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Aquagen Garden Trust

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Here is the first workshop in our house!
The monsters have been transplanted and are settling in with their new owners at home!
But our guests left not only with their own transplanted green, the most important thing is the valuable knowledge that will help the plants to always be healthy and beautiful.

We are in favor of organizing workshops more often and sharing the secrets of caring for plants more often. Leave any smiley under this post if you want to be the first to know about the new workshop 👀


Did you know that together with the guys we made such a super candle that will envelop any space?

We know firsthand how you do not want to get out of the house in the fall, gentle notes of lemon and bergamot will carefully wrap your house and set you up for joy.

The candle is made from completely natural ingredients and is safe for all households!


After the February events, we are launching a movement for overexposure of plants.
We would like to repeat

Under this post you write if you need to leave the plants somewhere (temporarily or permanently) or vice versa, you do not take away and have the opportunity to take the plants and care for them (temporarily or permanently)

The form is like this:
• city
• area
• give/take
• permanently or temporarily
• number of plants