Your friends in Israel

Your friends in Israel

As your friends in Israel, we gathered the best advice on how to travel in Israel like the locals.

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The Israeli desert is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unique parts of the country. The peacefulness, the colors, and the amazing views create an unforgettable experience for every visitor to this region. One of our favorite sites here is the Ramon Crater.

How was Ramon Crater formed?

Ramon Crater, alongside the Big Crater, and the Small Crater - is a unique phenomenon that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the entire world. That is because they were formed in a different way than any other craters in the world. As the biggest of them all, with a length of 38 KM/23.6 miles, a width of 7 KM/4.35 miles, and a depth of 350 meters/1150 feet, it is the largest erosion cirque in the whole world.

The Ramon Crater was created Following the creation of a small crack in the ground. This kickstarted a fascinating process, with the end result being the formation of the crater.

First of all, some rainwater penetrated the cracks in the ground and widened them. As the limestone rock kept on dissolving slowly the crack widened in turn. But then, when some of the water finally reached beyond it, into the sandstone layer, it easily washed it away.

This created a situation in which the limestone layer still stands on top, but the sand underneath is no longer there. Then, when the limestone can no longer bear its weight, it collapses and enlarges the crack that has meanwhile become a small crater.

Thus, In many millions of years, this process continues and enlarges the crater even more, reaching the result that we see today, as the crater keeps on growing slowly.

For more facinating info about Ramon Crater - check out the first comment.

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Have you ever tried Israeli olive oil?

Israeli olive oil is a cornerstone of Middle Eastern cuisine, with over 200 varieties available. Olive trees have thrived in Israel for thousands of years, and their oil was essential even in ancient times, used for lighting and religious ceremonies. Today, Israel’s olive oil industry is a blend of tradition and modernity, producing between 11,000 to 19,000 tons annually. Popular varieties include Cortina, Arbequina, and Nabali.

For an immersive experience, visit Kibbutz Gezer for organic olive oil production or the ancient olive trees in Gethsemane. Gilead Farm in Moshav Ginton offers hands-on workshops, making it a perfect destination to learn and enjoy Israeli olive oil firsthand.

Read all about the Israeli olive oil in the first comment.

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Beauty, tranquil beaches and unique history! The beautiful Caesarea!

Just between Haifa and Tel Aviv, Caesarea is a historical delight and a haven for sea lovers. This ancient Roman city offers breathtaking archaeological sites and tranquil beaches.

Caesarea has a rich history. Founded as a Phoenician anchorage, it was gifted to Herod by Emperor Augustus in 31 BC. Herod transformed it into a grand city with a massive port, temples, and entertainment venues. Caesarea was a major hub during the Roman and Byzantine periods, crucial to early Christianity.

Local tips:

We highly recommend a visit to the Theater. Built during Herod’s era, it held 4,000 seats and is Israel’s oldest theater. Another must-visit site is the Ancient Port. Once a bustling port, it’s now a charming area with cafes and restaurants. The Hippodrome, which hosted gladiator fights and chariot races, seated 10,000 spectators.

Plan your visit and step back in time! check out more info about a visit in Israel in the first comment.


Andrei Kozlov Rescued Alive from Hamas Captivity, Andrei was working as a security guard at a party. He had immigrated to Israel alone from Russia about a year earlier and was living with friends from the "Masa" project in which he participated. Communication with him was cut off on Saturday morning after he sent messages to friends, describing the terrorists who had infiltrated the area where he was and saying he had nowhere to escape. Three weeks later, his family was informed of his abduction to Gaza, and his mother arrived from Russia to Israel to advocate for his release.

After 246 days in captivity, Andrei has been rescued alive. How wonderful it is to have you back with us. ❤


Almog Meir Zhan smiles after being rescued from Hamas captivity, alive and well.

