Garys garden tips

Garys garden tips

Blog where thing I do gardening and more. How to prepare if bad times come.


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This weeks post at saving kale seeds


You might want to check your garlic. I checked a couple of my garlic and found some were starting to resprout here in NY because it has been so wet the last couple weeks. I dug my garlic up today


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This weeks post at What to do if you have slugs in your garden.


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This weeks post at Planting my tomato seedlings.


This weeks post at Don't set plants out to early.

Garys Garden Tips and more Blog 19/05/2023

This weeks post at Straw bale garden.

Garys Garden Tips and more Blog On day three, I sprinkled 2 cups blood meal a nitrogen fertilizer on each bale (12-0-0) on top of the bale, and water it in.


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This weeks post at is Harvesting worm castings. Great Fertilizer for your garden.


This weeks post at transplanting Kale and Marigold


This weeks post at Transplanting Tomatoes


Time to clean up. This weeks post at


This weeks post at is Pepper plant update.

Garys Garden Tips and more Blog 31/03/2023

This weeks post at Garbanzo Sprouts

Garys Garden Tips and more Blog Garbanzo beans are a popular and nutritious staple in the Mediterranean diet. Garbanzo bean sprouts are easy to grow and delicious for snacking or adding to a variety of dishes.

Garys Garden Tips and more Blog 24/03/2023

This weeks post at Time to start seed planting inside.

Garys Garden Tips and more Blog Tess Land Race Currant Tiny Tomato, delicious, red fruits are popular with home gardeners. This variety can vary in color; most are deep red but some are also rose, gold and yellow. They have a lot of fruit that you can grab a hand full of to snack on when working in the garden. I give some of these...


This weeks post at starting Strawberries from seed.


This weeks post at red wiggler worms


This weeks post At Cooking Navy Beans Blog 24/02/2023

This weeks post at is starting my first seedlings for the year. Blog I bought a Seedling Heat Mat, so it might be a bit early for starting peppers. Put a clear cover over the container and put on the heat mat. Blog 17/02/2023

Soil-blocker Tool. That is what this weeks post at is about. Blog This clever device presses moistened soil into compact blocks that hold their shape — no pot needed. Roots grow freely, get oxygenated, and grow more robustly as a result. Plus, since you just transplant the entire thing into the garden, there's no waste or transplant shock. A Soil-blocker is an in...


This weeks post at , How I made an emergency grease candle.


This weeks post at is a simple recipe I use to make Butternut squash soup. Blog I put the squash,vegetable broth and apple juice in a saucepan. Let them cook up till they mixed up good. Then I added the rest of the Ingredients and mix them in. Let it cook for about 5 minutes to let ingredients blend together. Ingredients4 cups cooked butternut squash 1 cup vegetable broth 2 cup... Blog 27/01/2023

This weeks post at is, What is Coco Coir and why I use it. Blog Between the outer husk and the actual coconut is a layer of fibrous threads. While the outer husk and coconut may be used for textiles and other coconut products, the coco coir is usually set aside. This leftover byproduct is then compacted into bricks or sold loosely for use in agriculture. Compare... Blog 20/01/2023

This weeks post on the high price of lettuce. Blog After 3 days remove the weighted tray to expose the microgreens. Place the tray in a lighted area or under a grow light. In about 4 days the microgreens will be ready to harvist.


This weeks post. Grow fresh greens in just over a week. The best way to grow fresh greens in just over a week is microgreens.
Broccoli Microgreens are easy to grow.
How I grow my microgreens at


Just added a new post at about starting peppers from seed even if it is cool in your house.⏳


I added a new post to my blog at Growing Zucchini Squash for seeds. Blog 23/12/2022

I added a new post about Butternut Squash on my page. Blog Scoop it up and place in pint freezer containers. What is left in the pan, I add some butter and honey for a tasty treat. 


I put up a post about growing radish sprots.