Ziploxx Hurghada

Ziploxx Hurghada

Our breakthrough “hybrid” invention combines the best of long term and clip-in extensions and el


After 4,000 hours of engineering, development and extensive testing; Ziploxx was created to offer client and stylist beautiful hair with..
No downside, hyper-speed, and lifestyle ease

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Let's see what shades of hair are available in our online Ziploxx Hurghada store!


How can you order our Ziploxx hair?

Write us a message and we will arrange a meeting with you to choose the right shade from our color palette. When you decide on the right length and shade, your order will be sent from the factory to Hurghada within 5-7 business days!


Ziploxx Hair are designed to be easy and quick to remove, creating a stress-free experience for the stylist and client 💫


Ziploxx Hair is a new hair extension method that combines the tape on method with silicone zippers so you can wear your hair as long as you want without fear of demaging them. WITHOUT GLUE, WITHOUR KERATIN!!!

Soon available in Hurghada


Our breakthrough “hybrid” invention combines the best of long term and clip-in extensions and eliminates the perils of glue, tape, sewing or other heavier application methods. Damage-free and comfortable to wear, ZIPLOXX™ is healthier for the scalp and hair.

Choix extensions are slightly visible at the top but will provide a seamless finish when appropriately placed under hair sections. Our microbands are engineered from the highest quality, highest density material. After hair is adhered to the microband, the band is sewn onto the patented ZIPLOXX™ mechanism, creating an extremely flexible and durable extension.

All extensions are made from ethically sourced, 100% human Remy hair. Human Remy hair is among the highest caliber of hair extensions as the hair is cut from women with the cuticle intact and flowing in the same direction for ultimate softness and ease of blending with natural hair.

Soon available in Hurghada!


Ziploxx™ hair extensions volumize, lengthen and accessorize in a zip. Pure genius. No tape, no glue, no adhesive, no sewing, no linking, no weaving.

Soon in Hurghada!!

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Ziploxx Hair Extension are danage free!
Why Ziploxx Hair are different?