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Trying to find homes for these 2 puppies that where abandoned on my road in Whitley county Kentucky the dark brown one is a male the lighter color is female
Please note that there is someone who wants to slander Kentucky Mutts AND IS ENCOURAGING others to make FALSE reviews. The rescue world is SO TOUGH and even worse when someone tries to ruin a reacue that has word SO HARD! PLEASE EVERYONE take any reviews with a GRAIN OF SALT!!
𝔼𝕕𝕦𝕔𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕝 𝕋𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕕𝕒𝕪:

Parvo Virus

How does a dog become infected with parvovirus?
The main source of the virus is from the f***s of infected dogs. The virus begins to be shed in the f***s just before clinical signs develop and shedding continues for about fourteen days after clinical signs resolve. Susceptible dogs become infected by ingesting the virus. After ingestion, the virus is carried to the intestine where it invades the intestinal wall and causes inflammation.

Unlike most other viruses, CPV is very stable in the environment and is resistant to the effects of heat, detergents, alcohol, and many disinfectants. A 1:30 bleach solution will destroy the infective virus. Infective CPV has been recovered from surfaces contaminated with dog f***s even after three months at room temperature.

Due to its environmental stability, the virus is easily transmitted via the hair or feet of infected dogs, or on shoes, clothes, and other objects contaminated by infected f***s. Direct contact between dogs is not required to spread the virus. Dogs that become infected with the virus and show clinical signs will usually become ill within six to ten days after exposure.

What are the clinical signs of parvo?
The clinical signs and symptoms of CPV disease can vary, but generally they include severe vomiting and diarrhea. The diarrhea often has a very strong smell, may contain lots of mucus and may or may not contain blood. Additionally, affected dogs often exhibit a lack of appetite, marked listlessness and depression, and fever. It is important to note that many dogs may not show every clinical sign, but vomiting and diarrhea are the most common and consistent signs; vomiting usually begins first. Parvo may affect dogs of all ages, but is most common in unvaccinated dogs less than one year of age. Young puppies less than five months of age are usually the most severely affected, and the most difficult to treat. Any unvaccinated puppy that shows the symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea should be tested for CPV.

How is it diagnosed?
The clinical signs of CPV infection can mimic many other diseases that cause vomiting and diarrhea; consequently, the diagnosis of CPV is often a challenge for the veterinarian. The positive confirmation of CPV infection requires the demonstration of the virus or virus antigen in the stool, or the detection of anti-CPV antibodies in the blood serum.
There is a simple in-clinic test for CPV that will screen for this disease. Occasionally, a dog will have parvovirus but test negative for virus in the stool. Fortunately, this is an uncommon occurrence. A tentative diagnosis is often based on the presence of a reduced white blood cell count (leukopenia) and clinical signs. If further confirmation is needed, stool or blood can be submitted to a veterinary laboratory for additional tests. The absence of leukopenia does not mean that the dog does not have CPV infection. Some dogs that become clinically ill may not have a low white blood cell count.

Can parvo be treated successfully?
There is no treatment to kill the virus once it infects the dog.

However, the virus does not directly cause death; rather, it causes loss of the lining of the intestinal tract, and destroys some blood cell elements. The intestinal damage results in severe dehydration (water loss), electrolyte (sodium and potassium) imbalances, and infection in the bloodstream (septicemia). Septicemia occurs when the bacteria that normally live in the intestinal tract are able to get into the blood stream; if septicemia develops, the dog is more likely to die.

The first step in treatment is to correct dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. This requires the administration of intravenous fluids containing electrolytes. In severe cases, plasma transfusions may be given. Antibiotics and anti- inflammatory drugs are given to prevent or control septicemia. Antispasmodic drugs are used to inhibit the diarrhea and vomiting that perpetuate the problems.

What is the survival rate?
"Most dogs with CPV infection recover if aggressive treatment is used..."
Most dogs with CPV infection recover if aggressive treatment is used and if therapy is begun before severe septicemia and dehydration occur. For reasons not fully understood, some breeds, notably the Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher and English Springer Spaniel, have a much higher fatality rate than other breeds. In most cases, puppies that have not improved by the third or fourth day of treatment have a poor prognosis.

