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Juliet Rose

I am a writer living in the mountains of north Georgia. I have lived all over the US and Mexico and instagram.com/authorjulietrose

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Cover reveal and summary for Carrying the Dead coming out Feb 7, 2023! The original artwork for the cover was done by Justin Sexton and I altered it to make it look topographical.


Thank you to everyone this year who has shown up, dropped by, reviewed, gave feedback, purchased, and was present. Being an author is tough, being an introverted author is a test of sanity! I appreciate you all! I ask if you read any of my books please leave an Amazon or Goodreads review as this helps get the word out. Thank you for supporting indie authors!

Team5 12/08/2022


Thanks Readers Choice! All four of my books entered named finalists.



Do you like horror? How about books set on an island pitting good against evil? I have a copy of Through the Surface I am giving away in a drawing because it has a slight crease in the cover. If interested, post a note here letting me know! It might even come with some goodies. Please share!

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All four of these books were awarded finalist in the Readers' Choice Book Awards yesterday and given five star reviews! (Trigger Point came out after the entry deadline).


Cyber Monday deal on my books! US/Canada only due to shipping costs. Holiday card included if you are sending as a gift.


A reminder for anyone struggling. Text 741741 to talk to someone. You are not alone.


Thank you to IAN! This is the 5th award Do Over has won this year and makes a total of 13 for all my novels combined in 2022. To those who said I'd never make it as a writer...suck it. To those who believed in me...thank you!


From the book event yesterday at The Book Cellar in Conyers Georgia.


Tomorrow! I will be there with all the books!

Our local author showcase is tomorrow from 11a-4p! Don't miss this delightful event tomorrow! ✨


Thank you Readers' Choice for making my day!



Me and the Wiz at my book signing yesterday. We had a great time and met some fantastic people! Thanks Stacey at The Crazy Book Lady bookstore for letting me come set up!


Love this review because it called my book "weird" lol. Best compliment ever!





Great review from Readers' Choice for Do Over!

Famous Interview with Joe Dimino Featuring Author & Writer Juliet Rose 10/28/2022

Famous Interview with Joe Dimino Featuring Author & Writer Juliet Rose

Recent podcast interview of mine. Even though he introduces me as Juliette Lewis LOL. On youtube but just audio:

Famous Interview with Joe Dimino Featuring Author & Writer Juliet Rose Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Juliet Rose .. She is currently a New York native l...


Great review for Through the Surface!


Just found out my novel Do Over won 2nd place (finalist) in the GIAYA Georgia Independent Author of the Year Awards! That makes 4 for Do Over and 12 overall this year 💖!


Due to this wonderful awards spree I am on (8 in the last week), I have set all of my books to be free on Kindle Unlimited for the next month!

Trigger Point: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1737797046

Through the Surface https://www.amazon.com/Through-Surfac...

Prick of the Needle

We Don't Matter

Do Over

Thank you for all of your support!

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Yes! All four books I entered placed in the Book Fest Awards! authorjulietrose.com



I just found out four of my books won in the Firebird Book Awards:
Do Over- 2nd Place Contemporary Novel
We Don't Matter- 3rd Place New Adult
Through the Surface - 3rd Place Horror
Prick of the Needle - 3rd place Multicultural

I am freaking out!


Man, did this book ever take a journey! It was under contract with a publisher who then disappeared and left a lot of authors high and dry. While it was under contract, it was offered another contract but turned down because of first contract. So after all that, I decided to just do it my damn self!
Out now on ebook and paperback:
signed copies through- authorjulietrose.com


It's rare a review makes me cry but this one and the reviewers notes on goodfeads made me sob. THEY GOT IT. This is why I wrote We Don't Matter

2022 Book Award Contest Winners 09/01/2022

2022 Book Award Contest Winners

What fantastic news to wake up to! My book We Don't Matter won honorable mention in the Reader's Favorite- LGBTQ category out of thousands of entries (including big publishers!). Second award for this novel and third overall! I am honored, humbled...and a little teary!

2022 Book Award Contest Winners Readers' Favorite provides free book reviews for authors and hosts a respected annual book award contest.


Review from the Reader's Favorite Website. Yeeesss!!


Thanks Lisa!


First chapter of novel #8 written. This one goes a completely different direction. Now time for a tomato sandwich!


COVER REAL on Trigger Point coming out in September!

Zoey Sanders is completing her internship as a paramedic with the Mountaintop Search and Rescue in the Beartooth Mountain range of Montana when a new dog handler arrives to join the team. The handler, Micah Byrne, is deaf and he and Zoey form an immediate connection, even though she only knows the sign language alphabet and a few words. They are drawn to each other through friendship, their love of dogs, and find their lives woven together through their passion.
An avalanche ties the team together through tragedy, but a sudden loss drives Zoey away and almost out of her mind, making her turn on everything she once loved. Including Micah. She is consumed by rage and loneliness, lashing out because no one is held accountable for her loss. Her family has to reassess everything they'd once taken for granted and discover a strength in themselves they'd never known.

Zoey and Micah must bare their souls and tell their truths in order to find their way back to each other.


Lovely review of Through the Surface from Melody on Goodreads!:

"Juliet Rose can sure write! The story was interesting, even though I knew where it was going. (I read too many books and watch too many movies!)

I gave it a whole extra star because of 3 things:

1) The character of Duff. Nonbinary characters are not often put into books, and this was a great way to do it. I love how Duff was talked about in the book, and how their gender was explained to people when the pronoun "they" caused confusion. I also loved that Duff was supported by their family and did not face abuse from them.

2) A female member of the clergy! Any good vs. evil book I've ever read has stuffy old white male clergymen. This was an extremely refreshing touch.

3) The thoughtfulness and care that went into the first intimate scene between Ledger and Iris. As a survivor of sexual assault, I thought the description of Iris' trigger was excellent. I was thrilled that Ledger had an appropriate and caring response rather than being toxic and/or angry about it. I had not read this in a book before, and I gave it a full round of applause as I was teary-eyed."

Hell or High Water - Mystery and Suspense Magazine 07/30/2022

Hell or High Water - Mystery and Suspense Magazine

An article I wrote for Mystery and Suspense Magazine

Hell or High Water - Mystery and Suspense Magazine The horror, isolation, and mysticism of islands in fiction


First review on Through the Surface! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1737797038


Super awesome review of Prick of the Needle!

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True story. I turned down and terminated publisher contracts to become Indie. Why? Because I discovered a lot of publishers are biting off more than they can chew, cannot deliver on marketing promises, take a bite of already paltry sales. I saw bad contracts, missed deadlines, horrible communication, and worst of all...substandard products being pushed out too soon. Indie authors have a responsibility to make sure their book is up to par...but so do publishers. The goal is to preserve good literature above all else. To tell a story which needs a voice. A good story will bring the right readers.


A welcome delivery in the mail today!



Thank you to 22&8 (Justin Sexton) for this awesome video for Through the Surface.

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