LoveSprings & Friends Handmade Fair and Sustainable Jewellery

LoveSprings & Friends Handmade Fair and Sustainable Jewellery

Unique Handmade Sustainable Jewellery


Busy creating a new ‘Luxor’ collection, inspired by ancient Egypt, featuring asps, fiery sun symbols, all seeing eyes and geometric shapes, exclusively for . Should be instore with the brilliant local store v soon!

Timeline photos 21/07/2020

In the making: beautiful handmade earrings for our exclusive Tulum collection with in East Dulwich. They should be in store any day now. This collection using raw is inspired by Aztec art, shapes and colours of ancients Aztecs. designed

Timeline photos 27/04/2020

More supercool sustainable handmade earrings instore today today, these are part of our Eivissa Noir collection and look great against plain light or strong tone linens or abstract prints. Instore and buy here via Insta.

Timeline photos 25/04/2020

Gorgeous large hoop earrings from our handmade Marrakech collection. Add a floaty summer kaftan and sandals and you are good to go!

Timeline photos 23/04/2020

Amazing new eye earrings from our Eivissa Noir collection. These combine black clay and brass eye piece. These are real showstoppers. Instore now at or via Instagram. Just click now.

Timeline photos 22/04/2020

Happy Earth Day everyone! While we are mostly all in lockdown, and all the challenges that brings, we hope our precious earth is getting a bit of a breather from our usual levels of activity. We were having a few issues with Instagram yesterday so the shopping link to these gorgeous clay, and sustainable brass sun pieces disappeared so we are posting again. These are perfect for teaming with any easy cotton dress around the house or garden. These are part of our new Eivissa Noir collection.

Timeline photos 21/04/2020

Wowa we adore these earrings, and will he rocking them in the garden! For sale now on our site and through Instagram

Timeline photos 13/04/2020

We’ve just added these and more lovely new sustainable Earrings to our Eivissa collection. We adore the eco raw brass sun pieces and will be using these a lot across the collection. You can buy these direct on Instagram!

Timeline photos 12/04/2020

Exciting new addition to our Marrakech collection featuring sustainable brass pieces and two shades of blue inspired by Yves St Laurent’s former home and garden in Morocco.

Timeline photos 10/04/2020

These beauties are new additions to our Marrakech collection, with real UK clay and sustainable raw brass pieces these are super cool unique earrings for hip ladies. Available to buy from Insta and our website this very now.

Timeline photos 09/04/2020

Have you spotted these one off Eye earrings from our Eivissa collection? They feature matte white clay and upcycled raw brass and are handpainted. These make are lovely unique gift and are available to buy straight off Insta!

Timeline photos 08/04/2020

We’ve been busy beavering away on new eco sustainable pieces for our Eivissa collection and a sub-collection, Eivissa Noir, aimed at nights out but, you can, of course, wear it anytime and indoors, staying in is the new going out, after all.

Timeline photos 08/04/2020

These earring beauties are from our Nautical collection and you can now buy them in Insta!! Woop woop! Just click on the tagged item in the pic to go to the link and click they are yours! Handmade, locally made and unique.

Timeline photos 07/04/2020

Check out out this lovely new design, featuring sustainable eco brass bloom and amethyst drop on an 18K gold plated chain over. This makes a lovely gift, and we can send direct to recipient for FREE with a gift message.

Timeline photos 28/03/2020

So we are super chuffed to announce that our jewellery is now available to buy online! Hurrah! Go over to to check out the collections. More pieces will he added today and over the coming days. Delivery is FREE in the UK. Add a bit of joy to your day by rocking some new jewellery.


We have made all of these beautiful earrings as part of our a Marrakech collection. We will be trying to add them all to our shop ASAP if anyone would like to purchase as a little puck me up in our shop splayed times.

These feature colours of Marrakech - terracotta, Yves Klein Blue, Jade - mixed with brass, the most eco metal to make beautiful unique pieces.


Hi there! Welcome to LoveSprings, a new handmade jewellery line focusing on unique fair and sustainable jewellery made in Peckham, south London. We will also be hosting jewellery from similar minded jewellery lines and the odd other fun, cool unique eco items we love.

We can't wait to introduce you to our pieces, many of which are one-offs, though we can do repeats if requested. Feel the love!