Can parvo be prevent?
The best method of protecting your dog against CPV infection is proper vaccination. Puppies receive a parvovirus vaccination as part of their multiple-agent vaccine series. It is recommended to be given at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age. In some high-risk situations, veterinarians will give the vaccine at two-week intervals, with an additional booster administered at 18 to 22 weeks of age. After the initial series of vaccinations, boosters will be required on a regular basis. If an approved three-year parvovirus vaccine was used, the next booster vaccine will be routinely administered in three years.

Dogs in high exposure situations (i.e., kennels, dog shows, field trials, etc.) may be better protected with a booster every year. Pregnant females might be boostered with a killed parvovirus vaccine two to four weeks before whelping in order to transfer higher levels of protective antibodies to the puppies. You and your veterinarian should make the final decision together about the vaccination schedule that best fits your pet's lifestyle. -VCA

Miss Alicia is one of many dogs that have contracted parvo this year. Luckily she is with Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc. and was able to effectively begin treatment and is now recovering well. 🐾♥️

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Miss Coco surely was a sweet little dog. 🥹She got a pup cup and some cheeseburgers after her little photo shoot. Mrs Vickie sure is a lovely lady, and while these sessions of the hospice dogs pull at your heartstrings - it is comforting know there are people in this world who give these animals love they might have never had. Even if it is for just a short while. Go give Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc. a like 🥰
Sharing a desperate plea from FB poster in KY: ATTN: Somerset KENTUCKY - Poor dog on chain needs help ASAP. Weak, barely able to stand, in despair and suffering ....on chain. Dog needs rescue asap lady found him as a stray. PM Ellie Grant if you can help, needs vet attention and TLC; foster, rescue.
WE'RE JUST 13 DAYS AWAY FROM WAGGIN' TRAIL! Grab your pup and your best friends and join us on Sunday, May 22 at Louisville Slugger from 2-5 p.m. for this amazing festival and fundraiser. We're going to have some incredible vendors like Little Dog's Pawstry Shoppe, Wizard of Paws Wildlife Education and Conservation Inc., Copper Daisy Boutique, Renewal by Andersen LLC and so many more. We'll also be joined by some amazing animal rescues like Indiana Bulldog Rescue, The Arrow Fund, Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc., Crest-Care, Inc. Chinese Crested Breed Rescue and many more so if you're looking to adopt a grateful pet- make sure to come out! Registration is $35 for adults and $25 for children 12 and under. Register today to join fellow animal champions from across Kentucky and the region to help support KHS' lifesaving programs to help animals in need! We want to say a big thank you to our Pet Patrol sponsor, Karen Williams, who is generously supporting Waggin' Trail in honor of her boys Rocky and Bennie pictured. You're amazing Karen!

Register here:
Asking everyone to help me and my wife Jessica Lynn Gibson find out baby JoJo
We welcomed a small but mighty group of new kids to SCCR this weekend! They came up from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc. just in time for the weather to warm up, and are currently settling into their foster homes.

Welcome to the good life, friends 🐾
Please keep an eye for my baby
Many of you know that I am a Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fan). More songwriters and singers have joined the trop-rock genre based on Buffett's music. One of the performers is Thom Shepherd, who crosses over between country & trop-rock. I have gotten to know Thom and his wife Coley (another singer). In addition to being a songwriter & performer, Thom is a painter. He just finished a painting of our three dogs. They are like pictures of Bailey, Bogart & Bacall. If anyone is interested in getting a painting of your pet or pets, message me & I will send you Thom's contact information. Here is a graphic of the painting.
RESCUE FOUND!!!! Thank you Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.

*No fee for Rescue*

Not the best photos, But this short legged 40lb girl has been with us since November 9th, her milk is starting to come in! We need to get her out of the shelter before she has her babies!
I nominated you for this if you can get some votes 11/1 For Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc. if you all will vote they are great
During the time I was helping with our local shelter we had these two dogs placed with us. Considering that Betty was an extremely aged girl and poor Abe had been used as a bait dog, their chances of being adopted or rescued didn't look very good.
The first few days Abe was with us all he wanted to do was sleep. Betty was so confused of what had she done to be in this place.
Well good things do come to those who wait, with the help of an awesome lady, VL Crook she was able to find them a home to live out their elderly years. Without the help of VL Crook and Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue both of these old souls only option was to be euthanized.
At last both were safe, happy and loved, but this week we had to say good bye to Abe. His age and rough life had finally caught up with him and he will be forever remembered for beating the odds.
Abe, we will never forget you and run free now without any pain. RIP old man Abe.😪🐾🌈❤️

We are a boots on the ground 501c3 non-profit transitional rescue for homeless, abandoned, shelter animals in KY. Working with approved shelter partners & screened, foster based approved rescue partners to save lives.

