Swarupa Retreats

Swarupa Retreats

Welcome to Swarupa! We organize Surf and Yoga retreats for you to discover your Swarupa, Your True N Swarupa derived from the Sanscrit means: ¨Your True Nature¨.

We believe our dynamic Surfing and Yoga experiences will lead you to Your True Nature. Surfing connects us with nature and makes us be in the present moment, keeping a healthy body. Yoga in its fullness, Asanas - Meditation - Pranayam, takes us from the outer world of the senses into the inner world of wisdom and love where we are complete and fully connected to our selfs. It´s a perfect journey f

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🌊 Surfing is dancing with the elements. The intense roar of the wave stills the mind. The sun on your face, the water running below, and the wind spinning around you, unite you with the present moment, where you are in your best version. Surfing connects you with your Swarupa, with your nature.

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It is said that smile is side effect of Swarupa...♥️

We are already looking foward to Swarupa Portugal and Bali.
See you at sea?


A journey to find a space within ourselves, to change our perspective, to honor ourselves.

What did Swarupa mean to you?

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New Swarupa destination for 2023! 🤩

Where do you think it is?
Tell us in the comments!👇🏻


Will meditation be for me?

If you've never tried meditation because you think you can't clear your mind or are too anxious then Swarupa may be the ideal experience for you.

In an environment surrounded by nature and after a bit of Yoga, Surf and Mantras, the mind very easily finds its way to calmness.

After a couple of days you won't want to go back! 🤩

How do you calm your mind?


Yoga Benefits you probably didn’t know:

➡️ Trust.
➡️ Body perception
➡️ Communication
➡️ Peace in movement

Which of these Yoga dimensions do you need to apply in your life?



Swarupa was created with the intention of being more than a beautiful destination. A trip to get to know yourself, an experience for the spirit.

What is your ideal destiny?


Swarupa fue creado con la intención de ser más que un hermoso destino. Un viaje para conocerte, una experiencia para el espíritu.

¿Cuál es tu destino ideal?


🥗🍔 One of the classics of Swarupa trips: veggie burgers with a colorful salad!

Here is a recipe for you to make at home:

➡️ Ingredients:
* 3 cups of cooked black beans
* 6 dried tomatoes
* 2 garlic cloves
* 1 small onion
* 1 bunch of parsley
* 1 tbsp. of breadcrumbs
* Salt, pepper, paprika and cumin
* Oil for cooking and vinegar to soak the tomatoes

➡️ Recipe:
1. Cook the beans until they are very soft.
2. Once cooked, strain them and step on them well until a paste is left.
3. Blend the onion, the dried tomato previously soaked in vinegar and the garlic until a paste is obtained.
4. Incorporate into the bean mass. Also add a tbsp. of grated bread and coarsely chopped parsley.
5. Take this mixture to the fridge for half an hour, for more consistency.
6. Form the hamburgers by hand.
7. Cook on a very hot pan with a bit of oil, until golden on both sides.

Can you imagine eating like this every day?


What do you do to find stillness and peace?

🌊 😍 Surfing does it for us!

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Some surf lessons for new beginnings:

🌊 Before entering the sea, observation is required.
How am I, how is the environment and what kit of elements do I need to make it an enjoyable experience. Have you ever wondered what is your kit of people, habits or even readings to make this particular year an enjoyable experience?

🌊 What makes you master surfing and almost all disciplines goes one step beyond your intellect. You need basic concepts to start, but then, the connection with what you are doing is decisive (the water, the air, the body, your companions, your instinct). That will ultimately make you a good surfer. What things are you putting too much mind in your life? What are you not connecting with?

🌊 At first you will fall a lot. Can you imagine if in life we could make friends with setbacks and try again without so much shame, guilt or mental weight?

What do you think?

We would love to read you! ❤️


🌊 New to surfing? Here are 3 tips to get you started!

1 Practice first out of the water to allow your body to warm up and prevent injuries!
2 Choose a calm beach, with gentle waves, and no rocks or boats nearby.
3 Short goals are the key. Standing on your board in the first class is a big step!

PS: Don't forget the sunscreen 🤩


Do you know the benefits of the Gong Bath?

This ancient technique has been used in our programs for a long time.

The Gong Bath is a sound healing process that uses the sound of the gong to create a deep vibration that helps relax the body and mind. It relieves stress, and promotes healing.

Every sound we listen has an impact on your mind and nervous system. In the same way the sound of gong is designed to balance our system and facilitate the movement of energy in the body.

It is one of our participants favorite processes! ❤️

Would you experience it?


How much should we meditate for it to have an impact on our mind?

For your meditations to be more and more profound, there are 2 tips that will help you: perseverance and schedules.

🧘🏻‍♂️ By meditating every day your mind relaxes much more easily and the benefits can be seen in your day to day.

A great ancient secret is to meditate when the sun rises and when it sets. Surely you have noticed that at these times the mind is different, a little more serene or even more emotional. Meditating at these times will leave you flying in bliss. ✨


🌊 We think of the Swarupa experience as a state of flow.

Flow with nature through surf.
Flow with your mind and spirit with Yoga and ancestral processes.
Body energy flow with healthy eating.
And let yourself flow with music and good company.

Give yourself a chance to experience your true nature. Upcoming trips in our Bio!

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Surfing is connecting with the elements. Yoga is connecting with yourself. When this happens you blossom and smiling becomes inevitable. 🥰

What are you waiting for?
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