Amanda and Bob

Amanda and Bob


Can you even believe this??!!!

Small town family in the heart of the Ottawa Valley! We are Amanda and Bob. We are the parents of 2 very awesome kids and are hard working trades people.

We enjoy good friends and good music!..... and now I sound like a personal ad. Lol

Operating as usual


When you feel like you have missed so much and it's only been 10 days 😟😟


Lets just leave this right here!

Photos from Amanda and Bob's post 19/03/2022

Well mini putt was all booked up so some arcade fun and bowling was next on the list. I love that my kids still enjoy coming out with us and have fun. I think they are starting to realize how COOL 😎 we really are! Also maxen got some pretty awesome new shoes!
With Maxen starting off the week not feeling great and Madeline busy with Volunteering, we haven't had much fun this week. So here's to kicking off the weekend 🤪


Well, We did it again and this looks like the last day for us! Temps are rising! 🌞 Everyone stayed warm, stopped for a small fire🔥and some home made lunches. We also had these 2 wonderful birds follow us and steal some granola off the snow machine. 😀#deepriverontario #snowmobiling2022 #familytime #myheartisfull #wediditbecausewecan


Precision comes with time, experience and mistakes. #workit #makemistakesandlearn #mindsetmatters


Just a proud Mama moment. I was very nervous at first, but this girl did such a great job. I need to mention the trails in Calabogie were NOT of good quality and she still owned the machine and the trail.

Photos from Amanda and Bob's post 27/02/2022

Just a perfect weather day for this!
Getting the kids out in the winter months is something we try to do but often find ourselves looking for the time. Time is something we need to get back to.
Working on the balance!


I spend my days waiting. Waiting on a man who like to socialize anywhere he is.
Today's selfie is brought to you by Amanda's car where she waits and is sponsored by the gas company who already has my money! 💰😆


There is nothing more rewarding than helping others. We need to spend more time lifting each other up, rather than doing nothing. If you want natural happy endorphins, extend an olive branch 🌿


Bob and Maddy out for a little rip! And maybe a chance for her to drive. Maybe 😉


I am always being asked, What are you doing? What are you selling? Is this for real? Do you make any money? (this is a big one), I just don't understand?
All very legit questions. And I could talk on and on about how the system works, how to make money, show you that I am not selling anything (absolutely no inventory) and this is very real.
I think the best way for me to describe it without taking hours of your time (I could talk all day!!!) is this:
I didn't need to see someone's paycheck to understand the possibility. I needed to believe in myself and what I can do. I have never believed in the 9-5.
I have seen the training, I have see how others have had amazing accomplishments, I have virtually met people from across the country and share our WHY stories.
We all have a WHY. I am building the mindset that I can grow beyond myself and share my knowledge with others.


Just breath 🧘‍♀️


Have you seen your open doors? #watchforthesigns #newopportunities #lifebalanced #entrepreneurmindset


Getting ready for our first sled ride this year together!


I definitely can relate to #5. I'm not sure why I can't find my phone while it's in my hands.
@the1bobsmith has to be #6. Treating your brain like a note pad is usually a fail. 🤣


A little affirmation never hurts anyone. What I didn't mention was #badassmom, #momsthatswear #goodmomssaybadwords


There are a lot of things I live by, but stepping out of the "comfort zone" has to be the hardest.

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.
If you don't ask, the answer is always no.
If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.


It's -35 out and a big snow storm is headed our way. Bob is preparing me for the worst. #wineforthewife #snowstorm❄️ #largebottleofwine #preparingforthesnowstorm #workfromhome #toocoldoutside❄️


Amoung all the things I am crazy about, essential oils are still one of my favorites. They have gotten me through painful nights, kids sleepless nights, kept our family healthy and taught me how to make awesome blends specific to our needs. #youngliving #friendssupportingfriends #essentialoils #essentialoilblends #healthyliving #diffuserblends #supportsmallbusinesses2022


#sendinglove #bekindtooneanother #coolmomsclub #bossbabe #bossmomlife


Since everyday seems to be a hard day right now..... this is for everyone who had a hard day. Cheers🍹


35 mins of brisk walking and thanks to phone filters looks like I haven't broke a sweat! 🥵🏃‍♀️
The next challenge is to stay out of the kitchen and not eat cream cheese and crackers 😋
#treadmillrunning #healthiermehappierme #selfcare #ankylosingspondylitiswarrior


It's not such a crazy thought anymore.


Take the adventure. Rise to the challenge. Know how to have fun!


Bob just returned from 2 days of snowmobiling. Beautiful trails in Valdor, Quebec. It's also almost 5hrs drive! With no snow at home, this dedicated Guy is willing to drive to the snow!


Am I right or am I right?????
#fulltrailer #rachetstrapthatsh*t


Just spent the last hour doing this!!
Amazon for the win!!!
My cupboard will thank me..... need to order more!
Highlight to the best turmeric around 😉 look at that colour 😃


The love is real ☕️😍


What’s a minute worth to you? ⌚️
Ever thought about that? 🤔
Let’s figure it out then. 📱
Say you want to make $50,000 online this year. 💰
And you plan on taking 5 full weeks off to travel. ✈️
That leaves you 47 weeks. 📆
And say you can only work 15 hours a week - because you still have a day job, family, and other grown-up stuff to tend to. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Sweet. 🍭
So that means… you’ve got:
47 x 15 = 705 hours to hit your goal.
Take $50,000 / 705 = $70.92.
Boom! 💣💥
There’s your hourly rate. ✅
That’s what you’d need to earn, every hour you work on your internet biz, for the next 12 months - given your circumstances.
Make sense ❓
Now let’s calculate it down to the minute, Screech. ⏰
$70.92 / 60 = $1.18.
There you go.
A minute, to you, is worth a buck-eighteen. 😲
Write it on a Sticky Note.
Attach it to your laptop. 💻

Here’s the idea:
Now... when you find yourself surfing, scrolling, refreshing, reading, replying, gaming, texting, talking, twiddling? 📱
You’ll know what it’s costing you. 💸

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