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 09/27/2022

A few weeks ago this little older girl was found on a porch. She stayed there huddled & did not move for hours & hours. Terrified, dirty, hungry & skinny. As it got dark & efforts to find her owner proved fruitless, we were called. So 11 pm, we met the finder & took her into rescue. Did the stray hold & she went to foster. Today Addie was spayed, had a much needed dental & went “home”! Her sweet foster Mom fell in love & asked to adopt! Our Congrats to Miss Melanie & little Addie!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 09/21/2022

Our sincere thanks to Miss Rachel Logan Jackson for fostering & grooming little senior Louie!


Please click on the link for information & registration to have your felines fixed!


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Her Majesty the Queen
1926 - 2022
Thank you


Happy National Dog Day from our Nessa & KMAR family! We encourage everyone to adopt love! Let’s see your own pups!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 08/22/2022

Our KMAR transport 8/20-21 from Pikeville to MN! Saving lives together thanks to our amazing fosters, vet partners, transporters, rovernights, coordinators & rescue partners!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 08/17/2022

KMAR volunteers in partnership with Indy Humane, Corbin Animal Clinic delivered pallets of food & supplies to help flood victims! Organizations working together to make a difference! Thanks to HSUS volunteers who helped unload!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 08/01/2022

So many cute pics on transport- sharing them all! This past weekend's transport was in honor of Mrs. Eunice Chism, mother of our dear friend and fellow transporter Michelle Chism Goetzinger ❤️We lost her this week, & Mrs. Chism often joined Michelle on drives- always nothing but smiles in the passenger seat.


Monetary donations for KRRAS Flood Relief can be made to [email protected] via PayPal.

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 07/22/2022

Our 7/16 Transport was filled with love & puppies! The KMAR van was in action to Chicago & regular transport family ran from IL to MN on Sunday! We work hard to save the lives of our KY pups. Sweet Momma Sydney was literally taken off the ACO truck on the way to the shelter for euthanisia. Our Luna was near death with her puppies @ a rural shelter. Fosters, volunteers, vet staff, coordinators, rovernights, transporters & receiving rescue partners all make this possible. Thank you!! Every week! !

Photos from Corbin Animal Clinic's post 07/12/2022

Thanks to the staff @ CAC for saving our little Alicia. She was an abandoned stray. Parvo is preventable!

Photos from Brandie Kay Photography's post 07/02/2022

Our special thanks to Miss Brandie for donating this beautiful photo shoot of our little Cocoa. Our Hospice dogs are very dear to our rescue family. Whatever time we are given is a gift of love. ❤️

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 07/01/2022

Our little Oreo was released today & feeling better! This little guy was a stray with a severe burn on his back & in horrrific pain. Thanks to our volunteer Miss Ruby & Dr. Whitney, he received the urgent medical care he desperately needed! To those in the community & everyone who donated to help, our sincere thanks!


From our Veterinary partner!

We will be closed monday July 4th 2022 and will reopen on july 5th. Sorry for the inconvenience but here is 6 ways to to keep your furr babies safe on this loud, exciting holiday!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 06/28/2022

Happy Tails to our Kentucky pups on transport 6/25-26! All made possible thanks to an amazing & dedicated village of fosters, transporters, coordinators, rovernights & rescue partners! Find the joy! Save a life!


It’s raining kittens! Kittens you say? But don’t you all rescue dogs? While it’s true we primarily focus on canines we couldn’t neglect our feline friends! One of our rescue partners was OVERWHELMED already with kittens so we agreed to help. We currently have over 14 kittens in foster care and we need food desperately! Since we normally focus on dogs we don’t have resources in stock for kittens and we have lots of mouths to feed. This is where you can help! Please consider purchasing something off our Amazon wish list. These supplies will be delivered directly to our fosters. Thank you so much for your help.


Please keep your pets safe!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 06/14/2022

Our 6/11-12 KMAR Transport from KY to MN! Thank you to the fosters, transporters, vet staff, rovernighters, coordinators & receiving rescue partners! How we save lives!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 05/25/2022

Our Transport for 5/21! Filled with love! Thank you to all the volunteers who make this possible every week!


