Blank Canvas of Beauty

Blank Canvas of Beauty


Dear Servants of God,

Greetings in Jes us Might name! I am blessed a nd drilled to read your wonderful a nd touching website which has touched my hea rt so much and I am feeli ng to work with you hand in ha nd to build the kingdom of G od and to SET the captives fr ee and free in Jesus name as t he book of Isaiah 42:7 states!

Our praye rs to you as a young chur ch down here in Eastern part of Ken ya is to welcome you to fe el free to come over here a nd hold a crusade/conference/Revival meetings and minist er to us,teach, baptize us, ordain pasto rs and establish your work here sin ce we are working independently without a go od foundation ground of God's word. As a you ng church worshiping under shade! We reque st for your love, prayers and suppo rt to :

1.To get Tin Sheets need ed to weather proof our church sha de to avoid much rain hindering o ur church meetings.

2.To get Bibles in o ur local language EKEGUSII to help us gr ow and understand His word better as we hung er and thirst of His word brethr en please.

Let His will be Done brethr en as you read this message a nd feel free to help on h ow He will lead you!

Be blessed a nd please let us devote ourselves in servi ng Him in Truth and Spirit sin ce we don't have any extra ti me left to waste!

Yours in Christ Service

Past or Antoke

P.O.BOX.306-60600 MAUA.

Email:[email protected]

Psalms 58:10-11

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Have you heard of multi-masking?
It’s a n ew technique of applying different masks on vario us areas of the face and it ’s purpose is to meet different nee ds in given areas. This way, applicatio ns can come in a variety of combinatio ns, for example: a cleansing mask f or oiliness in the ​​'T' zone, moisturizi ng where there is dryness, tightening or lifti ng to the neck or brightening in are as with discoloration.



Chronos Hydra Correct Cream


high-performance total renewal cream suitable f or mature, ageing skin.

• Reduces wrinkles

How to use:
App ly on a cleansed face by gent ly massaging in, in the morning and/ or at night after serum.

Award-winning agei ng regulating cream which immediately reduces t he wrinkles, while visibly erasing the mar ks of time. It boosts the producti on of collagen for firmer, more radia nt skin and restores cellular damage. Wi th potent antioxidants, this product combat t he free-radical damage that is responsible f or the visible (and hidden) signs of agei ng, reinforces skin defences, tones the sk in and rejuvenates its appearance. New cosmet ic drones for advanced delivery systems targ et fibroblasts and decrease wrinkles by 70%




These amazing serums are for a ll skin types and helping with a ll skin conditions.
Most effective is to do it wi th in salon treatments.


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Ultra range from Dermaclinical. That hel ps with the mind and body. Wi th these amazing products you can li ve a healthier way with natural produc ts that can improve your way of livi ng. #skin#body #mind#naturalingredients #loveyourse lf #loveyourbody #lo

Ultra range from Dermaclinical.
That helps wi th the mind and body.

With the se amazing products you can live a healthi er way with natural products that c an improve your way of living.

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Gentle balanci ng facial foaming wash to remove make- up, reduce dead skin cell buildup a nd balance water and oil levels to preve nt dehydration This wash is perfect f or normal and sensitive skin clients th at want to treat over all sk in health.



Advance active ser um with a high percentage of acti ve ingredients selected to treat hyperpigmentation, melas ma, sun spots, scarring and anti-aging. Th is vitamin C is perfect to tre at dermal pigmentation without adverse reactions a nd must be used with Derca Trip le Retinol Serum



Intense repa ir wipes to improve the appearance of stret ch marks and scar tissue, with i ts specialized formulation with retinol and vitam in C your scars will improve with in 4 weeks. These scar repair wip es are perfect for wound healing.



Advan ce active serum with a high percenta ge of active ingredients selected to tre at hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, scarring a nd anti-aging. This biophase slow release retin ol is perfect to treat dermal pigmentati on without adverse reactions.



Alpha Hydroxy Ac id skin peel with Glycolic acid, Al oe Vera and Chamomile to allow natur al skin peeling while hydrating the sk in and causing no inflammation. This pe el has a 1.9pH and self neutraliz es after 10minutes. You receive a fr ee bowl and spoon inside your b ox. Great for the treatment of op en pores, sagging skin, blackheads, milia, fin es lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and malasma.

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Anti Aging Products

Anti Aging Products from Derca



Advance treatment wi th patented ingredients like Argon oil, Niacinami de, Hyaluronic Acid and peptides with st em cells to treat and maintain pigmentati on and aged skin. This serum is perfe ct for morning and evening application f or full rejuvenation.