Twenty-one-year-old Meir Zhan from Or Yehuda attended a party with his friends when he was kidnapped and taken to Gaza. His family discovered his abduction through a Telegram video showing him handcuffed by Hamas. His sister recounted, "He was at a party and contacted my mom at 7:45 AM. He told her, 'Mom, we're being shot at. I'm looking for a hiding spot. Everything's fine. I love you, I'll call you every half hour.' Since then, we hadn't heard from him, and we had a bad feeling."

His mother shared, "Almog is a young and happy man with a special connection to his grandfather, who had surgery two weeks before Almog was kidnapped. On October 6, Almog bathed his grandfather, came home for Shabbat dinner, and went to a party from which he did not return until today!"

Today, after 246 days in Hamas captivity, Almog has been rescued alive. His return fills us all with immense joy. Welcome back, Almog. ❤


After 246 days in captivity by Hamas, Shlomi Ziv has been rescued alive and found on Israeli territory.

Shlomi Ziv was kidnapped from a party where he worked as an usher. Shlomi and his partner of 17 years, Miran Ziv, live in Moshav Alkosh, in the north of Israel, near the border. On Thursday, two days before the disaster, Shlomi traveled south to work as an usher at two parties, one of which was the party in Reim.

That morning, he heroically managed to open the party gates to let the revelers escape and talk to his sisters. "How lucky the terrorists didn't get to us," he said while trying to escape. Eight days after losing contact, his family was informed that he had been kidnapped in Gaza.

Today, Shlomi has been rescued alive from the Gaza Strip. We are all overjoyed at your return. ❤


Rescued after 246 days in captivity, Noa Argamani is now safely in Israel!

Noa became a symbol of the brutality of the Hamas terrorists following the October 7 massacre, after a video of her abduction from a party went viral. The footage showed her being forcibly taken on a motorcycle, sobbing and screaming, while her partner, Avinatan Or, was also captured.

Noa and Avinatan hid for hours, reporting their location and texting for help, but were eventually discovered by the terrorists. In a second video from October 7, Noa, who turned 26 during her captivity, was seen sitting on a sofa drinking water, giving her family hope she was alive. Months passed with no further news.

About a week ago, Hamas released a recording of Noa saying, "I don't know how long I will be in captivity."

Today, Noa Argamani returned to Israel, wearing a shirt in a heroic display. Welcome back, Noa. ❤️


We are so happy, it finally happened!
Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv were rescued alive!


We are so happy, it finally happened!
Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv were rescued alive!

Your friends in Israel As your friends in Israel, we gathered the best advice on how to travel in Israel like the locals.

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The Magic of the Dead Sea 🌊
In the Israeli desert, the Dead Sea offers an unparalleled experience with its unique natural wonders in the lowest place on earth!

Here's our 2 top Beaches to visit:

*Kalia Beach*: A historic gem with beautiful views. Facilities include restrooms, showers, and shuttles.

*Ein Bokek Beach*: Famous for its accessibility and nearby amenities, including restaurants and shops. Perfect for families and accessible for people with disabilities!

Visit the Dead Sea to rejuvenate your body and soul! 🌟

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Happy Jerusalem day!

Here are the best things to do in Jerusalem Old City!

Visit the holy sites
Without a doubt, the main reason why so many people come and visit the Old City Of Jerusalem is its sites of incredible importance to so many people around the world. Within a very short walk, you can visit world-renowned sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Western Wall, and Al-Aqsa Mosque, which are some of the most important religious sites in the whole world, to Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Walk on the Jerusalem Wall
A walk on the walls of Jerusalem from above allows for a spectacular panoramic view of the city and its incredible sites. The route goes along most of the wall (except the Temple Mount area), and is divided into two. Firstly, the southern promenade, which passes over the Armenian quarter and the Jewish quarter – from the Jaffa Gate to the Zion Gate (with the option of reaching near the Gate of the Ashpots and the prayer plaza of the Western Wall ). Secondly, The northern promenade, which passes over the Christian quarter and the Muslim quarter – from the Jaffa Gate through Nablus Gate to the Flower Gate. Please note, the entrance to both promenades, the southern and the northern, is from the Jaffa Gate.

