). All of this takes time and intentional focus from your doula to best serve you.
✅ your doula’s network/referrals, tailored resources and other relevant knowledge provided.
✅ the hours spent on the road, sometimes in poor conditions and under time pressure.
✅ emotional availability, including holding space for some really heavy stuff.
✅ the ability to respond or leave at unpredictable hours if needed, which can disrupt our own families and personal needs.
✅ the incredible behind-the-scenes administrative work and expenses that go into maintaining a doula service and keeping up with each individual client.
✅ keeping up on CEUs and current events relevant to your practice
✅ intangibles like your brain & birthy intuition, your education, the connection you offer, skills working with providers, your lived experience, and more!

This is not to mention the hours spent at births and prenatal/postpartum visits, the free consult or any follow-up done with the client once the doula package has ended.

🤔When you look at it this way, many doulas are severely undercharging for the time and effort put into their clients, which makes it not at all surprising turnover and burnout is high in this profession!

Fellow doulas: what kinds of things did you consider in setting your fees?

👉🏼Note: Some doulas may also incorporate an economic justice element or other flexible pricing into their fee structure. This is just a basic introduction to the business and value considerations that influence doula pricing, not a comprehensive overview.


This is what so many of you birth professionals have been asking for...
New Birth Wellness Center is hosting our first Birth Professionals Open House.
Please join us on Saturday, March 9th, 9:00-11:00 am at New Birth Welness Center located at 1580 White Oak Dr, Chaska, MN.
This will be a time to connect with other birth workers who serve in the southwest metro and southern MN areas and a time to check out our new birth center and clinic space.
This is an open house, so stay for a while or simply pop in as you can. Light refreshments will be served.
We can’t wait to connect with you on March 9th!

***This open house is for birth professionals. If you are a prospective family interested in seeing our space, please give us a call at 952-856-0071 ext. 0 to set up a consultation or join one of our group tours***


This is a great way to share the good, the bad and the ugly. Women supporting women who may have had the same experience as you, no matter what the experience was.

This event is free! But space is limited! Check out the event to get tickets.

Birth Story Sharing Circle


Ever wonder what a doula does?


Have you ever thought of seeing a Pelvic Floor Therapist?

Chiropractors work hand-in-hand with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to provide holistic support for expecting and postpartum moms!

Dr. Emily was able to network with two of our trusted referrals and would love to direct you to the support you need!
Breanna- Physio Strong LLC
Janelle- ActivePT


My young man turned 14 today! He got his first official job this year. He did football this fall, diving and freestyle skiing this winter and who knows what the spring will bring us! So proud of him. I share his birth story every year on my personal page, but wanted to share with all of you this year, because it is for sure one to share as a first time mom! So here it is, one more time…… I woke up with horrible back pain, thinking I over did it the night before. (I was told I could try walking to induce labor so I walked the mall) I went to work. About 10:30 I stopped into co-workers Office telling her I was pretty sure I was having contractions. I called my mom and she told me to to call her once I started throwing up....hahaha. By 1100 I was throwing up in the bathroom. I called Roger to come pick me up! We made it home with my contractions going from 10 to 3min apart in less than 7 min. We got our stuff and hit the road to the hospital. We checked in at 1230 and we had a beautiful baby boy at 254! A big surprise to all the staff! He has grown to be such a wonderful and respectful young man. We love you Noah! Happy 14th Birthday!


Some mothers crave assistance, others do not, but that door should always be open, so any mother can get the help she needs in labor and postpartum. Doulas can play an important part in pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.


Just going to leave this right here……..

I’m Sorry, There Is No Heartbeat . . . 12/10/2023

The hardest words you will ever hear. I remember the day and moment like it was yesterday. I remember shaking and crying so hard that Dr Goerish could hardly finish the ultrasound. I remember Roger holding my hand right next to me. Those are moments you never forget and never wish upon anyone. October is not only breast Cancer awareness month, it is also, pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Please help us spread awareness about this Taboo subject. It is not meant to scary others, it is meant to raise awareness in hopes to prevent others from going through what we did.

I’m Sorry, There Is No Heartbeat . . . On a sunny, August day, I went in for my routine appointment.

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October is pregnancy and Infant loss month. We honor those that could not walk the earth with us. Sending love out to you other Angel moms!

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Come see us and have all your questions answered!


Are you or someone you know expecting? Do you have questions about what kind of services a Doula can provide? Feel free to message me. I would love to assist you or someone you love during their pregnancy and birth journey. No matter what kind of birth you have planned, a doula can be there to support you.


Your emotional journey during pregnancy is unique and valid. Remember to give yourself permission to feel and process your emotions.


Sorry for being so quiet lately. There has been lots going on. I have recently added 2 new certifications to my name!! I am now a certified lactation consultant and Carseat safety technician. I am a firm believer in continuing education and growing. I love being able to provide new options for my clients. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

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A little about myself and my journey. Sorry for the rambling, not the best at these videos 😜#worlddoulaweek2021