Good Nudes for People Who Love Bad Nudes, by Error Jordan

Some new Error Jordan tunes to check out.
Hopefully some Years updates soon...

8 track album



Hey everyone! Today, all sales, both physical and digital, on our bandcamp page will be donated to the ACLU. Bandcamp is also donating all their fees. We couldn't be happier to be a part of this. YEARS


Christmas, by YEARS

Welp, just threw another one up! Check it out. Free download as always.

11 track album


If you're one of those Spotify folks, you can listen to the Xmas record there now:




Christmas, by YEARS

It's that time of year. Our new Christmas tune for 2016 is now available, for free, on our Christmas record. (Download the whole thing for a lil surprise 😉)

11 track album


D'you Snapchat Music Video

Hey! Check out this video for Jordan's tune D'you. You may recognize a few faces!

Official video for D'you taken from the record I Love You, Don't Call Back by Error Jordan Available on limited edition cassette and digitally at errorjordan...


Life Is Weird. PS. It'll Be Ok

We should have probably said this a while ago... What do you do when the thing that keeps you going seems to fall apart in front of you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it? When Adam, Tory, Zach and I started this band eight years ago, we...


I Love You, Don't Call Back, by Error Jordan

Our little man, Jordan, released some tunes on a cassette today (and digital too). We think they're pretty nice, but don't take our word for it!

5 track album


Friends, we're starting to feel like we can do this again. Thanks for sticking with us. We know better than to make any promises, but 2016 is looking pretty promising. Love your people tonight. You're lucky to have them! Be well.


Gee whiz, that was fun! Thanks so much for coming tonight. Sorry to everyone who was turned away at the door, we've never played a venue at capacity before. That was pretty cool.


Waste Your Love (Xmas 2015)

Take some deep breaths. Next year's gonna be better. Even if it's not. Love yous!

Christmas can be a real bummer sometimes, eh? They say misery loves company, although maybe it's the company (or lack therof) that brought on the misery in t...