Some recent arrivals.

Some lovely photos of 85 footers belonging to the 10th ERBS operating in the Aluetian islands.

The only one that I can ID is P-512 - (Information added in photos)

Afternoon everyone.

I was lucky enough to recently take delivery of this Korean War Crash boat album, I’m hoping someone here will be able to identify the locations and let me know a little more about the 3rd ERS and it’s time there.

Hope you enjoy!
I might be wrong but if you look at the boat in the background next to the RAF launches there, what appears to me to be a crash boat? Thoughts?

Corsica, 1944.
A recent eBay find…

A USAAF crash boat on Morotai island. No other information is available but I’m sure we could narrow it down to a few boats?

The other thing that got me about this photo was the men in the foreground, it looks as though one of them has received some bad news….
Some beautiful shots of P-520 while on my way back from USS Wisconsin.
Happy Easter from S/Sgt Clippey, 1007th Rescue Boat HQ, 1944.
For those that watched Mondays meeting you may have heard me mention the USAAF P-520 and the event they hosted last weekend honoring the Tuskegee Airman, several of whom called Cambridge home, I recommend reading the Dorchester Star Article discussing the wonderful event.
The Capital Wing of the Airmen's Preservation Society would like to thank the crew of P-520 for inviting us to be part of this special weekend. We were pleased to be able to recognize Brig. Gen. McGee (who had previously attended our annual group dinner as a guest speaker) and all of the Tuskegee Airmen who bravely fought during WWII. Below are some pictures of the ceremony, the boat, and our display.
Happy Christmas from England to you all!

Is their someone on here who would consider themselves a ERBS/ERS guru? I’m after some answers to questions and although the crash boat website and yours in really good I’m after some more details… Thankyou everyone.
Hi, I’m a collector of USAAF items here in the UK and one of my collecting fields is that of the crash boat crews… I myself am ex navy and army so maybe that has something to do with it? Anyway, these are a few of my crash boat items,
thought you’d like to see them… great work keeping her afloat, can’t wait to get over to see her one day!
A few shots from above: Safe Harbor Oxford to take on fuel and Doc's Sunset Grille in Oxford, Maryland for a late lunch yesterday.
USAAF P-520 "Crash Rescue Boat" stopped at Safe Harbor Oxford to take on fuel and headed to Doc's Sunset Grille in Oxford, Maryland for a late lunch yesterday.

P520 is the last 85 foot WWII USAAF crash boat afloat. Help support us today! The USAAF Crash Boat P-520 is a living museum crewed by volunteers.

Our goal is to promote history by traveling around the Chesapeake Bay. We also do events for veterans and their families. All of these require donations so please help consider donating to keep us sailing.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 12/16/2022

78 years ago today the Battle of the Bulge began, when German units made a surprise attack to breakout through the Ardennes forest.
Allied troops, unprepared for the attack fought feverishly to contain the Germans despite brutal, cold conditions and poor weather gear. There are no numbers to put into perspective how many Veterans survive today from that turning point battle, but the crew of the P-520 would like to honor their service and sacrifices wherever they may be.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 12/15/2022

The port side intake vent cover has been an ongoing project for over a month.
As some know, the original one from 1944 disintegrated over time and fell apart. While I consider myself fairly skilled with wood, it was a project I had been putting off. With the help of Robby Palmer, we managed to get pieces cut out of new lumber, milled to specs, and in many cases design the vent cover from drawings or from our own interpretation of the vent.
This project is one of many we are needing to undertake and complete before the Spring. Next up is a 4x6 (roughly) beam that holds up the wheelhouse. It has become rotted and needs replaced. We have the rough size milled out of hard wood and will plan a work weekend to remove the old and install the new.
Also on our agenda before spring is the addition of 4 racor style fuel/water separators (2 for each diesel) and another for the Onan Genset that currently only has 1 to filter the diesel. It is important to filter the diesel and until now we have only had some antique spin on filters to do the job on each engine. They are working, but we want to upgrade the system to do a better job.
Also on the list is the addition of strainers, 2 per engine that will screen the sea water that passes through the engines for cooling. These will require some fabrication work to build stands for them to mount to as will the Racor filters.
In addition to that we have the Sea Scouts planning to use the boat for meetings and we are excited to host them aboard in the coming year.
These projects don`t build themselves. If you are interested in saving history, consider coming aboard and helping out.
Here is the project pictures over the month and now first coat of paint is going on the vent.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 12/15/2022

We were happy to host the Baltimore and Chesapeake Steamboat Company board meeting aboard the P-520 tonight and look forward to more with them in the future. We appreciate the signed gift they presented us with to book collection. Thank you so much!