Visit The Tower Of David
Near the Jaffa Gate, at the highest point in the old city, is the Tower of David, which is a magnificent medieval fortress that was used to defend the city. The citadel has had many incarnations, with the Arabs, the Crusaders, and the Turks all leaving their mark on the building’s architecture. One of the best reasons to come here is the amazing view from the citadel towers, as the city spreads out in front of you. The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem operates in the complex, with a permanent display dedicated to the history of the city alongside changing exhibitions on various topics.


Shalom fron Ein Ovdat, a very nice and easy hike close to Sde Boker

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Best pastries to try in Israel!

challah is a special kind of European Jewish bread, that is a major part of Jewish tradition. Challah is traditionally eaten during the Kiddush, a Jewish ceremony that is held right before the Friday dinner. Thus, most Challahs are baked and sold on Friday mornings, where you can find them in bakeries and markets across the country.

The Bourekas, a Jewish variation of Burek, the popular Eastern European dish, is a great phyllo pastry with a savory filling. As one of the most popular Israeli pastries, you can find Bourekas filled with cheese, potatoes, or mushrooms all around the country, in supermarkets, bakeries, and Middle Eastern restaurants.

Jerusalem Bagel
The delicious Jerusalem bagel, known for its round shape and crispy texture, is one of the staple dishes of Jerusalem. You can find it in many bakeries in the city center, as well as in stalls and markets in the old city of Jerusalem.

Sufganiyot is a Jewish variation of doughnuts, which is the symbol of the holiday of Hanukkah. As a deep-fried pastry filled with jam or custard, it’s a great option for anyone visiting Israel in the wintertime. Around the holiday of Hanukkah, you can find the Sufganiyot in almost every cafe and bakery in the country.

Read more about Israeli food in the first comment!

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🌿 One of our favorites in Israel - the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa 🌿

The stunning Baha’i gardens, are made up of nineteen terraced gardens stretching from the top of Mount Carmel to its base.

At the heart of these gardens, you’ll find the temple of the Báb with its magnificent golden dome, marking the resting place of the prophet-forerunner of the Bahá’í faith. Each section of the gardens offers unique views and sensations, all connected by beautifully designed gravel paths, shrubs, and flower beds.

These gardens are meticulously maintained by a dedicated team of gardeners. Come and experience the peace and beauty of this sacred place! 🌺✨

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🎉🇮🇱 This evening we are celebrating Israel's Independence Day!

Despite this unbelievably challenging year, Am Israel Chai! - This holiday marks the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Across the country, the air is festive, filled with activities ranging from official ceremonies and public shows to street parties and barbecues.🇮🇱🇮🇱

Families and friends gather for picnics and barbecues in parks, beaches, and backyards, enjoying traditional foods like falafel, hummus, and grilled meats. Cities light up with spectacular fireworks displays, while live music and dance performances take place in public squares.🇮🇱🇮🇱

One of the most heartfelt traditions is the transition from Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers, to Independence Day. This moment at sunset is deeply moving, reflecting the nation's resilience and the price of being the one and only jewish country in the world.🇮🇱🇮🇱

Have you ever experienced Israel's Independence Day? What was your favorite part of the celebrations?

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A trip to Israel isn't complete without exploring our beloved capital, Jerusalem!

First - the food! From traditional Israeli dishes like falafel and hummus to exotic French bakeries and Ethiopian cuisine, Jerusalem is a foodie's paradise. Don't miss out on exploring the markets and city center for an authentic food experience!

🏀 Catch a Game in Jerusalem! 🏀

Thinking of what to do this weekend? Why not enjoy some local sports? Jerusalem hosts exciting soccer and basketball games, featuring top Israeli teams. It’s a fun way to soak in the local culture and cheer on the home teams. Remember to book your tickets in advance!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Fun in Jerusalem! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Make sure to visit Teddy Park for stunning light and music fountain shows—perfect in the evenings! Also, the Israel Aquarium is a hit with kids, offering close encounters with marine life and a butterfly farm. For a more adventurous day, head to the Biblical Zoo or relax at Ein Lavan Spring, ideal for a nature break!