Come join us!!

WE'RE JUST 13 DAYS AWAY FROM WAGGIN' TRAIL! Grab your pup and your best friends and join us on Sunday, May 22 at Louisville Slugger from 2-5 p.m. for this amazing festival and fundraiser. We're going to have some incredible vendors like Little Dog's Pawstry Shoppe, Wizard of Paws Wildlife Education and Conservation Inc., Copper Daisy Boutique, Renewal by Andersen LLC and so many more. We'll also be joined by some amazing animal rescues like Indiana Bulldog Rescue, The Arrow Fund, Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc., Crest-Care, Inc. Chinese Crested Breed Rescue and many more so if you're looking to adopt a grateful pet- make sure to come out! Registration is $35 for adults and $25 for children 12 and under. Register today to join fellow animal champions from across Kentucky and the region to help support KHS' lifesaving programs to help animals in need! We want to say a big thank you to our Pet Patrol sponsor, Karen Williams, who is generously supporting Waggin' Trail in honor of her boys Rocky and Bennie pictured. You're amazing Karen!

Register here:


Our volunteers are an inspiration with their dedication, heart & love! Sometimes our foster pups find they are home all along! Congratulations to little senior PeeWee & his Mom , Miss Ruby Coleman! Here is what she had to say!

“I know this is a long post but I wanted to tell everyone I have an announcement 😄 I think it is great news but as our very own Drew Krissy Adams did her detective work finding out about sweet little PeeWee’s past we found out that he has had a rough go of it. In his first family he was thrown out of a car💔 he was loved by his second family but then his person died, then his last family was a father and son who lived together with addiction issues and a terrible turn of events the father shot and murdered his son! Then little PeeWee was alone in the house for a week. When Krissy went to retrieve him he was hiding. The sister of the son who was murdered told us that he was not a social dog and kinda just stayed to himself and I really don’t want to imagine what type of stressful/abusive environment he was living in. It took over a week to get him to venture from his crate. He only came out to eat and use the puppy pad. Barry Coleman and I showered him with love and attention and Roscoe and Gizmo were also very welcoming to him. Now he is a happy happy boy following us every where with his tail wagging and he has even started giving nose kisses ♥️ PeeWee is a senior guy and I don’t want him to be shuffled around anymore soooooo ANOTHER FOSTER FAILURE Peewee is already home 😄”

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 04/26/2022

Our 4/23-24 KMAR transport & amazing volunteers saving lives!


From our KMAR family to yours!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 04/12/2022

While we are taking off transport for the Easter Holiday weekend, the dogs desperately in need continues. Seniors have a special place in our hearts. Little PeeWee from Pike Co, who’s owner passed & was left outside alone. Dixie & tiny, blind Baby, who’s owner also passed & left in a shed with someone threatening to shoot them. Macy, Rosie, Petey & PePe were surrendered by their owner, along with 14 others when they were no longer able to care for them. All of these were welcomed to our rescue in the past few days. Each are currently receiving much needed dentals, vetting & in loving foster homes. Thank you to the amazing volunteers & donors, rescue partners who make it possible for us to save these precious lives.

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 04/07/2022

We want to welcome these 3 little seniors and one little pup to rescue. Their circumstances were desperate & thanks to our Pike Co. Volunteers/fosters, along with Harlan Humane Society all are now safe!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 04/05/2022

Our 4/2-3 Transport! Thanks to our wonderful rescue family from KY to MN for making this possible every week!


Have you met our sweet little Allie? She was terrified & pregnant @ Pike Co. Animal Shelter. Thanks to a fellow rescue we were made aware & our own Miss Krissy Adams, saw she was just scared & pulled her! Her babies were born in a loving foster home & all are doing well!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 03/29/2022

Our 3/26-27 Weekly transport! From Pike Co to MN filled with joy, love & hope!




Click this link to register and for more information:

This clinic will fill up quickly, so act fast!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 03/26/2022

Chewy Update from his Dad!

“Chewy has been with us long enough to have nicknames! Mary has settled on Choo-Choo. I prefer Chewy-Bear. Chewy loves them all, and knows that calling his name usually ends up with treats!