Pearl cream foaming anti-ageing wa sh with lactic acid, glycolic acid, mal ic acid, Green tea, and pentavitin to promo te natural collagen and elastin production, redu ce inflammation and allow natural daily exfoliati on to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles



Deluxe anti-ageing day and night cre am with complex ingredients like omega 3 ,6 and 9 oils, hyaluronic acid a nd retinol to reduce the signs of agei ng and turn back the clock by stimulati ng new collagen development. Deep moisturizer properties



Revolutiona ry intensive eye repair eye balm wi th specialized ingredients like Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Hydrolyz ed rice protein, and Vitamin E to tre at dark circles, puffiness and fine lin es and wrinkles around the eyes a nd mouth.



T he Anti-Age Gold Elixir oil is a dual-pha se elixir that blends the brand’s proprieta ry, nutrient-rich natural oils such as In ca Inci, Jojoba Seed, Evening Primrose a nd Rice bran with a combination of Squale ne and Ubiquinone (Co-Enzyme Q10), unleashing a wa ve of activity to infuse skin wi th youth. Collagen production improves, helping soft en the look of emerging lines a nd wrinkles while visibly firming skin.



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Anti-Oil range


Anti - O il Solution Wash 100ml for R530.00

An ti - Oil AHA BHA Moisturizer 50 ml for R460.00

Anti - Oil Sp ot Defense 6ml for R215.00

Dermal Vitam in C Skin Polish 50ml for R315. 00

Complete repair kit with 4 phenomen al skincare products. 1. Active anti-oil faci al wash with active ingredients to redu ce oil build up, reduce pore si ze, minimize acne scarring. 2. Anti-O il Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydro xy Acid moisturiser with Reguseb, Salicylic Ac id, hyaluronic acid, Rosemary to target breakou ts, pustules and blackheads. 3. Anti-Oil sp ot treatment developed and manufactured by world-renown ed scientist doctor with 2% Benzoyl peroxi de and 2% Salicylic acid, peppermint, Hor se Chestnut, Rosemary and witch hazel f or the treatment of breakouts, blackheads a nd White pimples, deep nodules. 4. Lightweig ht exfoliating gel to cleanse the sk in from make-up and debris.

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Juliette Armand

Wipe on✅Wipe off✅

A simple ha ir removal and growth inhibiting cream th at reduces hair growth leaving your sk in silky smooth.

Society has long h ad a fascination with maintaining and enhanci ng our physical appearance. One of t he most focused upon areas has be en the look and feel of o ur facial and body hair.

Now there ’s a solution to the removal of undesir ed hair that is easy, effective, a nd guaranteed.

Introducing No Grow, the ha ir removal and growth inhibitor cream th at is both scientifically formulated and us es natural ingredients to be gentle on t he skin. Unlike most hair removal crea ms which focus on the temporary remov al of surface hair. No Grow is easi ly absorbed for long-term hair reduction wh en the product is applied correctly, on a week ly basis for 8 months (depending on t he individual).

No Grow’s fast-action hair remov al cream is tried and tested to remo ve hair, leave skin soft and subt le, and slow down hair regrowth.

Test ed results support No Grow’s effectiveness.

60% reduction of body hair as compar ed to placebo
• 60% reduction of t he anagen / telogen follicles ration
30% reduction in the proportion of thi ck hairs

Each product in the No Gr ow range is specifically formulated to targ et certain types of male and fema le facial and body hair and gi ve you smooth, hairless skin. With eve ry successive application of No Grow crea ms less and less hair will be noticeab le, and hair will become softer a nd less dense.

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Juliette Armand

Eye Shine Cream


Eye Shi ne Cream quantity
Multi-action cream targeted specifically f or the area around the eyes.

Assis ts with dark circles and puffy ey es, firming and moisturizing.

How to use:
App ly a small quantity to clean sk in and massage gently until absorbed.

specialized gel cream combining vitamin C. A powerf ul cocktail that drastically reduces dark circl es, puffiness maintains the integrity of t he capillaries around the eye area. Enrich ed with Sambucus flower extract, it figh ts puffiness, dark circles and reduces sk in inflammations. Vitamin E and Matrixyl peptid es smooth expression lines and wrinkles a nd activate the production of collagen a nd hyaluronic acid, thus enhancing the skin ’s consistency. It is easily absorbed a nd does not cause irritation.

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Julliet Armand

Glow C 12%


Glow C offe rs brightness, glow and an even to ne to the skin. An anti-oxidant, regenerati ng, whitening serum with 12% vitamin C. Ext ra added Peony extract (sweet plant) f or antioxidant properties, reducing pigmentation and offeri ng a glow to the skin.