For more interesting ideas - check out the first comment.


🍴 Which is the best Israeli food? 🍴

We're on a delicious quest to find out the most loved Israeli dish among our followers! Here are your tasty options:

1. Falafel - Crispy, herb-infused chickpea balls served in a warm pita with veggies and tahini. 🧆🧆

2. Shawarma - Juicy slices of turkey meat, wrapped in a pita with sauces and salads.🥙

3. Hummus - Creamy chickpea dip, topped with olive oil and served with pita bread, eggs, mushrooms and some spice.🧅🧄 🥚

4. Shakshuka - Eggs poached in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, perfect for dipping! 🌶🍅🍳

Write down your favorite in the comments below! 👇👇

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Shavuot, the upcoming Jewish holiday, is grandly celebrated in kibbutzim and moshavim with dances featuring the Tene baskets, tractor cart parades, and joyful, milky feasting. There are also updates on the agricultural produce of the kibbutz or moshav. A special highlight of these celebrations is the dance with the newly born babies.

So, what exactly is a kibbutz? These unique communities in Israel epitomize communal living, sharing everything from work to daily life! Born from a blend of Zionist and socialist ideals, kibbutzim are more than mere settlements; they are places where equality and shared responsibility thrive.

🤔 Imagine living in a place where everyone is on the same team. Could this communal approach be something for our own neighborhoods? What do you think?

👍 Like if you find this inspiring, or comment with your thoughts on incorporating kibbutz vibes into our daily lives!

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Have you been to Jerusalem Market?

Calling all foodies, shoppers, and nightlife enthusiasts! Jerusalem Market is your go-to destination for an authentic local experience. From local dishes like Jerusalem hummus and falafel to the lively nightlife that transforms the market after dark, there's something for everyone!

🍽️ Food Lovers: An excellent food scene with options like Georgian Khachapuri and delicious Knafeh.

🛍️ Shoppers: Local shops offering everything from designer clothes to exquisite jewelry and spices.

🎉 Nightlife: Experience the market's transformation at night with vibrant bars and live music, especially popular on Thursday and Saturday nights.

👗 Must-Visit Spots: Don't miss 'Nocturno Live' for evening events and 'Teller Bakery' for the best breads and pastries. For a culinary treat, head to 'Machaneyuda Restaurant' to enjoy dishes crafted by top Jerusalem chefs.

When to visit? Friday mornings are perfect for those who want the full market experience, while evenings are best for nightlife.

Who’s been to Jerusalem Market? Share your favorite spots and tips! 🌍✨

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A beautiful day at Apollonia National Park! 🌈

Hey everyone! If you're planning a family outing with a mix of history and stunning coastal views, Apollonia National Park is a must-visit. Just a short kilometer trail offers breathtaking views of Herzliya's beach and fascinating remains of a Crusader citadel.

Good news for families: the trail is stroller-friendly, Entrance fees apply, but it's worth it! There’s also a handy traveler's service center at the trailhead where you can grab snacks and a brochure detailing the park's trails. Don’t miss out on the picnic area for a relaxing break, although seating is limited.

Perfect for a day of adventure and relaxation! 🌿🏰🌊


Pray for our Israeli soldiers 🙏


Happy passover everybody !

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A snick pick to the top luxury hotels across Israel! 🇮🇱✨

🏔️ Northern Israel: Escape to Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel in the Galilee, a legendary boutique hotel offering stunning views of the Sea of Galilee. Indulge in gourmet cuisine with local organic ingredients and unwind at their world-class spa. Or, rejuvenate at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort, nestled in gardens on Mount Carmel. Enjoy over 70 spa treatments, yoga, and breathtaking views!

🏙️ Tel Aviv Luxury: Stay at the award-winning David Intercontinental Hotel, located near Neve Tzedek and Jaffa, with spectacular beach views, a variety of suites, and a unique spa. Don't miss The Norman Hotel, a six-star experience in beautifully restored Bauhaus buildings, featuring original Israeli art and a rooftop sun deck.

