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Discover the alluring charm of - a perfect embodiment of distinct appeal in grey shades. This exquisite porcelain slab showcases white streaks intermingling with its captivating grey hues, infusing any space with depth and elegance. Elevate the visual allure of your design effortlessly with Pietra Grey, crafting a space that exudes both style and sophistication.


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Create a countertop that not only withstands the test of time but also exudes exquisite charm in every inch. The enchanting gray veining gracefully swirls across the surface, infusing your space with visual allure and a touch of sophistication.

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Whether it's Spills, Splatters, or Stains, Our Premium Porcelain Surfaces Are Stain-proof, Ensuring Your Kitchens Remain Impeccable for Years to Come.


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Witness the gorgeous mix of dark, stylish black shades blending seamlessly with rich gold designs and striking white highlights. These elements all come together perfectly in the captivating . This enchanting slab is perfect for adding a touch of glam to countertops and surfaces!


A journey through our ultra-modern manufacturing unit.

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The same old luxurious charm with a modern twist - the timeless beauty of stone translated onto sustainable porcelain surfaces.


The sophisticated !

Delve into new realms of design using this dark and beautiful porcelain surface. Emanating pure elegance, this polished black surface interspersed with radiating white motifs add luxury to any space.

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We create beautiful and durable porcelain slabs using carefully sourced raw materials. Our focus is on producing the highest-quality slabs, tailored to meet your design aesthetics and durability requirements.


Inspired by the captivating marble, this porcelain version features a creamy white background with eye-catching gray and soft brown lines that form patterns similar to those found in actual marble.


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Let your creativity run wild and explore new design ideas with the lavish Napolean Black. Bold and beautiful, this shiny black surface mixed with bright white patterns will give a classy touch to any area!


The is truly a captivating gem in the world of interior design! With its delicate grey veining gracefully juxtaposed against a backdrop of grey-white hues, this exquisite surface draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of marble. Its inherent charm effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a perfect choice for crafting breathtaking countertops and shower surrounds. If you are a designer, you’ll be thrilled by the endless possibilities this magnificent material presents to create truly stunning and elegant designs.


The subtle and understated shades of grey, combined with the sophisticated dark grey tones on a white backdrop, make a perfect option for adding a chic and classy vibe to your space!

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A captivating canvas of intricate white swirls dancing across a refined gray backdrop transforms interiors with a subtle finesse that leaves lasting impressions.


Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning design! With its gorgeous white backdrop and eye-catching grey veins that flawlessly mimic the luxurious appearance of marble, it's the perfect choice for crafting stylish countertops and attention-grabbing walls.

Today's Inspiration: Sahara Gold

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Today's Inspiration: Sahara Gold

Sensational black meets metallic allure, as deep black hues intermingle with opulent golden threads and rare white highlights in the enigmatic . Perfect for both worktops and cladding, this captivating surface is all you need to elevate your space to the epitome of extravagance! Be bold, be daring, and let luxury shine in your design!


Discover the remarkable allure of the - This stunning slab is perfect for elevating your space with a touch of sophistication and opulence. Imagine the striking contrast created by its inky black canvas, accentuated by soft swirls of white and gray veining. This elegant masterpiece will truly bring your design vision to life.


Grey shades have a distinct appeal, and is a perfect example! This beautiful porcelain slab has unique white streaks amidst its grey hues that add depth and charm to any space. With Pietra Grey, you can effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your design, creating an atmosphere that's both stylish and sophisticated.


Check out the amazing !
Let your creativity run wild and explore new design ideas with the lavish Napolean Black. Bold and beautiful, this shiny black surface mixed with bright white patterns will give a classy touch to any area!


Introducing the The perfect blend of elegance and durability, it's the ultimate solution to level up your design. Ideal for stunning countertops and eye-catching wall coverings that never go out of style.


The has a beautiful white and gray streak design, resembling real marble. This makes it a favorite among those who love the look of marble but don't want to deal with its upkeep. With a shiny finish, it's not just visually appealing but also easy to clean - an ideal option for areas like kitchens, showers, fireplaces, and walls!


The eye-catching patterns, rich colors, and impeccable details of the perfectly marry design and functionality, while offering incredible versatility and durability.


Witness the timeless look of statuario marble without the need for extra care!


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These two surfaces together in perfect harmony create stunning visuals as the delicate veining on the statuario walls gracefully complements the robust character of the grey tabletops!


The has a clean, grey look, giving it a feeling of subdued elegance. It fits in well with its surroundings, but still manages to stand out with its eye-catchy patterns!


Explore the mysterious beauty of dark surfaces- where luxury meets captivating allure!


Dark allure meets golden opulence in the captivating - Featuring mesmerizing dark black hues, ravishing golden veins, and striking white accents that elevate any space to luxurious heights!


Featuring delicate grey streaks against a white background, the has an elegant marble-like appearance. This versatile surface can be used for numerous applications, from countertops and cladding to wall coverings and shower surrounds!


Keep your countertops looking pristine with our stain-resistant porcelain surfaces.

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The is a Solid Black surface ideal for a modern kitchen look. The black color contrasts well with cabinetry and other decorative elements, making the overall design pop. So, if you’re among the budding designers or desperate homeowners who have fallen in love with black countertop designs, it’s time to purchase the Black Pearl!


Experience the enchanting - With its striking black base and vibrant white accents, this opulent surface opens up endless creative possibilities for your design projects.

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