Press-On Nails, Art, Accesories, Stickers made by Casey Rae. With a percentage of every purchase donated to ocean conservation!

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The Shining themed commission of my dreams! She gave me the freestyle go ahead and sent pics of her gorgeous dress!! 🖤
~ These look so much more sweet in person. 🥹
On another note, I really struggled with the floor pattern, omg I was kicking myself for choosing to do it. Thank you to & for doing so many inspiring sets🥰🥰

~ I also really wish I could have used the Al Bowlly, Ray Noble Midnight,The Stars & You… come on ig, you’re killing me. That’s one of my favorite songs. Although, this song is definitely creepy. Comment a 🪓 if you agree.
Also my hands are way too shaky lately to film or paint much 😭🥲


Small business owners, I advise to not use . They charge excessive subscription fees (2yrs: $590+) and will not prorate or refund cancelled subscriptions after the website is turned off.

Wix is the worst decision I made in my small business. My original start up costs were primarily in large to the website, then once the subscription renewed all my original profits went into this website.


Decided to make Yoshi for my sweetie. I did toad and toadette for me! 🥹💕


Beetlejuice nails I just finished! Hand painted with tombstone and book charms! 🖤 Beetlejuice


Anyone else excited for Bob's Burgers movie on May 27th!? 🍔🍟🥤🎉 - Hand painted on tiktok live and ready to ship! & Louise’s toy glows!


🖤What do Shego, Gir, and Buttercup have in common? Do you think they should have met up?!💚 ☞ Hand painted and ready to ship. ⋆ These will be available in size medium

✿(Purple/Blue) 068 Gel by
✿ 19mm liner brush and gels


✿ Some of my hand-painted character art! Power Puff Girls, care Bears, Daphne & Velma, & Animal Crossing. ✿

Reminder Spring Sale Ends May 1 and most of these are listed at discounted prices! ❤


Have you ever played Kirby or are you playing the new one!? I played the demo and was immediately in love. ❤

✿Reflective Holographic & GLOW
✿Hand-painted/molded Kirbys +stars!


✿Kc Saves The Rays✿
Spring Nail Sale Ends May 1!


✿ Huge discounts up to 20% off! & 10+ new nail sets added!! Head over to KcSavesTheRays.com 🤯 Customs are also on sale~ Looking to grow my clientele ✿

☞ donates a percentage of every purchase to ocean conservation.

✿ I also started a new blog on press on nails! If you have never tried them, or have questions my blog addresses it! Visit my website to find the blog!

✿ Just got so many new gels!

Use code RAYS for free shipping on order over $80.


Order Kc Rae Nails] press on nails, large cuticle oil, holographic hand drawn stickers, accessories and more & ships by the next day! This set comes in size (large) 04357. ~ a percentage of each order is donated to ocean conservation programs. 🌊
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🍃💙Adding these to the shop today and more so keep a look out! Also be sure to sign up with the rewards on my website, you could get $20 off a future order! 🤯


Colorful hand painted press on nails! Available in size large (04357)
Oder today, ships tomorrow! 🥳
~ Order custom nails and follow for more!

Watch this reel by kcsavestherays on Instagram 06/04/2022

A quick removal and application of my press ons! 💗🎉

Watch this reel by kcsavestherays on Instagram ilashedbyimogen • Original Audio


👀 Do these look like press on nails to you?!
🖐🏼 Does this look like a model hand?
Well they are!

This set is ready to ship and comes with 20 nails to fit you without the hassle of sizing! Message me to reserve this set before I add it to www.KcSavesTheRays.com

Add me on Ig/tiktok for even more exciting updates and behind the scenes!


🐰🥚✨Spring nails on the way!! I love bunnies and spring colors so this was a treat! Order your own custom spring nails soon!! 🌷💜 Feel free to message me with your nail inspo!


🐰🥚✨Spring nails on the way!! I love bunnies and spring colors so this was a treat! Order your own custom spring nails soon!! 🌷💜 Feel free to message me with your nail inspo!


I’m in love with these pink pearl flower press on nails!! Tag a friend who would wear these! Customs open 💗

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Lion King hand painted nails! My favorite childhood movie.   #lionking #pressonnails #nailartist #nailart
Painted my nails for Dragula S4 LIVE in Phoenix - & I have never been this excited 🖤🫣
Surprise Sticker Launch! Available 4/4 Every pack is filled with my hand drawn ocean life with a few extra stickers! *Li...