Advanced Electrical Services, Inc.

Advanced Electrical Services, Inc.

Tom Fisher Local electrical contractor for the past 30 years. Tom Fisher has been performing electrical service for thirty years.

A native resident of New Milford and active in the local schools and community, Tom is a graduate of Henry Abbott Technical School. Following graduation he worked as an apprentice electrician until he started Advanced Electrical Services in 1986.

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Brand new uncrated Briggs & Stratton 12 kw automatic generator with 100 amp transfer switch. LP fired. Installation not included. Paid $4500 asking $4000. Purchased for inventory and currently out of business.

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$25,000 fully stocked, ready to go - all included


Almost 40 years in business and I am extremely proud of all that I have accomplished in the creating of Advanced Electrical Services, Inc., and all that I have given back to my community. I could not be more thankful for the loyalty of all of my customers these past years and the friendships that I’ve been blessed with.

Due to health reasons, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce the closure of Advanced Electrical Services as of today, June 30th.

Many thanks, good health and my very best to you all. Thanks for the memories.

Tom Fisher

I do have electrical inventory, vehicles, tools, office desk and chairs and an uncrated brand new 12 KW Briggs & Stratton standby generator, (100 amp 16 circuit) if interested please, PM me 


At Advanced Electrical Services, we have expanded our services in the recent years and have been assisting in setting up “smart” equipment for homeowners. Whether its Alexa, Google, or another smart device, we have the expertise to set it up for you. Give us a call if you need assistance at 860-354-9260


Outdoor lighting provides many things, including safety and security. At Advanced Electrical Services, our team offers commercial outdoor lighting options designed specifically for your parking lot. A well-lit and safe parking lot at night is twice as likely to be chosen by customers compared to a dark and dangerous one. Give us a call to schedule a meeting at 860-354-9260.


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful and amazing moms out there!


If you're a business owner, having a well lit store helps bring in customers. At Advanced Electrical Services, we understand the importance of creating an inviting atmosphere for your customers through strategic lighting designs. Our team specializes in designing and installing lighting plans that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business but also help you save on energy costs.Contact us today at 860-354-9260 to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a brighter future for your business.


As a homeowner with a pool, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get your pool wiring inspected, installed, or repaired now that Spring has arrived and Summer is fast approaching. At Advanced Electrical, we take pride in providing exceptional services such as electric pool pump panel upgrades, GFI protection upgrades, or just a maintenance check. We've got everything you need to make sure your pool is up and running safely and smoothly for the season. So don't hesitate and book your appointment today to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable pool season. Call today at 860-354-9260.


The new wave of saving money on electricity is here, and sometimes setting them up can be quite the hassle. Smart lights such as bulbs that connect to Alexa, or Google can be automated, controlled with your phone, and set to timers to save you money. Advanced Electrical Services is happy to offer connecting services, as well as upgrading to LED lights. Give us a call today to get on the schedule: 860-354-9260


Summer is right around the corner, and so is the time to schedule an event lighting appointment! Summer is the season of outdoor parties and gatherings, and if you need outdoor lighting for your events, give us a call! Tom Fisher and his team provide safe, well-lit areas for your guests and you to enjoy, all summer long! 860-354-9260


Summer is coming, and so are thunderstorms and other heavy storms. Power outages are very common in New Milford and CT, so it’s important to have a generator at the ready, just in case. Getting a generator can be difficult, especially during the spring or summer, so call today to schedule. You never think you need one until you do!


We all have busy schedules, and making those small electrical repairs around the house probably isn’t on your priority list. That’s why Advanced Electrical Services does the small jobs too! Don't let faulty light switches, high ceiling lights bulbs, or bad outlets keep you in the dark. Call today to schedule!


With summer around the corner, it's time to start planning parties, events, and other outdoor occasions. Advanced Electrical Services is proud to offer event lighting services for parties and events, ensuring that your special occasions are lit to perfection. Call to schedule today!


Pool season is closer than you think! One of the best ways to ensure that your pool is ready to go this year is by getting it wired and lit up properly. Advanced Electrical Services offers expert pool wiring and lighting services that are sure to make your backyard hangout spot beautiful and inviting. Call today to schedule!


At Advanced Electrical Services, we carry and install a full line of reliable and efficient manual and automatic generators from top brands. When it comes time to install a new generator in your home, we have you covered to ensure that every step is completed properly and safely. This includes setting up an appropriate transfer panel for uninterrupted power in your home during unexpected outages.


