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Badass Rocketry starts with the build. This page is dedicated to helping other achieve the best buil


Who’s been asking for 3” and 4” multi bays? Some revisions are needed, but these things are incredible.


Hey everyone! The plan is to start normal Badass operations late this fall. What would you like to see a focus on?


The last day of the Holiday Sale is TODAY! Get on it! Go to


The new 38mm and 54mm badass multi bays are available in time for Black Friday savings! Go to to check it out. Like and share this post!


Build video anyone? Mach1 Karman Lines Space Force. Air Start Cluster.


Badass Multi Bay 54mm coming Black Friday!

Case Brushes – BJAAM Performance Rocketry 29/10/2020

Check out our friends at BJAAM and their new motor case brush cleaning system!

Case Brushes – BJAAM Performance Rocketry Case Brushes Modular Design allows you to tailor length to your needs! These NYLON bushes are specifically sized for cleaning standard sized reloadable rocket motor casings.  Brushes are threaded on one end to allow use of various lengths of threaded brush rods to tailor length to your specific ...

SDR FS Mini Protective Case | Badass Rocketry 08/10/2020

Badass Rocketry is happy to bring you the Sky Dancer Rocketry FlightSketch Mini altimeter case. This is the only protective case you will ever need for your minis! Check it out!

SDR FS Mini Protective Case | Badass Rocketry Protect your FS Mini in flight and laying around the field box with this protective case from Sky Dancer Rocketry. Made from translucent PETG, this case will take a beating and stand up to anything you put it through. The translucency ensures you can see the battery LED indicator. Small enough to co...

Photos from Badass Rocketry's post 29/09/2020

Just finished the design for the Mach1 Badass 54mm multi bay. Coming soon!


Painting the Cutlass and BT55 system I’m using to test the capabilities of 3D printing. Time consuming to say the least.

Badass Nose Bay | Badass Rocketry 12/09/2020

Today is the release of the Badass Nose Bay! Check it out and pick one up!

Badass Nose Bay | Badass Rocketry It is here! The Badass Nose Bay. This is the best bay on the market. How can we make such a claim? Because it has been relentlessly tested to ensure high quality. The best part of the bay? No 3D printed shoulders, couplers, or bulkheads. This means the bay, and thus your expensive electronics, are a...

Timeline photos 20/08/2020

The Badass Build Guide is so easy a 7 year old can use it.

Photos from Badass Rocketry's post 16/08/2020

I need one volunteer to test a new nose cone bay for the full size Eggfinder GPS TX for a 38mm or BT60 rocket. I will need you to install it and give me your feedback on the overall installation process, the component its self, and general opinions. I already have people lined up for the EF TX mini, MW T3, and EF TX Mini + ET quantum.

All of these have the same general design. A sleeve goes in the coupler and the electronics sit on a sled that screws into that. The nose cone then goes over the coupler and is secured with two set screws. What’s great is how you can get one sleeve then buy all the sleds you want for your different components and change things out as you want/need. Or, alternatively, buy multiple sleeves and one sled to port the one tracker to all your rockets. :)

What I like about it is how the coupler bulkhead is not 3D printed (You need to provide your own) and it is secured with epoxy to the coupler. This will be the strongest and most reliable option available commercially because of it. Just say no to 3D printed bulkheads on your performance rockets.

I would love to release these products by the end of the month or sooner!

The images below are of the sizable MW T3 in a mach 1 BT60 nose cone coupler.

Mach 1 Starlight 38mm Build Video 11/08/2020

The Starlight build video is up! In this I show you how to make a Kevlar Fillet for your minimum diameter kits. Check it out and subscribe to the YouTube channel!

Mach 1 Starlight 38mm Build Video In this video I take a look at building a minimum diameter rocket using Kevlar Fillets. Get your Badass Minimum Diameter retainer here: https://www.badassroc...

Timeline photos 11/08/2020

The build video for the Mach 1 Starlight 38 will post tomorrow morning on YouTube. Yay!

Timeline photos 09/08/2020

Last primer coat on the Mach1 Starlight. Hopefully she is done tomorrow.

Photos from Badass Rocketry's post 28/07/2020

BT60 Nose Cone tracker bay coming VERY soon!

Timeline photos 19/07/2020

Mach 1 starlight build complete. Time for paint then it’s off to edit a video for the build.

Timeline photos 09/07/2020

I’ve seen too many surface mounted rail guides fall off. Won’t happen on this one! 4 M2x3mm screws help keep this puppy on.

Timeline photos 06/07/2020

Awe, isn’t it cute! A little baby Badass Build Guide for the Mach 1 Enforcer. We’re having a sale right now.

Timeline photos 05/07/2020

Working a new build video to show you all how to do Kevlar fillets on your next MD rocket. This is the Mach 1 Starlight.


