The Word of Life International

The Word of Life International

This is a ministry solely committed to ministering healing and deliverance of Spirit, Souls and Body


What you are looking for in Man is in God, stop looking at man but start looking unto God the Author(Creator, Beginning, First, Originator) and Finisher (End result, Last point, Final say) of your faith. He created you for a purpose and He also know your end from the beginning, He is the only one that holds the master plan of your life and He is the only one that knows the way to your destiny. So, why can't you trust Him and run back to Him and let Him direct your part and it shall be well with you.

Pastor Joshua Adedeji.


I decree over your life, your long awaited testimonies shall be deliver to you this month in the name of Jesus. Say and type a bigger amen to that.

Pastor Joshua Adedeji.


Apostle Paul said, all things are good but not all things are expedient for me... He also said I will not eat meat if it will become a stumblingblock to others. He did not say meat is a sin but he said if he noticed that it will cause another person to stumble or fall he will rather not eat it.
Doctrine is formed by man which we can also called (Law) and which is also good but the best is to follow God's instructions and direction which will give us life and eternity instead of operating in human wisdom which will lead to death.

One of the factors that will determine whether we will make heaven or not is the church we attend. Let us answer these questions individually :
1. Who is feeding me, i.e (Who is your pastor).
2. What kind of food he/she is feeding me with (what kind of word is preaching to you, i.e, does he/she preach to your flesh or spirit)?.
3. What kind of spirit does your pastor carry. Note : Pulpit is a platform of transferring spirits of those that stands behind it whether good or bad.
Let us search answer to the above question in the spirit of God and I think through this there shall be deliverance.
Pastor Joshua Adedeji


Hear the word of God concerning your life today, "When the enemies shall come to you like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against them".
You need not to worry because the promise of God for us His children is that He will not leave us,nor forsake us and He said He will be with us even till the end of the world. No matter the terrors and pestilence in Nigeria presently, we are save. He said, "With our eyes we will see the reward of the wicked and with our hear we will hear but it will not come near our dwelling. And when God speaks He meant it and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think according to the power that worketh in us. Believe Him and trust Him and make sure you belong to Jesus' family, then you are secured.