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At Array Of Colour we're dedicated to providing every customer the highest level of craftsmanship, no matter the size.

Our goal and our customers expectations are always met by using superior products, professional application and our attention to detail.

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 13/12/2023

Morning snow showers, on our way to work.
Good Morning Everyone, God Bless !!


Every night!

Every. Single. Night.

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 21/11/2023

Had to share these on the way to work this morning.

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 10/11/2023

Beaverton Ontario, let the ROLLING BEGIN!

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 09/10/2022

We went back to Lake Superior to finish off what we started late last September into October. All done by brush!

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 09/10/2022

Had some fun doing this exterior in between episodes of weather!

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 09/10/2022

Here are two 100+ year old barn doors off of the original "Milk House" cleaned and multiple coats of finish applied to achieve this restoration of old doors!


We also have these and have repaired many uneven walls and ceilings to give them a level 5 finish! Have a Great Day👍

Timeline photos 27/09/2022

I like this one, Just another shade of white!

Nuestro color del mes de septiembre tiene un aire inspirado en el pasado. Para verlo en tu espacio, solicita una muestra de color gratis y recíbelo directo a donde estés:


This is something we have had to do in the past to repair pre existing drywalled ceilings and or popcorn that cannot be removed. This is not particularly as fast as in the video! But we can do this!

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

Solid product when used correctly

Water stains can reappear through a fresh layer of paint if not properly blocked. Decorate with B-I-N primer sealer and Perma-White interior for the best results. Want to know how to tackle water stains? Read our how to guide:

Photos from Sherwin-Williams for Design Pros's post 25/08/2022

Well done!

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 26/10/2021

So we just returned from a couple of weeks away, We were working on the Beautiful shores of Lake Superior! 😎 all the prep was worth it! All soffit was cleaned sanded and painted! All of the logs and woodwork cleaned sanded 2 coats of oil stain. I believe this was the original stain that we removed. We'll be back!!!


Desk Day Sunday!

Photos from Array Of Colour's post 29/01/2021

Another awesome staircase in the works. Got some colour on the walls earlier in the week!

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