Sending our condolences too the New Tripoli Fire Company in PA. Some of us are fairly local to them. Yesterday they worked a 3rd alarm fire and unfortunately lost 2 members during it. Almost all of the crew for the 520 are current or retired 1st responders. So keep their families in your prayers.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 12/07/2022

The day would not be complete without taking time to remember Brigadier General Charles McGee, born December 7, 1919.
This past April we were honored to give General McGee a memorial service aboard the P-520. We were also given the honor of attending his funeral at Arlington Cemetary. His family will always be in our thoughts and will always be remembered on our boat.

Photos from SEAL Of Honor's post 12/07/2022

A very worthy cause. If you are able to help out and are in the Richmond, VA area, consider reaching out to this young man.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 12/07/2022

This morning we remember the events of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, shortly before 0800 local time.
The Attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 rocketed the United States into war. Many have disputed the events leading up to the attack as to whether the US knew prior to the attack that it was coming, but in the end the attack happened, US soldiers, Airmen and citizens were killed.
Many ask us where Crash Boats got their start, and we were surprised to learn last year that in fact US Army Crash Boats were at Pearl Harbor that fateful morning, performing at least a couple rescues of downed pilots.
The 13th ERBS (Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron) which back then was most likely the 927th Quartermaster Boat Company (AVN) was stationed at Pearl Harbor and were most likely the boats that rescued an American SBD crew on the morning of the attack.
In ending of the attack, land based Marine units were firing on any aircraft above. Nearby Army units possibly alerted by the Marine`s fire, opened up on aircraft overhead. The eager gunners succeeded in downing one of two SBDs launched from the USS Enterprise, attempting to reach Hickam Field from out at sea. The SBD crashed, and it was one of the 13th`s crash boats that rescued both the pilot and gunner from the SBD.
More detailed accounts of this can be found at: Infamous Day: Marines at Pearl Harbor (Suddenly Hurled into War) (

So when we take a moment today to reflect on the events of Pearl Harbor, and remember those lost on that morning, the crew of the P-520 wish to acknowledge (as well as every soul lost or wounded) the unknown men of the crash boats that did their jobs without fail during the attack.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 12/07/2022

Work continues on the P-520. New parts are being fabricated to replace parts that time has eaten away at. Here we see work on the intake vents. The old one on the port side has turned to powder in many spots so we have to design new pieces with no template, as we are the last 85ft boat.
The other pieces are new stop blocks for the engine room stairs. The originals split in two over time and left the stairs floating. New ones fabricated out of oak. Ready for paint.


Let us remember the fallen on a date that shall live in infamy.


Our Christmas tree is up in the wheelhouse. Check out our ornaments dedicated to our military. If you're interested, see if you can find all the references for each ornament in a scavenger hunt. Whoever gets the most will receive a prize from our merch box.


There was a break in the weather last evening and the Christmas lights got installed. We went with a new look and we think it really pops. Come by and listen to our 1940s radio playing holiday music through the porthole.
While you're here, check out the marina pavilion decorations too.


Due to the weather, the Christmas lighting for the P-520 will be rescheduled.


The movie Devotion that just came out the 23rd showcases the triumphs and struggles airmen face in the time of war. Downed pilots, whether in the water or on land, face uncertain dangers while they wait for rescue.
Jesse L Brown was shot down in the Korean war, and pinned in his F4U Corsair, he could not free himself to hide and wait for the helicopter. His wingman crash landed his own corsair to help.
The movie does a great job of depicting the scene and the entire movie is portrayed well.
85ft Crash boats (R-1-654, R-1-664, R-1-667, and R-1-676) served with the 22nd ERSB in the Korean war, in frigid conditions as seen in the movie, often times well about the 38th parallel. While the movie Devotion is about Naval aviators, Crash boats rescued any pilot in the water, many times with little chance of a survivor due to the temperatures.
Consider watching the movie in theaters currently, it really gives you an idea of pilots in wartime, what special issues were faced during the Korean war, what black aviators still struggled with after WW2, and what rescue attempts were like during combat.


As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, let us look back on how things were during WW2. Things are much different these days and we may not know how well we have it.
The military was deadly serious about getting every man overseas a traditional Thanksgiving meal. In 1943, two Liberty ships, a type of cargo ship built specifically for the war, set out across the waves, carrying not just an unimaginable quantity of turkeys, but also similar-sized hoards of trimmings, cranberry sauce and even various pies.
Delivering such a feast was not always easy or safe. In 1942, U.S. Navy transport planes braved potential Japanese attacks above Guadalcanal in order to land at Henderson Field and surprise the battle-weary Marines on the island with the taste of a good American Thanksgiving turkey. Every man was also delivered a cold bottle of Pepsi to make the event all the sweeter.
Sometimes, this dedication ended in tragedy. On November 23, 1944, bloodied, demoralized and exhausted U.S. troops were fighting in the Hürtgen Forest along the Belgian-German border, stuck in a battle that would earn the name "Green Hell".
First Lieutenant Paul Boesch, a former professional wrestler, was called to the field telephone in the evening and informed that there was a hot turkey dinner on the way for every man in his outfit. Unfortunately, some of his men were already up on a nearby hill, very close to the Germans. Despite Boesch's outburst against the absurdity of the order, a carrying party went up the hill to deliver the turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and ci**rs to the men in the front line. Just as they reached the men, a German artillery barrage hit the hill, killing and wounding men left and right, turning a well-intentioned but poorly thought-out gesture into tragedy.

