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THE MAGIC ~ full song on YouTube - https://youtu.be/VA7XoIYHUyo

Undersense 21/01/2021

My EP Undersense is out now 🙃


Undersense J-EL-R · Single · 2021 · 5 songs.


Tune in to Gorgeous FM tomorrow evening to hear my new song ‘Too Real’ which will be played on air as part of the Women In Music segment 💚

Photos from j_el_r_music's post 09/10/2020

08/10/2020 at The Moustache Bar.

Thank you to everyone that came and for the messages of support from those who couldn’t.

Covid compliant concerts are weird. But I had fun 🙃🤣


Next week at The moustache bar we have 3 amazing performances of music! In the first performance you'll be able to catch the narrative tunes of Afro Comb and the complex indie electro of zoltan. In the second performance we have the amazing j_el_r_music bringing a mix of RnB, trip-hop and hip-hop and the pulsing basslines of IMONI! In the final third we have Raelle combining jazz and soul’s freedom of expression and emotiveness and Also on the bill will be Kieran Sid hot off the success of his alt pop anthem "Blinding Lights".

Timeline photos 10/09/2020

Here’s me doing my finest ‘thinking woman’s pose’ for the Moustache bar gig on October 8th. From 7-8:50pm you can come and listen to me, , Zoltan, and (at a social distance of course.) The link for tickets is in my bio. See you there 🥳

Timeline photos 31/08/2020

Advocate of and only sort of in .


Timeline photos 25/08/2020

Smile with your eyes. 🙂

Timeline photos 20/08/2020

Keep talking. Keep supporting. Keep understanding. Keep learning.

doesn’t stop because/when the and social media posts die down a little.

Keep it relevant.


Full video now on YouTube !

Decided to put my footage from over the years to a worthy video 🙃

The visuals make me . I hope they make you too 🙂

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-sLthqNz6Fo


Sunlight is out NOW!
A new track by J-EL-R to to in the .

Listen on all streaming services. Full video coming soon 🙃

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/312RKF3
Apple Music: https://apple.co/2Pbi3TR

Timeline photos 17/07/2020

In 2 weeks I will be releasing my new single Sunlight 😁

SUNLIGHT is spelt with letters I’ve photographed on my because the song is inspired by my and I have at the moment 🤷🏽‍♀️ Any of the letters look familiar to you?

Aaanyway. Make sure you come back on the 31st July so you can click through to my creation!

Underground Sound Presents - The Moustache Bar 14/07/2020

Come along to this intimate gig with myself and other under the radar artists performing! 🙂... Get your tickets here! - https://bit.ly/309pGPW

Underground Sound Presents - The Moustache Bar Underground Sound will be bringing some of the finest Soul, Pop and Funk artists to Dalston's Moustache Bar!

Timeline photos 25/06/2020

If you are thinking about jumping into doing something you love - STOP THINKING and just JUMP IN.

Putting my first song Fully Gr0wn out into the world was a little daunting - trying to record on the most basic equipment, needless worrying, learning as I go, and so much more... but i’ve been singing other people’s music for soooo long and it’s about time I made my own waves 🌊.
Thank you to everyone that encouraged me to “DIY” 🖤.

You can catch my first ever release Fully Gr0wn on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/37XkPEU and all other platforms 🙃


1. Never apologise for being yourself ✔️
2. Be an independent ✔️
3. Don’t change to fit into other people’s worlds of what you should or should not be.
4. to ‘Make Believe’ to remind yourself of points 1-3.

Full on Apple Music: https://apple.co/2YUjeeP


The folks at Music's Metaphor have put together a list of ‘songs about the current state of the world’ and I’m happy to be the ‘not so serious’ one in the room for once 😄

Have a little read about my song and the other amazing artists on the list at https://musicsmetaphor.com/songs-about-the-current-state-of-the-world/

Photos from j_el_r_music's post 14/06/2020

Just taking a moment out from all the crazy goings on in the world to say THANK YOU to everyone that has streamed my music so far 🖤🖤
Enjoy my awkwardness in these photos👌🏾


REMIXD Magazine has released an article featuring artists that are creating music with inspiring messages and raising awareness of multiple issues through sound.

Read about the motivation behind my song ‘Our Worlds’, check out the other amazing artists, and take a listen to all of our music:

REMIXD Magazine

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Need some new sounds? I’m very happy to be appearing in the Top Hits 2021 playlist 🖤 Check it out on Spotify now!


Thank you to The 6th Floor Show for having me on the set! Listen up 🔥 3rd on the playlist is Our Worlds ❤️ The 6th Floor Show

Episode 42 is out now


https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-6th-floor-show/id1495174142 =28c35700-be5b-d86f-80aa-8ba826329267


J-EL-R (@j_el_r) Instagram profile • 29 photos and videos 10/05/2020

Follow on Instagram and test yourself on the little Lockdown Music Quiz to kill the time 🙃


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Timeline photos 27/04/2020

Monday’s are for creating.


Observations is out NOW to stream on all platforms.
Listen to J-EL-R on Spotify
5 songs. 5 genres.
What’s your favourite?



I hope quarantine isn’t treating you too badly.
Here’s a song to lift your spirits! https://soundcloud.com/jelr/you-are-there/s-C9VwrF50Wu3

J-EL-R 05/04/2020

You can now listen to Our Worlds on Spotify!
Add to your playlist and whack a like on it 😜


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Timeline photos 27/03/2020

is deaaad. BUT seeing all the happening all around the country in response to and the incredible work of the has me to a new song to celebrate the good stuff.
You can here

Hope everyone’s staying safe! Keep being there for each other, and I hope my tune entertains you for a little while and uplifts you❤️

Make Believe 13/03/2020

Make Believe on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/jelr/make-believe

Make Believe ~ I don’t wana be all of your make believe. I don’t wana be yours. I just want to be mine.

Timeline photos 07/03/2020
Our worlds 02/03/2020

Check out my latest releases on Soundcloud!

Fully Gr0wn - https://soundcloud.com/jelr/fully-gr0wn/s-0GcGf

Our Worlds - https://soundcloud.com/jelr/our-worlds

Make Believe - https://soundcloud.com/jelr/make-believe

Criminal - https://soundcloud.com/jelr/criminal

Like, listen, and share the genre defying love 🖤

Our worlds ~Our worlds are not the same. Power has changed the game.

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