He’s a smart, smart boy! He knows where his home is, knows that his sibling Dallas (at 17 years old) sets the pace for our walks (slow!). Chewy has learned to walk on the leash like a champ, and has also learned that when I’m not home, and Mary goes to the bathroom, THAT’s his opportunity to sneak upstairs and chow down on the kitty’s food!

Chewy loves all creatures big and small. He meets the neighborhood pups and peeps gently and cautiously. Actually, he’d prefer to lie down and just watch them from a distance. But face-to-face, or face-to-butt, is just fine too. Now squirrels, that’s another matter! But he’s learned that he can’t chase them while on his lead.

Chewy-Bear still has the occasional ‘panic attack’, but they’re getting less frequent, and we’re learning what triggers them. As you might imagine, anything that sounds like gunshots, but only at a certain frequency, sets him off. He just wants to RUN, in no particular direction, just RUN. Getting to him quickly, kneeling at his level, and talking gently will help stop the flight response – but it doesn’t stop the panic. This is awkward if we’re a distance from home! As a precaution, Chewy wears a GPS tracking collar, just in case!

He’s an extremely sensitive boy, and corrections need to be very understated! Chewy’s feelings get hurt easily. Today I set Dallas’ food bowl down, and Chewy headed over to it. I gave him a firm (but not at all loud) ‘No!’. He looked at me like I had just broken his heart! I never want to see that look again – so I suspect that I’ll let him do whatever he wants from this day forward. I’ll let Mary break his heart.

Chewy’s medical recovery is going extremely well! His gunshot entry wounds in his back and leg are fully closed. His surgical incisions in his chest and mouth are healing faster and better than expected. Unfortunately, Chewy managed to get a double ear infection along the way AND has developed some environmental allergies. So….another vet visit and more meds. But he likes going to his vet, and the doc really likes him. He calls him ‘the miracle dog’! Chewy still has a ways to go. Something needs to be decided about the two bullets remaining in his back end, and he still may need additional surgery in his mouth/jaw. And of course, he still needs to be neutered (sorry, Chewy-Bear, it’s for your own good, and the good of the neighborhood!).

Chewy sleeps and snuggles most of the day. He’s still on massive doses of antibiotics and pain meds, so his walks alone tire him out. But I know that once he’s off all of his meds (maybe just another two weeks!) we’ll get to see the more active side of his personality!

Mary and I feel so blessed to have our Chewy-Bear as part of our family! And we are so grateful for all of the wonderful people who worked so hard to save his life, bring him to safety, and help with his care.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on Chewy’s progress!”

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 03/25/2022

She’s home! Our Raven, from Laurel Co. animal Shelter is now with her new dad in California! Special thanks to her KMAR foster families! Miss Kristine, who put Raven on the flight from Chicago to San Francisco. Happy Tails sweet girl!!


Special thank you from our rescue pups & the KMAR family to Glad Dogs Nation Foundation! The toys are much appreciated!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 03/22/2022

Our pups on transport 3/19-20. Every week is about the joy & love!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 03/17/2022

Two of our Pike Co. kids became Moms this week! Little Cinnamon was a stray with her siblings for months. Our Miss Ruby Coleman was able to trap her & her brother Rusty a few weeks ago. We immediately discovered she was pregnant & pretty far along. Cinnamon delivered 6 healthy puppies in her foster home today! Allie was a very terrified Mom to be @ Pike Co. Animal Shelter. Our Miss Krissy Adams did an evaluation & left with this sweet girl. She gave birth to 3 little ones on Monday & is also doing very well in her foster home! Our amazing volunteers & fosters made the difference!

Photos from Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Inc.'s post 03/15/2022

Our sweet Chewy is being fostered to Adopt with our own KMAR coordinator Mr. Russ! Here’s an update!

Chewy Update!

Heading Home
The wonderful Mr. Dallas Crook brought Chewy to Louisville on Thursday 3/10, for our rendezvous. Our son Sean was along to help, and good thing he was! Chewy wanted to snuggle the entire return trip to Geneva, IL! So Sean and Chewy, laid in the cargo compartment and had their 6 hour pajama party. Sean watched videos on his phone, and Chewy snored away (as long as Sean was touching him!). Chewy was the absolute best passenger!