So when we give thanks this holiday, remember, some were less fortunate than we are and sacrificed all for us to sit at a table and enjoy freedom.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the P-520 USAAF Crash Boat.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 11/20/2022

Work began on replacement vents for the topside air intakes that supply the engine room. These are almost 80 years old and have fell apart over the years. We are building exact replicas out of hardwood. These will be built in time to install on December 3rd.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 11/18/2022

Burried within the 520 was an old digital camera and photos of the p520 and her crew from the early 2000s. Bud Tretter his son and friends rebuilt the 520 from the ground up. For decades they searched for a boat particularly an 85" as they were the most favorite during the war. Bud was contacted in the late 80s early 90s from a guy who had an old crashboat in good condition to which in Buds notes sounded like a used car salesman an they had heard it all before. Bud nearly didn't go but decided too taking his son Jerry to go check out this crashboat north of the bridge. Getting there and seeing this boat decided she was a floating hulk but was in better shape than the one they had recently acquired. So he borrowed a friend's tug boat at his marina an towed the hulk home. This hulk would be the 520. To which Bud crew and the marina would work on for over 7
Years. Initially the 520 was suppose to go to Mobile, Alabama with battleship Alabama. (We do not know why this didn't happen) but fell through. The next interested party was battleship Iowa which Bud entertained the idea until told that after smoozing local politicians that she would be hauled out an doors cut into the side of her hull for display. (They showed the plans to Bud) his reply "F**k you" an he left. From than on Bud his son and friends took her around the west coat even docking her with Turner Joy and having fun, until eventually they passed away. If there was 1 thing the Tretters were adamant about was that 520 was not going to rot away on land or be a static display in the water. They rebuilt her with the purpose of going places and having fun. She brings awareness to lesser known history. And we continue what the Tretters wanted for the 520 to this day. To not be a stuffy museum where people can't explore once onboard.


December 3rd we will be stringing the boat with her annual Christmas lights and adding some new ones. Sagamore Distillery will be doing their Christmas tree lighting the 3rd and we will be doing the same. Come by and watch the P-520 transform for Christmas.


We will be recording a podcast video conference this Sunday and uploading it. It will be a chance to hear about the P-520, including our winter maintenance plans, our haulout plans as well as what our 2023 plans are...will the P-520 be sighted in the northwest passage? Tune in to find out.

We will also be doing a Q&A session answering your pre submitted questions. Send questions to [email protected] and we will do our best to answer them all in the hour long recording.


Rest in peace to the crews of the B-17 and P-63. And thank you for preserving history as you did...

The Commemorative Air Force has been authorized to confirm the names of the B-17 Flying Fortress and P-63 Kingcobra flight crews involved in the tragic accident at Wings Over Dallas.

We are heartbroken to announce that the following members of the Commemorative Air Force went west on Saturday, November 12, 2022, at the Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow while performing. Please join us in mourning the loss of our good friends and fellow airmen.



Last month a piece of history was given up on. Patriots point in South Carolina sent what was left after cutting to Norfolk to be done away with. This makes the third ship they have been allowed to do away with. Ships are difficult to maintain, and to continue to allow this museum to obtain ships and act like this is okay, should not be tolerated. If you support history and dislike what they did to clamagore, consider buying one of our new T shirt. Where ships go to die is what people have coined Patriots point, and they should be recognized for their actions.


Our thoughts go out to all involved with the crash of the B-17 Texas Raiders and the P-39 today. Both collided in mid air and crashed at the wings over Dallas airshow.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 11/12/2022

Our end of the season gathering is in the books. Thanks to all who attended.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 11/12/2022

Good morning fans. Our veterans day service starts at 10am. Beautiful morning here.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 11/11/2022

Things that happen when you're working quietly aboard the P-520....

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 11/11/2022

Work continues inside the P-520 this 2022, can anyone guess where this unique hand carved number is inside the engine room?


The crew of the P-520 wish all veterans a safe and enjoyable day. Our service will begin at 10am tomorrow at the boat. Come out to better weather and be a part of it.


When people make comments questioning our commitment to the P-520 and that we don't deserve to manage such a piece of history I say who makes you the expert? Every other weekend crew members of the P-520 travel upwards of 14-16 hours to work on the boat. As with every other traffic congested trip, this is our view as we travel to honor veterans tomorrow. We'll arrive about 2am.


