At Giebelhausen we believe in giving things some love and a new lease of life. We specialise in small vintage items that make your house a home.

A dab of glue, a lick of paint, a scrub or a sand, oils and wax bring out the best in them.


Sunday 🌳 🤗 Haven’t posted one in a while. Majestic copper beech. Some 200 years old.


Always great to have happy customers


Getting there slowly 🐢 Still a long way to go 🐢🐢 Loving the rich nurtured honey coloured oak that’s beginning to emerge from under 60 years of grime 😊 The drawers are sitting on the knackered top 😳 Quite some challenge 💪 More soon 😎


gossamer oak shavings coming off my new project 😊


Sunday 🌳🤗 This time Mediterranean as befits the current UK weather 😎


Sunday 🌳🤗 This time a sprawling oak 😃




All lining up for beauty treatment. Gordon Russell Hundevad and GPlan Fresco in pieces 😊 Lots to keep me busy over the bank holiday weekend 😊



Sunday 🌳🤗 Gotta love those London parks 😊 This time Haggerston but not sure what the tree is other than majestic and open-armed 🤗


A shoutout to the fabulous team
BIG Thanks for such an informative and enthusiastic tour of your new shop and workshop. What a pleasure meeting you all. I got so excited chatting that I forgot to take more pictures. Folks go and check them out. Fab furniture and bespoke commissions and all local on the Hackney Road. What’s not to love 😃😊👍

Photos from Giebelhausen's post 10/05/2023

Before/After 😃 Turned out well. Deep stains on Hundevad table worked on with oxalic acid after removing shellac finish. Refinished with Liberon teak oil. Ready to make an appearance in my Etsy shop. 🔎 Link to my Etsy shop in bio ☘️


It’s Sunday! Time for a tree 🌳 🤗 Freshly pollarded London plane and all ready for summer 😃


🌞day = 🌳🤗 This time silky 🍒 bark. Very easy to 🤗


Vertiginous read 🎢😁


Exactly! Love it when furniture comes with clear care instructions. Heed them, owners!


Lots of little ones at Calke Abbey😃 So cute 😊 If you have 🪑🪑🪑 that could do with some help and are local to DM for a chat and quote. Check out my Etsy shop for Edwardian child’s chair and other great stuff 🔎Link to my shop in bio☘️


Long overdue tree 🌳 🤗 Very long arms needed for this majestic oak. Great use of a ratchet strap. Hopefully good for a few more centuries😃


Great Saturday haul 😃Early Gomme Librenza and Fresco tables and an Irish 1970s trio of tables by O’Donnell😃 All in my Etsy shop soon 😃 Take a 👀 at the tables and stuff in my shop NOW 🔎Link in bio☘️


Leaves unfurling 🍃 Simply amazing and what spring is all about 🍃 Enjoy the moment and take time to look closely 🍃This is going to be a majestic 🐎 🌰

Photos from Giebelhausen's post 29/03/2023

Calling all upholsterers out there. I’ve taken off 1970s diy brown corduroy and found this squashed flat wool concoction beneath. Am really curious to know whether E Gomme Brandon 🪑🪑originally had this padding or whether this is part of the later recovering job. Thanks for any info you might be able to offer. Please share your knowledge of original 1950s seat stuffing here. 😃


When a local delivery takes you onto a platform you’ve never been on before. Although it’s local. London just rocks! Hand delivered little Hundevad off to north London 😃 More in my Etsy shop 🔎Link in bio☘️


HELP fellow vintage foragers. Does anyone know what company had this spinage and egg label and a company name that begins EM? And seems to have been LISTED? I found this glued to the bottom of a lovely oak bowl. Any info much appreciated. Thanks!


Light refresh of my favourite chairs by E Gomme of GPlan fame 😃 Technically they’re just in underwear but I like the contrast of oatmeal coloured Hessian and the chair’s slightly mottled oak. For now these will be dining with me. Lots of gorgeous vintage furniture in my Etsy shop 🔎Link in bio☘️


Cosmetic surgery with a scalpel 😃 Removing wood filler from a bad veneer repair job that’s the result of an inexplicable shortage of appropriate adhesive. It’ll be fiddly and take a while 😝 But well worth it getting another little Hundevad table looking great again 😊


Surprise find getting repaired shed ready for some restoration woodworking action 😃


European landmarks on a choc biscuit. Gotta love it 😊


While out and about vintage treasure hunting for my Etsy shop … 🐎


Another nest hitching a ride. A bit of a departure from my midcentury stuff. Just couldn’t resist these elegant repro guys with their knackered burr veneer tops. They’ll need quite some work before they look their best again 😃

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