Ecologic Yoga Retreat Bali

Ecologic Yoga Retreat Bali

Offering Yoga Retreat in Bali
Aug 2020
Dec 2020


Our 2019 Bali Ecologic Yoga Retreat has passed and we are launching the next retreat on August and December 2020. Email to : [email protected] for enquiry.
Om shanti
Atie Julie

Ecologic Bali Yoga Retreat 06/08/2019

Ecologic Bali Yoga Retreat We are staying in an Eco Guesthouse, where we try our best to stay kind and respect the nature. Bamboo hut among the exotic trees, exotic yoga studio, vegetarian meals, beach that only 150 meters walk and wonderful people that would help you with smile.

A place where your (h)OM(e) is

There are a lot of Yoga retreat in Bali. Our yoga retreat is a way to give back to local business and their employees. As host, I am Indonesian, that also concern of our global warming. In this retreat we would try as we can to have more friendly connection with nature. The basic thing we can do is to minimalise the usage of plastic. We are working together with ecologic guesthouse to promote healthy life for our earth.

Om shanti

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Bali Ecologic Yoga Retreat 2019