Altar Events

Altar Events

Tiny Weddings. 50 Guests or Less. Just Say I Do with ALTAR! Simple & Uniquely designed weddings by season at locations in DFW.



The sweetest day for a couple who trusted ALTAR to deliver!

Thank you so much for being you! Loved every minutes of your special day. The vows were the best part and Pastor Bowman was fab!



Photos from Altar Events's post 31/07/2022

Can I tell you how much I love this couple and their story!! A proposal with a ring pop which led to the sweetest wedding day with a couple of nods to their love for gaming and Star Wars!

Tiny Weddings are a smart way to wed! I can’t help but think of all the weddings and events I’ve done over the years and these small, intimate settings are what it’s all about - the two!
Focused on their vows and absorbing the moments with close friends and family! It’s so special!🎉❤️

If you are thinking of getting married, and mindfulness, affordability, and simplicity are at the top of your list - this is it!




The ALTAR is where it happens.. Just Say I Do!

Built for 2
Focus on the 2!


Just the Two!

That’s what it’s all about..
At the end of the day.. you have each other!

What is your wedding going to say about you as a couple?

How much time will you spend preparing?

How much money will you spend?

How many people will remember all the details you planned?

Why not keep it simple!?

Let’s start the ALTAR TINY WEDDING journey and I can show you how to get married in 4 Simple Steps, NO STRESS, YOU JUST BRING THE DRESS!!

2 Hour, 50 guests or less, Tiny Wedding!



HEY LOVERS and lovers of all things that come in Tiny Packages!!

I can’t wait for our Altar Open House on Sunday, February 20, 2022!

This is an awesome way to visit space and learn how Tiny Weddings are a Smart Way to Wed!!

We will show you our ALTAR process from the officiant, floral, cake, photography, music, invitations, and of course, a beautiful venue location - plus more!

We are partnering with Communion Venue to promote the space and local vendors! There’s so much to share!

Tiny Weddings are Mindful, Conscious and So Smart!



Paul and Susanna
Sweetest love story!

Paul’s podcast and voice captured Susanna’s attention and shortly after, her heart! Together, and focused on the 2 + plus their sweet baby boy!


Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Tiny Wedding

1) Focus on you 2
2) Mindful
3) Keep it simple
4) Let someone else handle the details
5) Save money!!


Wedding Costs Jump as Couples Rush to Get Married During Pandemic 07/10/2021

ALTAR EVENTS is the answer!

Check out NBCDFW’s coverage on what’s happening in the wedding industry!

Getting married is expensive, time consuming and sometimes more than you anticipate. When you focus on what’s important and stay mindful of the marriage.. you can have a wonderful and curated experience without the fuss!

Let’s chat about how to make your wedding happen - plus have everything you need and more!

Wedding Costs Jump as Couples Rush to Get Married During Pandemic Wedding planners, vendors, and venues say they are overwhelmed with the demand, which has caused prices to skyrocket. Wedding photos courtesy of Stanley Babb of Stanlo Photography.


Mindful. Body & Soul..
Kasa Yoga offering Community Class!

Kasa Yoga is the best! Follow Christina on her journey and specialty yoga instruction.

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