Have you been annoyed by that one flickering light? That one switch that doesn’t work? Give us a call today. Our technicians have the experience and equipment to do any job, no matter how small. We take pride in doing the job safely and correctly!


At Advanced Electrical Services, we offer outdoor lighting options designed for you. Safety is the biggest reason people install outdoor lighting, but it also adds curb appeal! We also offer repairs to old lights damaged by landscapers and snow plows. Give us a call today for a free quote on landscape lighting for your home.


Advanced Electrical Services offers event lighting technology to make your party, wedding, or other gathering look its best. We can do full installations of lights and wiring, providing beauty, value, and security to your event. Our team of experts are experienced in using the latest lighting equipment, allowing us to create the best results for your property. With our lighting, you will be sure to wow your guests and make a lasting impression.

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Best CPA., as good as they come. Cheryl, thank you for allIn need of an accountant? Look no further, Bakewell & Mulhare focuses on you, the client with due diligence for accuracy, great communication, and extreme trustworthiness. Cheryl and Scott, Thank you for all you do for Sue and I, our business and for our community. You two are the best!

Cheryl Bakewell of Bakewell & Mulhare, LLC helped us understand some of the tax changes from this year. Contact her now to get a better understanding of how things will work for your taxes. Thanks Cheryl!


Doing outside holiday lighting? Do you have a GFI outlet on the outside of the house to plug those lights in to? Having an extension cord running through a window or under a door is NOT safe, call us first.


Time for annual generator maintenance! Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your standby or portable generator system will perform when you experience a power outage. Do you remember how to start your portable unit? When was the last time you tested your unit?


Daylight Savings Time Comes to a Close.
Do you have adequate outdoor lighting for the security and safety of your family and visitors?


Happy Halloween!
Turn the flood lights on tonight for the safety of the children!


Fall season is here and another winter is fast approaching. Now is the time to add heat cables to your roof to prevent ice buildup and damage. Don't wait until "old man winter" pays his first visit!


High winds can equate to power outages. We highly recommend test running your generators now. Do not wait for the power to go out and to be left in the dark! It's time to schedule a tune-up and a refresher on how to operate your generator.
Call today for your generator needs.


We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Thanks to all of our fabulous customers!


Thunderstorm season is upon us, power outages can last for days and/or weeks, as we experienced with our last storm. Don't get caught in the dark! Generators provide for general lighting, water, refrigeration and hot water. Call us today to discuss options.


Why did Mr. Ohm marry Mrs. Ohm?
Because he couldn't "resistor!"
(Sorry...I couldn't resist!!!! Happy Friday!)😜


Mold Inspections and Removal - We Make Air Better! - Green Home Solutions Green Home Solutions provides solutions for healthier living indoors. From mold removal to air testing, call us to find out more.


10 Reasons to Get a Home Generator

So true Jeff, thanks for posting Power outages can be a major inconvenience. Here are 10 reasons to consider if you're thinking about purchasing a home generator of your own.


About Carbon Monoxide What You Can't See, Can Harm You - Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is essentially undetectable by human senses. It is produced when an engine that uses a carbon-based fuel like gasoline is running.


Q. Is your carpenter or handyman allowed by CT law to install a new outlet and box in your home?
A. No, they must be a qualified and state licensed electrician. Ask to see their license and be certain they are insured for both liability and workmen's compensation.


Gentleman (and Ladies), start your generators, there's a storm a
brewin'! If you don't have a generator, give us a call at 860-354-9260
Stay warm and safe.


Older home? CT has many beautiful yet aging buildings which could mean outdated wiring, fixtures and standards, inside and out. Contact us to inspect your electrical wiring.


I find being an electrician interesting, but the work can be sometimes be shocking. Ha Ha Ha. Couldn't resist!

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We are your local electrician providing more than 30 years of high quality and dependable service. We specialize in design services for both indoor and outdoor lighting providing beauty, value, security and personal safety for you and your family.

We specialize in residential and commercial electrical repairs, installations, additions and services!

Tom Fisher has been performing electrical service for thirty years. A native resident of New Milford and active in the local schools and community, Tom is a graduate of Henry Abbott Technical School. Following graduation he worked as an apprentice electrician until he started Advanced Electrical Services in 1986.

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