Complete ly safe on all skins. Melanin inhibit or, which is very important for t he ongoing treatment of pigmentation and unev en skin tone.

How to use:
M ix the ascorbic acid powder contained in t he top (push on the plunger) wi th the enzymatic solution in the bott le and shake well until fully dissolv ed. Must be used up in 3 wee ks.

Pure vitamin C powder (L-ascorbic ac id) of a 12% content. The prov en anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C provi de hydration, firmness, regeneration and whitening f or the skin. This has an ext ra ingredient called Peony extract (sweet pla nt) for anti oxidant properties, reducing pigmentati on and offering a glow to t he skin and further inhibiting pigmentation.

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This is an amazing product wi th high quality collagen that show improv ed in health.

Comes in the followi ng sizes
75gr R435
450gr R720
850gr R1155

Th is formula is a highly specialized Ami no Acid blend, sourced from bovine hi de. Specific Amino’s have been chosen to igni te the right collagen-producing machinery in t he various body systems.
Clinical studies have sho wn this Bio Specific formula to particular ly target the decrease of fat ma ss, increase of lean body mass a nd provide more muscle strength.
Also assists:

Improv es circulation, Fortifies blood vessels, Promotes heali ng,

Relieves joint pain and increases joi nt mobility,

Assists in weight management, Trea ts leaky gut syndrome.


Promo time
Get all 3 f or only R130.00 per set
While stock la st


Juliette Armand

Oxygen Foaming Mask



It instantly renews the sk in by offering toning, freshness and liveline ss. A mask that transfers the air ’s free oxygen into the skin.

ACTI ON: A rejuvenation facial mask that instant ly renews the skin by offering toni ng, freshness and liveliness.

APPLICATION: Gently app ly the Gel to clean skin (witho ut massaging it) and leave it unt il it stops becoming foam. Romove gent ly with a cotton pad.

SUITABILITY: f or all skin types

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Juliette Armand

Azulene Calming Mask

Instant calming, cooli ng and soothing, anti-inflammatory mask. For Sensiti ve Skins, Rosacea, Post peeling treatments a nd micro-needling treatments.

Moisturizes and soothes t he skin, reducing sensitivity and redness.

H ow to use:
Apply a thick layer to t he entire face, allow to dry a nd remove with water.

The Azulene ma sk is a chamomile extract ma sk. A clay mask that provides t he necessary calming ingredients to sensitive a nd irritated skins, restoring its natural balan ce and defences. Its rich formula promot es the healing process of micro-injuries. F or sensitive and irritated skin, following de ep cleansing treatments, post peeling treatments, rosac ea and roccutane treatment.

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Juliette Armand

AHA Smoothing Cream


Facial rejuvenati on cream with AHA (Aplpha Hydroxy acid s), offers a gentle exfoliation and c an double up as a rub o ff exfolaitor. Boosts the skin’s natural rejuvenati on process and hydrates at the sa me time, leaving the skin feeling elast ic and smooth.

Smoothing, exfoliating, hydrating & Firming.
Increas ed skin renewal (anti-ageing), and hydrating d ue to hyaluronic acid (MMW)

How to use:
App ly a thin layer to the fa ce in the evening, if exfolaition is requir ed one may “rub”off the cream ov er a basin and see the remov al of dead skin cells or app ly and leave on at bedtime.

It restores the skin’s smooth function, bas ed on a selection of AHAAci ds (lactic, glycolic, mandelic acid) with a pH of 5 .0. It demonstrates mild chemical exfoliation properti es. Enhanced with Hyalurina Acid ( MM W), Panthenol, Centella Extract and Al oe Vera, it boosts the skin’s natur al rejuvenation process and hydrates the sk in, making the skin firm and radia nt. It is very elastic and easi ly absorbed without leaving the skin oi ly. Recommended to be combined with s un protection.

Do not use during pregnan cy


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Juliette Armand

Cleanser Wash 200ml


Liquid so ap, ideal for all skin types. It deep ly cleanses the skin from dirt a nd removes make-up and oil without dryi ng the skin. It contains gluten, t he basic protein of wheat, for a natur al moisturizing effect.

Liquid soap, ideal f or all skin types.

Gentle foaming cleans er, which leaves a film of moistu re on the skin after cleansing.

H ow to use:
Apply a small amount to da mp face, massage gently and remove wi th water.

It deeply cleanses the sk in from dirt and removes make-up a nd oil without drying the skin. It contai ns gluten, the basic protein of whe at, for a natural moisturizing effect

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Ultra range from Dermaclinical. That hel ps with the mind and body.   Wi th these amazing products you can li ve a healt...