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PDXtraordinary was created by a physical therapist and a respiratory care practitioner. We are passionate about ergonomics, body healing, physical health and fitness, and care deeply about the experience of the consumer
What makes our products unique? Every product is carefully designed with the health and wellness of our customer in mind. When you shop our products you are family, and will stop at nothing to provide a superior shopping experience


With PDXtraordinary's High Fidelity Ear Plugs, there's no need to sacrifice sound quality.
Filter out harmful sounds without causing distortion, whether you're at a concert, riding your motorcycle, operating loud machinery, or having a wild weekend with the kids.


An exercise disc balance cushion, otherwise known as a wobble cushion, balance disc or balance cushion is an inflatable round cushion which is strong enough to stand or sit on, and when doing so gives an unstable surface.

It is used primarily to:

- Improve proprioception after injuries or surgery involving the leg
- Strengthen the core stability muscles to help decrease back pain
- Help children sit and concentrate in class
- Examples of injuries where a balance cushion/ stability disc can be used to improve proprioception include:

- sprained ankle
- arthritis
- knee anterior cruciate injury
- after knee anterior cruciate surgery
- after knee meniscus (cartilage) surgery
- following joint replacement surgery
- collateral knee ligament injury

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Our objective is to develop products that reduce pains and aches while increasing comfort in everyday life.🤍

We are committed to delivering what is required for your ergonomic needs and to developing products that maximize patient comfort and quality of life.


Benefits of Using a Bolster 🔥

- Supports to the body
- Improves your posture
- Relieves stress and tension
- Improves blood circulation
- Reduces swelling and inflammation
- Improves metabolism

Whether you’re hoping to support your body or you’re more interested in alleviating tension, using a bolster can take your yoga to the next level. If you’re attending a local class, remember to pack your bag with some comfy yoga pants and a fresh bottle of water.

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We at PDXtraordinary have designed a comfortable gel bike seat cushion as part of the PDXtraordinary Bike Series. Enjoy your daily commute, family bike ride or fitness workout in comfort.🔥

Weighing just 240 g, this lightweight portable seat cover does not weigh you down on long bike rides. The deep center relief zone eliminates pressure points on sensitive body parts.

As well as the Gel cover seat you will receive a 100% Waterproof Rain Cover, this will keep your seat cover try and protect your saddle cover in heavy rainfall.

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If you are looking to strengthen your core muscles, decrease back pain, and improve your posture, sitting on a wobble cushion or stability cushion makes the simple act of sitting a dynamic and active experience. 🍃

The deep, core stability muscles which work to provide posture support for the body are continually strengthened. After a short period of time of using a disk, you will find your core muscles are considerably stronger, improving both the muscles which stabilize you and hold you upright, as well as your postural improvement.
These cushions are especially good if you sit at a desk all day and are feeling the discomfort of being sedentary and suffer a sore bottom.

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We offer a variety of comfortable products to meet everyone’s physical needs; bike seat cushion,exercise balance disc,yoga bolster ,high fidelity earplugs.🍃

We understand that mobility, comfort and pain reduction are paramount when recovering from an injury and this is what inspired him to create these ergonomically designed products.


The amazing Emma from demonstrating balance exercises using our new balance disc core trainer. Did you know you can also use it on your desk chair as a wiggle seat to train your core while working? Try it today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09T8THS1V?maas=maas_adg_50454F69F37402CA873773FB96F01949_afap_abs&ref_=aa_maas&tag=maas&ref=myi_title_dp


Stability Disc Exercises 🔥

Stand with both feet on the Stability Disc
Alternate stepping with both feet without lifting your feet off the disc
Keep a sturdy object nearby for support if needed
Stability Disc Ankle Flexion ROM
Stand with both feet on the Stability Disc
Rock your ankles forward and backwards on the disc
Keep your knees and hips straight
Keep a sturdy object nearby for support if needed
If you have any questions, please contact us using the messenger app or visit our website at www.pdxtraordinary.com


We've created our products with input from people who know what it means to be injured and the difficulties they faced when life goes back to normal.

Redefine your comfort zone with our cozy, supportive products.🔥

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TRUE OR FALSE? Hearing loss is only for old people. >>>>>

​FALSE! Hearing loss can happen at any age - 1 in 5 teenagers already suffer from tinnitus. Small incremental hearing damage adds up much sooner than you think, so the time to start protecting your ears is now!

​With a clear design and three different ear tip sizes, Vibes are perfect for kids too!


Perfect comfort for your spin bike! Be kind to your behind 🍑😄


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Want a strong core in half the time. Try a Balance Disc Core Trainer. A great addition to your 10-15 min home workout routine, it provides and unstable surface that activates your core muscles unlike anything else. Get yours NOW during our crazy launch sale: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09T8THS1V?maas=maas_adg_50454F69F37402CA873773FB96F01949_afap_abs&ref_=aa_maas&tag=maas&ref=myi_title_dp


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We love sharing our passion with you! Thank you all for following along our journey! Paola and Shawn 💜


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Urban Comfort USA had a baby, and it's name is PDXtraordinary!

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The amazing Emma from @gojifitness demonstrating balance exercises using our new balance disc core trainer. Did you know...