Settling In
Chewy was obviously a stray for a long time! He has all of those stray characteristics. He‟s always looking for an escape route, and he doesn‟t like crossing thresholds. He doesn‟t guard his food, but he would like his privacy. Being „at liberty‟ in our house was a wonderfully fascinating experience to him! Sniffing every corner, and thankfully, no marking!
Chewy gets along with all creatures, even our somewhat moody cat! Our two resident pups are piece of cake to him. We haven‟t let him interact with the neighborhood pups yet, because Chewy is still moving super slow, and limping. And some of our neighborhood dogs are just too rambunctious (annoying!) and some are too big.
Chewy is a super-smart boy, and has learned where everything is very quickly. He also learned that when the other dogs are eating, he can‟t barge in. This is particularly difficult because one of our senior dogs needs to be hand-fed, and that takes forever! And the other senior dog eats out of a „busy bowl‟ to slow him down – so THAT takes forever. But Chewy gets a treat when they‟re finished. (Hand feeding Chewy treats is a finger-counting experience, but we‟re working on that!)
Chewy has had bouts of anxiety that have lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. At first we thought it was a response to pain. But the vet thinks it‟s rather a response to the trauma he‟s been through. Chewy runs from door to window, to me to Mary – climbing in our laps frantically. It eventually subsides, but only if one of us takes him to his bed and lies down next to him. These episodes have gotten fewer and shorter in the last couple of days. In human terms it would be called a panic attack or PTSD.
On Day One Chewy could barely walk on a leash. I don‟t think that he‟s unfamiliar with the concept – I just think that he was traumatized by his experience, and hasn‟t quite been able to set it aside yet. He was afraid of every car, every person, every noise that came his way. Now, just three short days later, he‟s walking like a champ. Not perfect, but pretty darned good!

Much anticipated Veterinarian Visit Today

Our earliest opportunity to get Chewy an appointment with our preferred Vet was today, Monday. The Doc had already received all of Chewy‟s records from Kentucky (kudos to Miss Vikki!), and I even sent him that horrible video of Chewy‟s attack. (I wanted him to see Chewy‟s demeanor before he was shot.) Our wonderful vet spent an hour with Chewy, and was so gentle, careful and thorough! Chewy was taken away a couple of times for procedures, and we could hear all of the vet-techs fussing over him. Chewy‟s signature move, which elicits „awwwwws‟, and even some tears, is presenting his paw to be petted. It‟s an ice breaker for sure! (I personally think that the guy is an operator with the human ladies!)

Here‟s what the vet said:
 He‟s not so worried about the bullet close to the jugular in his neck. He‟s
confident that he can remove that.
 The other two bullets, one in his leg, and the other in his back end, may just have
to remain. He feels their removal may just cause more trauma than it‟s worth. But
he‟s still going to keep tabs on that.
 He has two teeth that are causing Chewy some pain. One is shattered as a result
of the bullet passing through his mouth on the way to his neck. The other is a
result of a bad occlusion, that he‟s probably had all his life.
 Chewy has significant arthritis, both in his back, and his front right leg. This is
causing him pain, and results in a significant limp. The vet says that he‟s
confident that he can manage the pain, and maybe even improve the condition.
 The doc is a bit worried about the anemia shown in his Kentucky blood work, so
he took another blood sample. He said that it could be the result of the significant blood loss when he was shot, and laid there bleeding for six hours. Or it could be the result of his hookworm infestation. We‟ll know the results tomorrow.
 Chewy is otherwise in good health! The Doc absolutely loved Chewy, as does everyone who meets him. He called him a „Miracle Dog‟, for having survived his brutal attack.
 The Doc hopes to do surgery this week to remove the one bullet in his neck, remove the two painful teeth, and if he is doing well on anesthesia, perform his neutering.

The Bottom Line
Chewy is an amazing dog! He‟s just so gentle, so smart and so affectionate. All of the extraordinary efforts that were made to save him were definitely not made in vain. We know that he‟s an older guy, and he has some issues. But...who doesn‟t?
Mary and I are just so privileged to have adopted him. Our doc said today: “I was not expecting this beautiful dog!” We feel the exact same way!
We want to again thank everyone who was involved in saving our sweet Chewy. And we also want to thank everyone who has contributed to his ongoing care. We promise that Chewy‟s life from now on will be the very best that anyone can provide!

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Clarice is a great house guest.. she even helps do laundry.. pt 2
KMAR 2020!
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