🌟 Jerusalem Elegance: Check into the Orient Hotel Jerusalem, perfectly situated near the German Colony. Experience luxury with views of the Old City, a rooftop pool, and a buffet showcasing Jerusalem’s diverse culinary culture.

🌄 Southern Israel: Visit Hotel Beresheet in Mitzpe Ramon, perched on the edge of the Ramon Crater. Enjoy epic desert views, tastefully decorated rooms, some with private pools, and a range of luxurious amenities.

Planning your next luxury retreat? Which of these stunning locations will you choose? Let us know in the comments! 🌍💼🛎️


The Iranians launched more than 300 drones and cruise missiles, in the largest attack of its kind in world history, but 99% of the launches were intercepted - almost all outside Israel's borders. Long live Israel!

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This week is dedicated to 5 Must-Do Experiences in Israel That Will Take Your Breath Away 🌟:

#5 Ein Gedi's Natural Oasis: Where the desert's beauty is redefined with delightful water pools, majestic waterfalls, and lush vegetation. Encounter fearless rock faces, curious goats, and landscapes that urge you to pause and be thankful for nature's marvels. Location: Highway 90, near Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Where: Highway 90, next to the Dead Sea, near the entrance to Kibbutz

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This week is dedicated to 5 Must-Do Experiences in Israel That Will Take Your Breath Away 🌟:

#4 Stalactite Cave Adventure: A fairy-tale world at the stalactite cave near Beit Shemesh, a magical discovery made post a quarry explosion in the late 1960s. Explore this underground realm where time stands still, enhanced by a lighting system. Location: Off road 3866, follow signs for Sorek Cave.Where: from road 3866, according to the signs for the Sorek Cave.

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This week is dedicated to 5 Must-Do Experiences in Israel That Will Take Your Breath Away 🌟

#3 The most beautiful Sunset at Achziv: End the day with majestic close from Achziv to Rosh Hankara, where the sun meets the sea in a spectacular display. Explore beautiful coves, encounter marine life, and soak in the tranquil end-of-the-world vibe as the horizon glows. It's an experience of pure bliss and a perfect way to end your day. Location: Highway 4, north of Nahariya.

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This week is dedicated to 5 Must-Do Experiences in Israel That Will Take Your Breath Away🤩:

#2 Sunrise in Masada: Elevate your soul with the breathtaking sunrise from Masada's peak, a sight that harmoniously blends with the Dead Sea's desert landscape and the first light rays over the Jordanian mountains. Prepare for an early hike up the snake trail and reward yourself with a convenient cable car descent. Where: Highway 90, next to the Dead Sea, south of Ein Gedi. It is recommended to spend the night at the night parking "Masada West"

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This week is dedicated to 5 Must-Do Experiences in Israel That Will Take Your Breath Away🤩:
#1 Agamon Hula Bird-Watching heaven: The opportunity to witness millions of migratory birds in action. A family bike ride or an electric vehicle, complete with binoculars, to marvel at pelicans, storks, geese, ducks, and a symphony of songbirds. Where: Route 90, north of Mahaniy junction.

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Today we visited at Hameyasdim Street in Zichron Yaakov, where cozy boutique shops meets unique galleries, and local designers. 🛍️

We dined at Nili restaurant at Hameyasdim 43 serves up delectable kosher dishes that will leave you wanting more. Pro tip: Get there early on Fridays; you don't want to miss out!

Ramat Hanadiv Park is a must visit just outside Zichron Yaakov. Free entry to explore stunning memorial gardens, scenic hiking trails, and breathtaking views. Perfect for a peaceful day out. 🌺🌳

The NILI Museum offers a deep dive into the heroic tales of the NILI espionage network. Plus, don't miss the First Aliyah Museum for an inspiring look at the early Zionist pioneers. 📜

Wine enthusiasts, Somek Winery is your next stop. Meet the Dahans, a family with winemaking in their blood since 1882, and savor their exquisite wines paired with a delicious cheese platter. 🍇🧀

Thankful for a lovely day!

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