Don`t forget, we`ll be doing a Veterans Day event on Saturday November 12th, beginning at 10am. We have confirmed, the Sea Scouts will be joining us in some capacity to assist in honoring our Veterans. The event will be held at Port Covington Marina.

We were scheduled to come out of the water for repairs on the 10th, but that date has been pushed back into the new year. So since that is on hold, we felt the need to honor our Veterans with a dockside event to remember all Veterans, past and present.

If you are a Veteran, we welcome you to join us and be recognized for your service. If you are the son or daughter of a Veteran, please join us as well. Our WW2 and Korean war Vets are leaving us quickly, and soon we will be left with only their memories. If you have a loved one that served in these wars, we would love to have you bring their service to life at our event.
Thank you to all who served, and continue to serve, to give us the freedom to hold events like these.


We just received our electricity bills for the past two months from Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield. They are extremely higher than we expected. Each month combined is $538.00. We are told Maryland electric is higher than most places, and since we do not live there, we have to assume these are right.
That said. we are hoping to raise funds to cover the 2 months bills since we do not receive any monthly donations and all funding is out of pocket currently, with the exception of Fleet Week. If you or your business would like to make a tax deductible donation to help offset this unexpected cost, we would appreciate it.
We are also looking for monthly donors to help offset this new cost. Currently the P-520 is 100% volunteer funded and we are stretching very thin with operational costs. If you would like to donate and become a monthly sponsor to cover costs like these, contact us.
Thank you on behalf of the P-520.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 10/24/2022

We wanted to display a model of our boat onboard but since there are none widely available we’ll be scratch building one using the hull of the Revell PT-109 kit.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 10/22/2022

We uncovered some relics in our engine room last weekend. We had 2 large fans hung in the corners of the engine room to.move heat out. The starboard fan quit, prompting us to remove it for repair. After removing it we uncovered these treasures. They are not typically visible on a tour. We have an emergency engine shut down box, a transformer of some sort and the battery charger all mounted on the starboard side. Only the battery charger works these days, the other two pieces are just show pieces.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 10/21/2022

Work began on restoring one of the two .50 caliber guns we have aboard the P‐520. Disassembly took about an hour.
These guns fire a propane and oxygen mixture. The guns will be stripped down, media blasted and reassembled back to original.
Work also began on templates for making two more guns to add to these. The boat in WW2 would have had twin mounts in the tubs where in Korea they had just one in each. This will give us the option of a WW2 look or Korean war outfit.


We will be doing a Veterans Day ceremony aboard the P-520 but it will be Saturday the 12th instead of on the day, the 11th. We will attempt to livestream it. The boat will still be in Port Covington.

There are 3 main dates that honor servicemembers and many confuse each of them with another.
Memorial Day honors those who have gave their life in active military service.
Veterans Day honors United States Veterans. Why November 11? the 11th is the day that WW1 ended and was chosen as the day to honor all Veterans. Many businesses offer meals and discounts to Veterans on this day, but it`s meaning goes deeper than a free meal.
If you are able, we invite you to stop by the P-520 Saturday morning the 12th, with the ceremony starting at 10am.


We are looking for the lady that stopped by during the boat and truck touch event Sunday at Port Covington. She spoke with us about her dad being shot down and rescued by an English Crash Boat. We would love to have you back aboard to sign our boat on behalf of your dad. If you see this, please reach out to us. Photo is of the British version of our Crash rescue boats.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 10/17/2022

As we shut the boat down for the season and prepare to get underway for haulout, we are grateful for so many things this year. To everyone who helped make 2022 a success for the P-520, thank you so much. Thanks go out to Port Covington for their hospitality this past weekend, allowing us to be a part of year two for their truck and boat touch event. Looking forward to seeing how things progress here for their future.

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 10/16/2022

Good morning from port covington. The truck and boat touch event is going on, stop by and see some great trucks and service boats!

Photos from USAAF P-520's post 10/15/2022

Before and after photos of the repair in the galley. Lewis and Robby did an amazing job recreating the planks by hand!


Our compilation video of fixing the generator over the course of 10 hours about 2 weeks ago.


Don`t forget, we`ll be open at Port Covington this Saturday and Sunday during both events going on there. Come out and see us for the last time before haul out next month and support the local events there, the Whiskey on the Water and the Truck and Boat touch.

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Our compilation video of fixing the generator over the course of 10 hours about 2 weeks ago.
The army's new advanced fighting vehicle.
Day two
Underway #fleetweek #p520
Crab derby
P-520 moving from Somers Cove Marina to the public dock for the car show
Watching the Chestertown Tea Party Festival from the deck of the 520 today
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!