Badass Rocketry is doing a small sale of 20% off for the 4th. Sale starts now and ends Tuesday. Have a good Independence Day!

Timeline photos 02/07/2020

Finally getting around to the Mach1 Starlight build. Here is the Badass MD retainer installed. It’s removable and low profile. I’m proud of it.

Badass Build Guide | Badass Rocketry 01/07/2020

The Badass Build Guide is now offered in the following fin thicknesses: 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16". These are the best fin alignment and building aids on the market. Check them out!

Badass Build Guide | Badass Rocketry "I love my new Badass Rocketry fin guides. They really make fin alignment easy. Allows me to attach multiple fins at the same time. The added drill guides are great as well. Thanks for a great product." -Eric Hamilton Please Note: It could take up to week for the product to ship. The Badass Build Gu...

Mach 1 Badass Multibay BT60 Build Video 30/06/2020

Introducing a joint project between Mach1 and Badass Rocketry - the BT60 Multibay. This is bay is designed for Mach 1 BT60 kits and offers all the simplicity and versatility you want and need in the field. The video below shows you how to put it together and at the end is a companion offering from Badass Rocketry.

The bay is available now from Mach1 Rocketry!

Mach 1 Badass Multibay BT60 Build Video This is the video showing how to put together the Mach 1 and Badass Rocketry designed altimeter bay for BT60 sized rockets. The ned of the video discuss an u...

Contribute! | Badass Rocketry 22/06/2020

We are about a week way from giving away a FC-236 RocketSok! Head to our Badass website and submit your photos or videos for a chance to win!

Contribute! | Badass Rocketry submit a picture to the Get Inspired page.

Badass MD Retainer | Badass Rocketry 18/06/2020

Introducing the Badass MD retainer! Available at Badass Rocketry!

Badass MD Retainer | Badass Rocketry These minimum diamerter retainters offer everythign you need for your next extreeme MD project. Some highlights of these retainsers are: Very low profile that save space inside you rocekt. Single bolt consruction offers supirior rention as the bolt holding the motor is the same bolt connected to you...

Timeline photos 17/06/2020

Buddy of mine building a rocket for L2 in 4 days. Is it possible?


Hey! I need 5 people to do some testing on an AWESOME new "Get Inspired" page for Badass and give feedback. This is next level stuff.

PM me if interested. You will need to be willing to create a profile on the site to be part of the testing.

Get Inspired | Badass Rocketry 09/06/2020

The Badass Get Inspired Page now has videos! You can contribute your videos that are uploaded to YouTube by adding the URL to the submission page. Unfortunately, we are still unable to accept direct uploads of your videos. I am working on that. Check it out!

Get Inspired | Badass Rocketry Get ideas for what rocket to buy, how to paint your rocket, or what motor to use in your rocket.

Timeline photos 09/06/2020

Any guess what my next video is going to be about?

Wildman Shape Shifter CTI I242W | Get Inspired 02/06/2020

Congratulations to Gary Tortora for winning the May photo submission giveaway. Submit your awesome rocket photos in the month of June for a chance to win a FC-236 RocketSok!

Enter here:

Wildman Shape Shifter CTI I242W | Get Inspired I designed this kit for Wildman Rocketry Submitted By: Gary Tortora

Rocket Sok Review 01/06/2020

Hey! Here is a quick review of the RocketSok! I am really impressed with the quality and the protection it offers my rockets! Check it out!

Rocket Sok Review Badass reviews the BJAAM Performance Rocketry Rocket Sok! Check the Sok out here:


You know that complex and cool looking bay I created a while back? The one found here:

Well I flew it and it performed flawlessly. Here is a picture of the rocket that used it. It the Mach 1 Daedalus 3" on a CTI K650SS.

The bay was a research project for Badass Rocketry. I will NOT sell that particular bay as it is just too complex. I have over 100 hours or research, refinement, testing, etc... in the bay and learned a whole lot that will impact projects I am currently working on. Stay tuned!


I flew the Mach 1 Thunderbird yesterday on an Aerotech J340M and it flew Mach 2.008!

| Badass Videos 18/05/2020

The Mach 1 Thunderbird Video is here! I said it would come this weekend. I made the deadline by 2 minutes! In the video I discuss fun pockets - my favorite way to secure fins. Enjoy!

| Badass Videos

Timeline photos 15/05/2020

Mach 1 Thunderbird video coming this weekend!

Timeline photos 12/05/2020

RocketSok! Man this thing is cool! It will cover your rockets and keep them looking as pretty as possible for as long as possible - especially as you transport them to the range. This one is on my scratch built Scorpion. I think I need to get a lot more of these.

Timeline photos 10/05/2020

The Thunderbird 54 gets paint soon. Time to start thinking about the next build. What do you all think of a 38mm minimum diameter video?