Rated P For Preppers

Rated P For Preppers

This year, we are making a major shift. Focusing more on nature than ourselves. Balancing our lives!


A beautiful and chilly start to the year ☺️
I have been told by several people that I should start teaching some survival skills classes. It definitely won’t happen overnight but, what do you guys think? Would you participate? I wouldn’t charge much at all because the bounty IS sharing knowledge but, I’m really considering it. I know a lot about minimalist survival techniques and would love to share it with others. Let me know what you think!
Edit: I’m going to go foraging this evening or tomorrow. There is free food out there even under this snow lol. DM me to iron out the details if you would like to join me! I’m not charging anything yet until I’m a little more confident in my ID skills. This will just be a fun educational outing for me! ☺️


2024 is about self reliance!
Community is always great, but, what happens when you find yourself without support?


Composting. I finally have a garden compost bucket! I’m super excited about the opportunities this presents.

A few tips I’ve learned already.

Carbon to nitrogen ratio!
Not having a good carbon to nitrogen content ratio can prevent necessary bacteria growth leading to a cold compost bin.

Keeping your compost aerated!
Anaerobic pockets in your compost, can lead to toxic mold development in your compost and will slow down the overall oxidation process.

Keep your compost hydrated!
No standing water of course as it will lead to mold development and a cold compost, but, properly hydrated compost materials means happy bacteria, and happy decomposer friends!

Brown vs Green materials / carbon rich vs nitrogen rich materials.
Brown materials or more carbon rich materials are things like dried lawn clippings, dead leaves and finer brush, paper or cardboard shreds. These materials are more carbon rich as they are dead and have begun oxidizing already. Green materials or more nitrogen rich materials are things more like kitchen scraps. Living plant matter will be higher in nitrogen as the oxidizable compounds haven’t had a chance to degrade yet.

Thanks for listening 😋
I wish you all the best in your journey to self sufficiency!


I’ve seen a lot of conversation lately about the risk and effects of an emp. Even a high altitude nuclear detonation can create a significant Electromagnetic Pulse on the ground. To be completely honest… an emp is not something that is easy or cheap to protect yourself from. The simplest solution seems to be… keeping spare electronics and components in a faraday cage. I’ve been dabbling with the idea that it may be useful to keep your electrical system and it’s wiring somewhat double insulated. Possibly wrapping all wiring in a conductive wrap and then insulating it once again. Giving the wrap some kind of energy outlet as well to avoid heating… maybe to other cages in the system?


Smoking, dehydrating, freeze drying, canning…
It can seem like a hard concept to grasp thinking about all of the things in our fridges we rely on everyday. From what I’ve found. Canning is by far the cheapest option for its shelf life. Freeze dried foods keep… almost indefinitely if stored properly but stockpiles can run out and the equipment to do it yourself can be outrageously expensive.
Anyone who dabbles in their own food preservation? And any tips for beginners?


Apologies for this page never really going up 😅
We are still trying to sort out a few personal inconveniences lol


Who has a green thumb? Our veggies are doing wonderful so far this year despite how dry it’s been. Anyone have some garden tips for the page?


HELLO!!! I’m extremely excited to get back into working on my prep and walking through prep supplies, skills, and knowledge with everyone! Welcome!